28 July 2013 @ 06:40 pm
The Yellow Gangstaz - Backstage Swagpost  

This is for The Yellow Gangstaz! Anyone else who wanders past better be prepared for the consequences >:(!

Gosh, there won't really be any consequences, we are friendly gangstaz right? Welcome, you all! This is going to be our post for socialising, for organising, for just generally checking in and getting to know one another! If there's anything else you'd really like to see here, please say so!

I don't really have any graphics for us right now, but if any of you want to make something then please please go right ahead! This is interactive fun, and it's our fun, so if graphics are something that appeal to you then please don't be shy!

After the Opening Ceremony, I'll have everyone's backstage passes posted HERE. Be sure to come back and grab those, okay?

So first of all, to get things going in here, I'm going to ask you all to post a bit! THIS IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL, BUT HERE GOES:

1. Who are you!
Just give us your name, link to your post if you like!
2. How did you end up with The Yellow Gangstaz?
Why did you pick this team? Was it because you love the genre, or because you like Kou-kun, or the colour yellow, or some other reason?
3. What do you want from Battle of the Bands?
Do you consider yourself a competitive person, or are you more interested in the social aspect of team activities? Do you want to WIN!!, or just take part? Tell me what you're looking forward to!
4. Finally, do you have any artists you want to recommend!
That's music artists, of course. Any rappers you're super fond of? Please feel free to share! And any nationality is fine, of course!

The main reason I'm asking is just to try and get a feel for what sort of team we have here! The most important thing here is that we all enjoy ourselves, and for me personally that means knowing just what kinda game you guys want to play. Do we want to throw ourselves into this full force, go all out, win all the points and crush our foes? Do we want to take it as easy as anything and just eat far too much cake and feel smug? Do we want something in between? I DON'T KNOW, GUYS, YOU TELL ME. I'll answer the questions in a comment too, of course! Lets get to know each other, team mates! \o


Just to make this as clear as possible for you all: I am moving house this month. I have a new job starting in Far Away City on Thursday 1st August. My new house will not be available until at least the 12th, ahaha, which means I am moving into temporary accommodation on Tuesday 30th July.

What does this mean for my participation in BotB? Well, hopefully very little. The temporary accommodation claims to have free wifi, and internet will be a number one priority at the new house, so I'm hoping for absolute minimal disruption. But this is my warning to you all just in case. I'm really sorry for any trouble this might cause, though I have every confidence you all can keep things going smoothly without me!

Anyway, I'll leave this here for now! I'M SORRY THIS IS SUCH A BORING POST, I'LL MAKE IT COOLER SOON. S-so come and relax, gangstaz! THIS IS OUR CRIB I GUESS??? /s-swags out of here......
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chatote[personal profile] chatote on August 9th, 2013 08:12 am (UTC)
HI! how about resentment11?
Ten: One for everyone!!![personal profile] adurotum on August 9th, 2013 04:50 pm (UTC)
Here you are!