30 August 2015 @ 01:59 am
September Slots!  
Hello Colors! For September I have a BURNING NEED to collect the sobbing/crying deck (ACDC/Esidisi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure). also I'm just firing off this post very quickly before I go to bed I'll reply to comments when it isn't 2 AM GOOD MORNING let's go

So basically, slot for slot trades please!

1. sobbing01 ✓
2. niflheim04 for sobbing02 ([personal profile] sujini) ✓
3. sunglasses04 for sobbing03 ([personal profile] nameisuser) ✓
4. blanket02 for sobbing04 ([personal profile] vethica) ✓
5. thefool05 for sobbing05 ([personal profile] kuzuryu) ✓
6. pyrokinetic02 for sobbing06 ([personal profile] eonflamewing) ✓
7. ultimate07 for sobbing07 ([personal profile] stag) ✓
8. verdancy08 for sobbing08 ([personal profile] utsuwa) ✓
9. sobbing09 for 1 orange crayon ([personal profile] eonflamewing) ✓
10. sobbing10 for 1 orange crayon ([personal profile] eonflamewing) ✓
SP. flowers16 for sobbing11 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon) ✓

Of course, my trade pile's also open for other trades \o/
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Sky: wesley[personal profile] skybuns on September 18th, 2015 08:13 pm (UTC)
Hi.... you have a lot of things I want.... if the list is too long I can cut back! Do I have anything for birthright17, buku02, canaan19, capsules16, cruxis04, dln-00a01, emoticon19, fincutter14, fishseller04, fodra17, gravityhole16, gyrostorm08, half-elf01, kobushi19, lumberjack03, newsanchor08, pherae08, playboy04, powerplant15, roseneedle08, seawitch06, secondson05, skullstomp10, stararrow08, stayathome06, trueknight07, whoosh20, youkai15, youkai17, zanei20?
Bea[personal profile] beaslays on September 29th, 2015 01:16 am (UTC)
Good god I'm SO sorry for the ridiculous delay!

But well, as for the trade it looks like you have a lot I want too :D How about airhead15, captivate09, captivate16, clearing01, crossfire02, deceiving19, eating06, eating18, echo19, hatchin13, ichii-bal05, ichii-bal08, imitation09, luckystars19, maester12, melnics02, melnics18, melnics19, mysteries01, norende03, overlord19, paralysis01, shulshagana10, shulshagana12, steals12, vaneltia20, worldchain18, yamato11, yamato14, yamato17?

Sky: felaris[personal profile] skybuns on October 2nd, 2015 06:52 pm (UTC)

Thank youuuu