19 September 2017 @ 11:42 pm
Still got some August slots, plus all of my September ones are free, so drop me off stuff from my collecting or high priority pages and take 'em off my hands.

AUGUST - 10/10 regular slots + 00/01 special slot filled )

SEPTEMBER - 10/10 regular slots + 00/01 special slot filled )

And of course regular/random trades are welcome!
20 September 2017 @ 02:19 am
I'm collecting pipsqueaks, nevarra and whitespire from this release, so I'd love to trade my remaining slots with you guys <3

Random trades of all sizes are a-okay and very welcome as always, too!

01. nevarra01
02. whitespire01
03. pipsqueaks01
04. avilio02
05. liquor02
06. lawless02
07. journey12
08. deadlines12
09. trio05
10. dismay02
SP. fireelement08
Dn. fireelement02, fireelement03, tanakaa06, waterelmt08
Bn. lolol11, selfies11

29 August 2017 @ 03:21 pm
Come take my slots and give me stuff from my collecting or high priority pages in return, you know the drill by now o/

AUGUST - 08/10 regular slots + 00/01 special slot filled )

And of course regular/random trades are welcome!
21 August 2017 @ 09:14 am
I'm collecting my girl Haru this month, so I'll trade slots for sweets shop. I'll also be on the lookout for the following cards (for additional slots or regular trades):

High Priority: Antecedent, White Fang
Medium Priority: Eastern Myth (sp), Fools Love, Western Myth (sp)
Low Priority: Kore

August Slots
01. open
02. open
03. open
04. open
05. open
06. open
07. open
08. open
09. open
10. open
Sp. open

On a separate note, I've been working a ton lately and haven't had much free time to do anything, really. I'll try to respond to older trades as soon as I possibly can, but after that, I'l take a brief hiatus from trading so I can get my trade post and other stuff in order. ^^

Looking forward to trading with you!
26 July 2017 @ 06:31 pm
So I'm slightly interested in tottori cards if you need to unload a slot yourself, but as always, I'm primarily focused on getting cards from my collecting or high priority pages o/

JULY - 07/10 regular slots + 00/01 special slot filled )

And of course regular trades are welcome!
17 July 2017 @ 12:50 pm
I'm collecting gemdust this month, so I'll give up my remaining slots to you lovely people, for your slots or cards I collect!

01. gemdust01
02. butcher03
03. yaoifan
04. shinyrod03
05. pacifism02
06. nosy07
07. arbitrator03
08. yourboy03
09. inthebag02
10. backfire01
SP. pre-skip04
DN. post-skip13, pre-skip13
BN. luna04, traitor02, paopufruit08

Random, slot-unrelated trades are a-okay as usual, too! In any case, click the banner below if you feel like rummaging through my card post :) !

Thanks in advance <3
16 July 2017 @ 05:44 pm
Looking to trade slots for nosy and/or radiance cards from the release.
Also collecting tottori, gemdust, arbitrator, calories, kagemane, superbeast, & inthebag if you find any of these cards in your rewards. <3

01. mushrooms01 for nosy01 (Lee)
02. shinyrod02 for radiance01 (Lee)
03. wineglass02 nosy03 (Tanna)
04. yaoifan01 radiance03 (Tanna)
05. pacifism07 for nosy06 (Curie)
06. butcher02 for nosy05 (Netbug)
07. gemdust09 for nosy07 (Catie)
08. dragonkick02 for nosy08 (Cami)
09. rainbowshot03 for radiance06 (Cami)
10. arbitrator09 for radiance20 (Dina)
Sp. pre-skip09 for nosy09 (Adelycia)
Dn. Brows08
Dn. Pre-skip11
Dn. Post-skip11
24 June 2017 @ 08:49 pm
hi hi~ i'm not collecting this time and i need trades for pog, so please help me out! <3

1. artificial02
2. killed02
3. yousei07
4. agoraphobic20
5. greatspirit10
6. atlamillia08
7. genie08
8. slingshot09
9. archest09
10. cowlick08
sp. ghosts09

if i run out of slots but you want a card pls let me know cos i have some +2/+3 slot coupons still valid that i want to use asap!

POG trades
1. lahariel
2. skybuns
3. toffeecat
4. kellidee
5. needles
6. kureto
7. canute
8. chuuya
9. anaraine
10. kippi
11. adurotum
12. netbug
13. pinnku
14. curie
15. lacie

i also have TWELVE signatures (how x_x) so lets trade those if we haven't already!

ALSO.... if you dont want to load all the cards i have available to trade, all the card names are here in a google doc that you can just CTRL+F through! i use it for asking people for trades but it might be useful the other way round??

21 June 2017 @ 03:25 pm
So I've still got a few leftover May slots if anyone wants to grab those up real quick and of course all my June ones.

As always: toss me cards from my collecting or high priority pages, and the slot(s) are yours!

MAY - 10/10 regular slots + 01/01 special slot filled - ALL GONE )

JUNE - 10/10 regular slots + 01/01 special slot filled - ALL GONE )

And of course regular trades are welcome!
20 June 2017 @ 07:10 pm
OH BOY IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. I normally restrain myself to just one deck when there's more than one I want to collect but I can't contain myself this month-- this month I'm collecting both arsene and tv so I'm only trading slots for those!

01. arsene01
02. tv01
03. greatspirit03
04. agoraphobic06
05. rook04
06. atlamillia05
07. tours01
08. dimensions02
09. yousei02
10. lovestorm18
sp. ghosts08

and as always I'm open to regular trades as well!

03 June 2017 @ 07:36 pm
This month I'll be collecting (and stalking reward posts for) Great Spirit (Puck from Re:Zero) . Hit me up if you'd like to trade slots this month. I also have 2 normal slots from May's release yet to be claimed:

May Slots
09. open for ??

June Slots
01. Agoraphobic05 for greatspirit01 (Kiri)
02. Tv06 for greatspirit02 (Jane)
03. Arsene02 for greatspirit03 (Olivia)
04. pending for greatspirit04 (Cooper)
05. Malasada02 for greatspirit05 (Brittany)
06. open for greatspirit06
07. open for greatspirit08
08. open for greatspirit09
09. open for greatspirit10
10. open for greatspirit11
11. open for greatspirit12
12. open for greatspirit13
13. open for greatspirit14
Sp. open for greatspirit15
Dn. Ghosts02 for ??
Dn. Kakkii12 for ??
Dn. Vampires13 for ??
An. Anniversary card of your choice for ??

Non-slot trades:
hello again colors!! I'm actually not collecting anything from this month's release, so I'll trade my slots for collecting/future cards!

01. catbus12
02. 2ndlt07
03. returns09
04. itomori05
05. tokyo05
06. koubu03
07. cynophobia08
sp. lgbtgames02

also I hate to ask this again, but I still have 3 Persona 5 decks that need to be donated and I'd really love it if all the P5 decks could be released together, so if there's anyone with donation slots to spare I'll love you forever if you can help out! ;A; ALL DONATED ♥

and of course regular trades are also welcome!

14 May 2017 @ 03:30 pm
Every so often I just sort of rise up out of the depths for a few releases, so I guess… it’s time to crawl back here for a while sdjasdkjf

I’m not going after anything for either release, so toss me cards from my collecting or high priority pages, and the slot(s) are yours!

APRIL - 10/10 regular slots + 01/01 special slot filled - ALL GONE )

MAY - 06/10 regular slots + 00/01 special slot filled )

And of course regular trades are welcome!
04 June 2017 @ 12:30 pm
I decided to rejoin Colors since I have more downtime this year. I'm currently working on a new card post (so I have no trade pile to share), but still interested in offering my April slots (for crayons or any cards I'm collecting--just link your trade pile and tell me how many slots/which cards you want!) and May slots (in a 1-to-1 exchange for another May deck--Tenga (Kiznaiver)).

April Slots
01. Tough10 (Jane)
02. Nolife03 (Veth)
03. Wasu02 (Veth)
04. Websearch02 (Veth)
05. Chrysalis18 (Harris)
06. Moves01 (Catie)
07. Chatty13 (Curie)
08. Corgi06 (Curie)
09. Prankdevil15 (Kiri)
10. Sleepy04 (Kiri)
Sp. 8306 (Jane)

May Slots
01. Freezes03 for Cynophobia01 (Ritsu)
02. Supreme05 for Cynophobia02 (Lita)
03. 2ndlt04 for Cynophobia03 (Jane)
04. Killing05 for Cynophobia04 (Kiri)
05. Thecalm04 for Cynophobia05 (Catie)
06. Place01 for Cynophobia06 (Lenga)
07. Gizoid04 for Cynophobia07 (Tanna)
08. Stalks01 for Cynophobia19 (Miro)
09. open
10. self for Cynophobia12
Sp. Lgbtgames04 for Insensitve17/Theend18/Vinewhip07 (Curie)

Non-slot trades: Cynophobia08/09/10/11

Looking forward to trading with you!

- Kellie
HEY Y'ALL, sorry for being scarce outside of my games for the past few months, I've been so busy lately but hopefully I can ease back into things soon..... anyway, the biggest reason I'm making this post is because Persona 5 has completely consumed my life and thus I would like to bring P5 decks to Colors! I've already donated 3 so I need help from you lovely people to get the rest of the gang in there!! currently there are 3 characters that need to be donated, so if you're willing just tell me how many donation slots you can spare and I'll send the form your way!

additionally, I would like to collect the aball deck from the April release, so I'll trade my April slots for those!

01. aball01
02. chrysalis20
03. uphim01
04. lance01
05. earthpulse01
06. magikazam01
07. stormquell01
sp. 8305

lastly, I'm open to regular trades as usual, so come at me with those too! ♥

19 April 2017 @ 07:47 pm
Yes, I know, I know, I'm late to the party but still: I'm giving out my slots to you guys so go wild!

I also have donated braids12, himecuts06, himecuts16, which I'll gladly give up in case you intend to collect one of these decks (or both).

01. chrysalis04 (for Harris)
02. pinkshadow07 (for Lita)
03. evilking08 (for Lita)
04. overshadowed08 (for Lita)
05. prankdevil17 (for Kiri)
06. sleepy15 (for Kiri)
07. theguild04 (for Dina)
08. tainted04 (for Dina)
09. tough18 (for Jane)
10. chatty06 (for Curie)
sp. baids05 (for Adelicya)
dn. braids12
dn2. himecuts06, himecuts16 (for Cassie)

Just hit me with what you've got and there's pretty much a 100% chance that I'll be cool with that (because, y'know, CARDS). Regular trades are obviously also cool and appreciated, if there is something hiding away in my trade pile you'd like to have <3 !

23 February 2017 @ 03:55 pm
this month I'll only be accepting slots for salieri cards!

1. salieri01
2. popo01
3. rinrin05
4. chroma07
5. ryuseitai12
6. tochika09

and here are my Valentine's chocolates! feel free to ask for a gift from these!

x0 x2 x4 x2 x0 x1 x1 x0

as always I'm open to regular trades and feel free to gift me anything from my collecting/future decks if you need to get rid of chocolates/finish POG!

20 January 2017 @ 11:21 pm
I've been completely nonexistent on the trading front for the past month so COME AT ME BROS. for January slots, I'm only trading for lastrites cards!

1. lastrites01
2. stammi03
3. fine05
4. amazing09
5. himegimi12
6. kingjj02
7. benois03
8. famous16
9. icehockey07
10. dollydolci16
sp. puyo03

and of course I'm thirsty for regular trades of all sizes as well!! I finally split my trading pile into parts like all the cool kids since the loading time was starting to be a little much for my shitty ass laptop. |Db one day I'll get around to splitting up my future pile too.......

20 December 2016 @ 03:55 pm
I hate to make another post while my last one is still on the front page BUT I'm not collecting anything from this release, so I'd like to trade my slots out for collecting/future cards!! my Re:Zero bonus card slot is also up for trade!

1. oshi-san15
2. teru05
3. mihotoke13
4. bomberrod13
5. dragonwhip13
6. powerdagger13
7. lute18
8. ratatouille18
9. bjd19
10. iceprince19
sp. rpgmaker18
bn. gamer17, gamer18

and of course I'm up for regular trades as well! I also still have 3 more uses for my Advent Calendar coupon so feel free to ask for a card if you haven't already gotten one from me! ♥

20 November 2016 @ 11:41 am
For this release, I'll only be accepting slot-for-slot trades for honeybuddha cards!


01. honeybuddha01
02. konpeito04
03. naps05
04. takeout03
05. mokuton05
06. nee-san03
07. tablesalt16
08. jazzdance11
09. upper-class03
sp. sakamoto02
dn. openings01

I also need trades/to give gifts for PoG, so have at my trade pile as well! c: