17 September 2013 @ 01:27 am
Trading September slots! I'm focusing on North Star for now and I will also accept crayons of any color (preferably brown though) or Admire cards I don't have!

1. northstar01
2. seventh06 (swagu)
3. samezuka?? (hoppip)
4. survive13 (estamir)
5. acchan10 (laurant)
6. ?? (frogberri)
7. bel?? (shinsengumi)
8. potato04 (magikarp)
special: something for me!

05 July 2013 @ 01:16 pm
Hello, colorful friends! I am looking to collect many decks in the upcoming release but in particular I'd like to use my extra slots to trade for Soothsayer cards!

1. Soothsayer20 (me)
2. With Love07 (me)
3. Café17 (me)
4. Fulfill01 (me)
5. Woodpecker01 -> Soothsayer01 ([personal profile] portaling)
6. Innuendos16 -> Soothsayer02 ([personal profile] moes)
7. Landgod04 -> Soothsayer03 ([personal profile] barda)
sp. Detectives10 (me)

I will also be happy to give you cards already in my trade or keeping-but-not-collecting piles for Soothsayer cards, and I'll take cards from my other current decks (Child Star, Caelin, Mani Katti) in exchange for my slots!

You can also take a look at my collection for regular trades, of course.