11 July 2016 @ 08:22 pm
/wakes up from the dead, hi guys :D I hope to see you all playing Colors League, it's going to be a blast!! I'll be getting the rest of my games up and running again, and back into trading and everything soon♥

But for now, I'm here to trade out my June and July slots! For June, I'll take slots for follows, lineface, and/or attachment cards, and for July, I'm looking to collect red gem/soel (Mokona Madoki)! Slot for slot, or otherwise anything in my collecting/futures will work!

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16 May 2016 @ 05:47 pm

I can't offer any slots this month because I wANT ALL YOUR SLOTS /o\ Please do me a personal favor and play lots of Coloring Book when the round resets this weekend and rack up those new release cards♥ I'm looking to collect the following decks!

Deemo: grow, roof, stay
ERASED: singlemom, oasi, keeneye
Horimiya: insects, partcat, energy, cookies, front, nearsighted, wants
Oresama Teacher: clean, brilliance, shiruko, guidebook, poorthing, princes, mustache, bet, girls, lord, communicate

If you get one from a game/slots and trade me in this post, I'll trade you up to three cards for each one! Because there's so many decks and I'm a greedy child )8
19 April 2016 @ 04:08 pm
HELLO AGAIN. I'm here to switch out Valentines wrappers since I ended up with a bunch of odd numbers! Here's the extras I've got:
thanks AL!♥

And signature trades! If you've been yearning for a blinding electric blue, I've got you covered 8D;
this was such an impulse sig lmao, but i think it suits
16 April 2016 @ 11:01 pm
Two and a half orders of business today!

ONE: April slots are up for gifts, one per person! I'll have scrapbook cards available too since I donated to all three, assuming they get picked, so I'll let you guys know which cards once the release is up. Here's the scrapbook cards I have available: chuunibyou13, suits16
1. executed04
2. risappe01
3. beecontrol02
4. vasavi15
5. miraculous04
6. cataclysm03
SP. cooltype16

TWO: Deck donations. Basically I sat down and actually read Horimiya after posting that last Coloring Book and capped the manga, ova, webcomic. Then I figured I should go through Oresama Teacher as a tribute to my default icon I stare at every day. So... 18 decks to be donated if anybody has free donation slots! I'll ask again when donation limits resets at the end of the month too :'D Eyyyyy you guys are awesome <33333

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AND A HALF: Of course trades are always open :D If you need crayon trades, I'm happy to switch my colors around with you too!
12 March 2016 @ 03:48 pm
Eyy♥ I'm looking at 1988 and Birthday from Boku dake ga Inai Machi (it's so good!! the moment the anime came out i couldn't help it, i went straight for the manga and haven't stopped yelling since) from the upcoming release, so I'm here to trade slots! :D

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I'm here for any other trades as well, so click below for my trade pile! And if you want to do signature trades, I have 5 available. Thanks!♥

17 January 2016 @ 07:59 pm
Winter feels so long and it's already the start of a new semester P: The inevitable aside, I'm gifting away all my regular slots, so swing by and pick up one or two cards! And like, trade me. Regular or random's fine with me, I haven't done Acrostics in so long I want to get back into the trading routine without my old eyes glazing over with eye strain, haha.

1. xyz06
2. braveface01
3. hitoriomou01
4. equal08
5. sunfighter08
6. boor20
7. levelheaded15
8. humanworld16

02 January 2016 @ 09:45 am
Vote for Tenmyouji and link me here to receive up to five or however many cards you want from my trade pile; he's from the BEST GAME and has been through so much, so I want to help see him through to the next round!

Also play VLR if you get the chance, it's such a blast to play and also made me cry )8
24 November 2015 @ 06:26 pm

Hohenheim's the best character, please trade me for number23 cards! I'll be trading away the rest of my slots, including the special and bonus slots, and of course anything in my trade pile :D

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Also, always taking trades of all sizes, or link me to your trade piles-- thanks!
16 October 2015 @ 04:58 pm
/yells at silent hill. That's it, that's basically my entire memory of freshman year of college: screaming at nurses and pyramid head. It was terrible. I must collect them.

Slot trade me for brookhaven or greatknife cards please!! :D I'll pick up cards once all the slots are filled, but in the meantime you can ask for reg/random trades too /winkwink Thanks for the quick fill! o7

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ALSO HALLOWEEN EVENT YELLOW CANDIES COME AT ME! \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶//// You might also find a little ~something extra~ with your candy!

20 September 2015 @ 03:39 pm
HELLO COLORS♥ I'm gifting September slots away, one per person, so come by and take a card! If there's more than one release card you want, I'll trade the extras for anything I'm collecting/futures :D Please take my slots, haha. I donated assassins06, so this one is also available for gift/trade!

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Reg/random trades? Lay 'em on me :P

26 July 2015 @ 12:48 pm
I-- um. HMM. /skips half a month, uploads a hundred new cards

Please trade me and whittle down my trade pile I haven't been trading at all and I want to correct that /o\

And then slots!! I have all my July slots still free, and will by MIA for more than half of August so I'll put those slots out there now too.I'm not collecting any new decks, so please take them all, however many you want, reg for specials are fine, etc. I'll take anything in my collecting and futures for them! c: Taken care of, thank you~ ♥

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Thank you~ ♥♥
20 June 2015 @ 04:41 pm
so says the person who was gunning so earnestly for PoG, hahaha~

I've refreshed my trade pile and it feels like it nearly doubled with May's PoG rewards and a bunch of game rewards updates, so hopefully there's something you want! I'm good with looking through trade piles too, since my future pile isn't comprehensive, so hit me up with whatever! \o/ I need to give 4 more gifts for PoG, so if there's more than two cards you're interested in, I might take a trade and a gift ;P

Also, if there's something in the chaos pile of Switch it Up 98 that you're aiming for, I can grab a card every 48 hours to trade or gift! o7
Last switch: 9:24 22nd

05 June 2015 @ 10:19 pm
/sits down. Aiming to complete PoG and need deck donations? Help me donate more Persona! :D
Just comment below which decks you'd like to grab so I can delete them from this post once they're donated, no need to wait for a reply~ /o/
All donated! Thanks, everyone :DD

...../also links post here because why not, haha.
I'll be hitting up all your trade posts for trades and gifts after May PoG rewards comes in *u*
30 April 2015 @ 07:26 pm
This is [personal profile] oriaon-- I've switched accounts so don't go "asdflkjh who is this foreign username??" because it's still me! :P

My DW trade post has been moved here, but my site is still as before~
. ・ * ☆ ☆ * ・ .

But anyways! I don't see anything in the coming May decks I would give an arm and a leg for, so I'm opening them up for anything I'm collecting, or future collecting, or your trade pile because I will find something I want to collect :P Have at them ♥

1. kanegasaki01 (Sammich)
2. odani08 (Sammich)
3. quindecim/15th20 (Ari)
4. reading/nomemory20 (Ari)
5. abu/abs20 (Ari)
6. picasso## (Veth)
7. unkillable13 (Lita)
8. kapow11 (Hijiri)
10. rage14 (AL)
17 April 2015 @ 11:07 am
Hi guys! :) I used to play here under the name of Ori (WHY DOES IT FEEL SO LONG AGO??) but I've rejoined under a different name, Aki not to be difficult, I swear. Instead of rekindling mass deck hell, I'm just going to focus on only my very favorite characters to collect this time (what do you mean that's what the whole point originally was) so have some April slots!

My trade post is tiny and future decks undecided, so I'll dig through trade piles for cards in exchange |D; Or, baby Quarks and Social Links work well if you want to use up slots ;D

1. forever02
2. seawizard05 (Veth)
3. fastball17 (Dina)
4. chemist03 (Dialny)
5. hellgirl03 (Dialny)
6. loveshower11 (Raven)
7. kazahana03 (Kaede)
8. sulfur13 (Hijiri)
9. tonedeaf12 (Chi)
10. bibliophile01 (Eon)
Special. universe12

Thanks, guys!
>>no fancy badge yet, but here's my post!<<