09 December 2013 @ 01:03 pm
Hello Colors! I'll be collecting the chibipuri special deck this month, so I'd love to trade out my slots for your special slots if you still have them!

If that's not possible, I'm also taking cards from my collecting, portfolio & mass deck collections! Also, crayons!

1. boke04 (chibipuri11)
2. [concealing card]
3. cranes06 (chibipuri01)
4. [Nayami slot!] (mascot10)
5. whitestorm04 (chibipuri10)
6. spotted08 (chibipuri02)
7. proxy13 (solo06)
8. scepter419 (gray crayon)
SP. [willing to trade my special slot for another special slot, for an extra sketchpad mark!]

Regular trades welcome too :D Thank you!

10 November 2013 @ 08:07 pm
Hello Colors!!

I won't be collecting anything this month, so I'm trading out my slots for anything in my collecting, future high, future mid, and mass deck collections (that's Black Lagoon, The World God Only Knows & Sword Art Online)!

If you don't have anything from there, I'll also trade slots for slots-- I'm interested in shinai cards! That's Fujimura Taiga's deck.

All slots gone, thank you!! Of course, regular trades are welcome as always <3.

01. tennyo12 (for jewel01)
02. blackberry10 (for bloodhound14)
03. forazsaiqa13 (for shinai card)
04. craftsman18 (for crayon)
05. hug05 (for memory08)
06. impetuous04 (for kitten12)
07. burmecia11 (for solo04) + regular trade!11
08. [nayami slot] (for mascot03)
09. vierge20 (memory16)
10. toss15 (kitten16)
SP. misguided16 (rip-off12)
07 October 2013 @ 09:24 pm
I'm not collecting anything this month, so I'm trading out (almost) all my slots!

All taken! Thank you so much!

1. selfish06
2. shadowless20
3. dyaus11
4. funyarinpa01
5. duty19
6. forensics11
7. ladybug16
8. galax08
9. paralysis08
10. tomochin10
SP. 4minutes08

Regular trades are always welcome though! So please take a look at my trade pile in case there's something you might be interested in!
18 September 2013 @ 02:22 pm
OKAY I think Necro's idea was awesome so!

CALLING ALL RED AND ORANGE LEVEL PLAYERS OUT THERE because why not include orange levels!!

I don't have a huge trade pile, but it's not that small anymore either, so please take a look! And if there's anything you'd like for your collecting/futures in my trade pile, it's yours. Only one card per person and it's first come first serve!! o/

NOTE: This is for the Pot of Gold thing, and giving more cards than I will get (and adding orange levels) will allow me to feel better about being rewarded for giving gifts XD. So really, if there's anything you like, just ask for it! As long as it's for you and not for trading, I'll be happy to give it away.

Well and of course, regular trades are welcome as per usual |D.