23 May 2014 @ 08:20 pm
i may as well just start a DSRK mass deck at this point orz Hello everyone!! Next month I'll be collecting both kichou and process! Because they're both extremely high priority for me, I'll also be trading out my far future and trading decks for slots. As always, regular and random trades are welcome, too!

1. kichou01
2. process01
3. borealis11 for [personal profile] sal / kichou02
4. clairvoyant02 for [personal profile] sal / process02
5. wolborg06 for [personal profile] advancing / kichou03
6. Sakurai Ryou's deck06 for [personal profile] hanakoanime / process03
7. obedient07 for [personal profile] emberwishes / process04
8. hm-43213 for [personal profile] empanadas / kichou05
9. princesslike11 for [personal profile] laurant / process06
10. kayo-chin16 for [personal profile] laurant / kichou07
sp. rainbow road04 for [personal profile] blinkingrune / kichou04

remaining12 for [personal profile] dieneces / process05
regret12 for [personal profile] dieneces / kichou06
spicy ageha01 for [personal profile] vivillion / process07

21 April 2014 @ 06:17 pm
I'm probably jumping on this a bit too early, especially since I don't know what his deck is going to be called yet, but I'll be collecting Shouhei Narumi from Devil Summoner's deck liaison for the May release! I'll also trade anything in my far future and trading pile for slots. I really want to master his deck ASAP since he's one of my favorite characters.

1. liaison01
2. vivace01 for [personal profile] hyoga / liaison02
3. trashy01 for [personal profile] sal / liaison03
4. himalayan10 for [personal profile] emberwishes  / liaison04
5. goofy07 for [personal profile] nidoking / liaison05
6. highland10 for [personal profile] toran  / liaison06
7. potential01 for [personal profile] laexdream  / liaison07
8. crossfire03 for [personal profile] laurant / liaison09
9. bakuzan06 for [personal profile] maesterlicious / liaison11
10. might10 for [personal profile] cendol / liaison13
sp. the crows18 for [personal profile] despedia / liaison16

cure melody03 for [personal profile] madoka / liaison08
blue crayon for [personal profile] hanakoanime / liaison10
red crayon for [personal profile] count_2_three / liaison12
tsukkomi07 for [personal profile] oriaon / liaison14
eggs14 for [personal profile] possibilityleft / liaison15

Regular + random trades are welcome too, of course!

24 March 2014 @ 01:41 am
I'm looking to trade slots! This month I'll be collecting the aria deck (Haha this is gonna be interesting), but if your slots are full or you already picked up that deck for someone else, I wouldn't mind picking up cards for xiv or demifiend.

1. aria01
2. genking03 for [personal profile] laurant / aria03
3. apple10 for [personal profile] waldosia / aria04
4. kazu16 for [personal profile] minteaprince / xiv19
5. gifted08 for [personal profile] utsuwa / xiv09
6. muramasa09 for [personal profile] radria / aria05
7. chariot06 for [personal profile] apprivoiser / xiv10
8. visions07 for [personal profile] eyvindur / aria07
9. druid05 for [personal profile] count_2_three / aria08
10. stride19 for [personal profile] sal / aria06
sp. daein05 for [personal profile] estamir / aria02

If I take a while to respond just assume I'm getting my butt handed to me in Nocturne orz. Regular/random trades are okay, too!

15 February 2014 @ 06:32 pm
My small and big boxes ended up filling out, so I went ahead and bought a mega box like I said I would! I still have 23 spots open, and here's the previous thread in case you can't remember if I already gave you a gift! ... Because I know my memory's terrible and I might end up gifting twice accidentally if I don't keep the thread open in another tab orz. Either way!

1. cyborg idol04 for
[personal profile] preternatural 
2. catalyst14 for
[personal profile] netbug009 
3. uu09 for
[personal profile] fall 
4. ylisse16 for
[personal profile] nyxnoxbox 
5. competitive19 for
[personal profile] moon_wolf 
6. miyanom19 for
[personal profile] secretambition 
7. egret05 for
[personal profile] worthwhile 
8. erhu07 for
[personal profile] karayan 
9. x-scissor03 for
[personal profile] surskit 
10. ciaossu07 for
[personal profile] hanakoanime 
11. voice03 for
[personal profile] cardioid 
12. burmecia03 for
[personal profile] buttmage 
13. laevatein04 for
[personal profile] beccastareyes 
14. tasla18 for
[personal profile] laurant 
15. bubblebeam15 for
[personal profile] oriaon 
16. capricorn05 for
[personal profile] waldosia 
17. teasing18 for
[personal profile] headset 
18. sohcahtoa06 for
[personal profile] anruik 
19. meruru09 for
[personal profile] cendol 
20. orpheus01 for
[personal profile] aruyera 
21. tempest10 for
[personal profile] grandmaestro 
22. bright10 for
[personal profile] apprivoiser 
23. screams05 for
[personal profile] maesterlicious 
24. orojya19 for
[personal profile] mori 
25. taurus02 for
[personal profile] rastberry 

I'M FINALLY DONE!! Thank you guys so much; I hope you enjoy your cards!! ;v;

14 February 2014 @ 08:39 pm
Hello everyone!! I bought a small and big box over at the stand, but the problem I have is I only have one trading partner since I only joined a month ago, ahaha... So I'm giving the rest of the spots away! ! I don't know if fifteen people will be interested, but if the slots fill up, I'll buy a mega box because I like being able to give people the cards they want. ;v;

Small Box:
1. mystery02 for [personal profile] sal 
2. heir17 for [personal profile] needles 
3. galax14 for [personal profile] hoppip 
4. food12 for [personal profile] empanadas 
5. marble04 for [personal profile] minteaprince 

Big Box:
1. ice beam12 for [personal profile] miyoungie 
2. airhead18 for [personal profile] kues 
3. luna18 for [personal profile] mllelaurel 
4. support04 for [personal profile] scaleless 
5. noona07 for [personal profile] utsuwa 
6. voodoo06 for [personal profile] poland 
7. pulse06 for [personal profile] rubatosis 
8. perceive09 for [personal profile] rosa 
9. engagement02 for [personal profile] radria 
10. poet07 for [personal profile] swagu 

08 February 2014 @ 08:39 pm
Hello! I'm back with nine regular slots and one special slot open. ;v; I'm looking to collect the burdened deck from the release post, but if you don't have any slots left, I'm also collecting messiah, drugs, watch, and zippo! And if you don't have any of those just throw something at me that's in my future deck and I'll take it because I'm not doing anything with these slots ahaha...

1: burdened01
2: viking09 for [personal profile]
3: seven days04 for [personal profile]
4: mercurial04 for [personal profile]
5: bloodwhip04 for [personal profile]
6: peddler06 for [personal profile]
7: disobedient04 for [personal profile]
8: rosetta02 for [personal profile]
9: avalon04 for [personal profile]
10: asura19 for
[personal profile] waldosia 
sp: yaoi16 for [personal profile]
2/14: watch14 

I'm still waiting on burdened04 from byakkun, but otherwise, All slots have been filled! Thank you guys so much!! ;v;


11 January 2014 @ 05:39 pm
Hello! I just joined this game, so I'm looking for quite a few cards! I'm mainly looking for Messiah, Junes, Swordlike, G-89, Boxer, Death, Drugs, Hero, Izanagi, Orpheus, and Revenge right now. Here's what I have open!

1. awakening16 for
[personal profile] sal
2. better06 for
[personal profile] poland 
3. benetnasch05 for
[personal profile] prisma 
4. beauty mark09 for
[personal profile] fuchsian 
5. leraje20 for
[personal profile] mllelaurel 
6. rukh19 for
[personal profile] hoppip 
7. graveryl11 for
[personal profile] adurotum 
8. baby fox12 for
[personal profile] apprivoiser 
9. haraezuki02 for
[personal profile] fall 
10. belderiver14 for
[personal profile] nyxnoxbox 
sp. colossi01
j. junes06

All slots have been filled! Thank you to everyone that traded with me! ;v;

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