21 February 2016 @ 09:51 am
hello! i haven't had time to be as active as i'd like lately but i do have some slots open for this month. i'm not collecting anything from this release so i'll take things from my future / mass decks for them!

1. herbaltea04
2. orangejuice15
3. sweetfood09
4. 2-d12
5. brusque16
6. excitable14
7. references07
8. ikayaki06
9. calamari17
10. x-rayvision01
sp. heirs06

also, totally open to trades of all kinds!

12 January 2016 @ 07:28 am
hello! school kind of took up all my time for a while there but i'm back, and i've got january slots. i'm not collecting anything this time around, so i'll trade them out for anything in my collecting/future/mass decks.

1. hounan08
2. attract07
3. entercards18
4. magnagate07
5. levelheaded08
6. cutethings04
7. itchy02
8. equal10
9. sunfighter03
10. xyz02
sp. visualnovel06

also just a head's up i've changed my player name from nova to c! o/

and ofc any kind of trade is awesome, i updated my post with a ton of cards so take a look!