06 June 2014 @ 06:51 pm
Hello! I got super lazy with slots this time around thanks to work, so I still have 1 regular to fill for June. I'm looking to trade for other slots since there's a bunch of decks I want. I'm going to be focusing on clairvoyant and begging!

1. circles01
2. clairvoyant01
3. begging01
4. confidence01
5. fodra04 for clairvoyant02
6. dolphin10 for clairvoyant03
7. protection02 for clairvoyant04
8. destruction02 for begging02
9. bodhisattva08 for begging03
10. pending
Sp. region04 for begging05

I also have a signature to trade if anyone is interested in that! And of course all regular and random trades are welcome.

07 May 2014 @ 08:29 pm
Hi! I've finally amassed a somewhat decent sized trade pile after joining a few months ago, so let's trade!

I'm currently collecting villager b, toss, unit one, and concern. Also I just started a mass Hunter x Hunter deck which includes janken, assassin, eyes, haggler, bungee, needles, and treasure. Of course I have a bunch of future decks as well and random trades are good too!

I also have the following crayons that I would like to trade for gray: