05 July 2013 @ 10:32 pm
Hi everyone! This is Emma (I was pierrott back on LJ), back from hiatus and ready to trade with everyone again. I'm also super excited to see all the new players here!!

To that end, I'm looking to trade for effortless cards from the new release, but as usual I'll also trade slots for my future decks.

1. for me
2. fulcrum19 for gal07 ([personal profile] anotherheaven)
3. tagged15 for antisocial03 ([personal profile] tadakatsu)
4. champloo15 for netherworld06 ([personal profile] unlocks)
5. aug2317 for agent18 ([personal profile] hurl)
6. notequal09 for effortless19 ([personal profile] keiichiism)
7. ko06 for effortless06 ([personal profile] yanyan)
8. blooming09 for taser08 ([personal profile] rujubee)
S. scars09

slots: effortless01, fulcrum19, tagged15, champloo15, aug2317, notequal09, ko06, blooming09, scars09

I'm super excited to be back and trading with everyone again, so if you see something you like from my trade post don't hesitate to trade me!

08 May 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Hi there Colors, it's been a while! I haven't put up a slots post for a while, so this is a two-for-one. I have my April slots still open, and I'm not collecting anything from it. And since it's so late, I just kinda want to get rid of them. If you want anything, please let me know! If you want something and don't think you have anything to offer me, I can hold onto the card for you as long as you need, too.

1. happiness03
2. binbougami10
3. spatial11
4. okashira11
5. adonis18
6. eyesight01
S. x-scissor01 (futuring03)

For May: This month, I'd like to collect Futuring, so let's trade slots!

1. futuring01 for me
2. spicyageha01 for futuring02 (heather)
3. lollipops06 for futuring05 (raven)
4. tenswords18 for futuring06 (fel)

ref )

Aaand of course, regular trades are totally welcome, too.

08 March 2013 @ 09:44 pm
Hey there Colors! After settling issues with hosting, I'm back and ready for action, just in time for March slots! This month, I'm looking to collect Producer (and I Want and Kosmos as well, but Producer is my highest priority atm), so let's trade slots!

1. producer01 for me
2. producer02 for kosmos02 ([livejournal.com profile] experienced)
3. producer03 for frozen03 ([livejournal.com profile] moonscepter)
4. producer04 for cleaver02 ([livejournal.com profile] baredick)
5. producer07 for cinqfleches14 ([livejournal.com profile] cruxis)
6. producer10 for shrine03 ([livejournal.com profile] dropsofviolet)
7. producer12 for pickpocket06 ([livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi)

S. producer06 for ambidex?? ([livejournal.com profile] mcgarrett)

ref for me )

As always, regular trades are welcomed too!

04 February 2013 @ 06:41 pm
Hi again, everyone! This month, I really want to collect gamer--so let's trade slots! All slots filled, thanks everyone!

1. gamer01 for me
2. health-care03 for gamer02 ([livejournal.com profile] experienced)
3. magiccancel01 for gamer03 ([livejournal.com profile] moonscepter)

4. optimistic08 for gamer04 ([livejournal.com profile] achuu)
5. lovelorn03 for gamer09 ([livejournal.com profile] gargantsurprise)
6. gangster15 for gamer10 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
7. fix16 for gamer12 ([livejournal.com profile] vriska)
8. victim18 for gamer13 ([livejournal.com profile] niklaus)
S. ossan08 for gamer07 ([livejournal.com profile] stopping)

D. ossan08 (held for [livejournal.com profile] experienced)

ref for me )

I'd also be totally willing to trade cards from my trade pile, or low priority futures, for slots, of course!

Also, as I'm planning on starting another mass deck (because I can't help myself sob), there are two one decks that I would love it if you could help me out and donate, if you're not using your donation slots!

under the cut! )

Thanks so much as always, everyone, and I look forward to trading with everyone throughout February.

02 January 2013 @ 05:53 pm
Hi there, and happy new year, Colors! I'm not planning on collecting anything from this release, so I'll accept anything in my mass/double decks, collecting decks, high priority futures, and low priority futures (in that order of preference) for slots. Throw them at me! ♥

All slots filled, thanks everyone!

1. reserved for me rn
2. catastrophe13 for [livejournal.com profile] moonscepter
3. reserved for [livejournal.com profile] experienced
4. regina?? for god06 ([livejournal.com profile] whimsykitsune)
5. commoner01 for firstson15 ([livejournal.com profile] gargantsurprise)
6. yamaken17 for form19 ([livejournal.com profile] moon_wolfwriter)
7. glare01 for gambler04 ([livejournal.com profile] temperamental)
8. internet07 for cheerio03 ([livejournal.com profile] mythos)
S. 5stars02 for a green crayon ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)

I'm always open for normal trades, as well! I've shifted around a few priorities for my decks since I've recently mastered a few, so if there's something you see that you'd like, don't hesitate to ask!

04 December 2012 @ 07:23 pm
Hey guys! I can't believe it's December already, wow... For this release, I'd like to focus on collecting revenant! haven't collected new decks in a while lol

1. revenant01 for me
2. psychopath02 for revenant14 ([livejournal.com profile] experienced)
3. bullfighter03 for revenant20 ([livejournal.com profile] bringthefate)
4. snowfield16 for revenant18 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
5. ace04 for revenant17 ([livejournal.com profile] enfacade)
6. clutch20 for revenant13 ([livejournal.com profile] temperamental)
7. fengshui07 for revenant12 ([livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi)
8. yukipon06 for revenant09 ([livejournal.com profile] mongoosehwrs)
S. dragonrage15 for revenant19 ([livejournal.com profile] moon_wolfwriter)

ref for me!! )

Aaaand as always, open to normal trades as well! I'm close to mastering a few decks, so I'd love it if you stopped by and saw something you like. ♥

11 November 2012 @ 08:07 pm
I am really absentminded and I completely forgot to put this post up until the release post came up--so! I'm not collecting anything from this release, so if anyone wants me to pick up any cards for them, I'll accept any of my collecting/mass decks/future (high and low priority) decks!

All slots gone!
1. outburst06 ([livejournal.com profile] experienced)
2. stressed07 ([livejournal.com profile] experienced)
3. creator14 for food08 ([livejournal.com profile] mcgarrett)
4. mayor14 for classical09 ([livejournal.com profile] mcgarrett)
5. sword18 for curebeauty19 ([livejournal.com profile] temperamental)
6. noa19 for gangleader05 ([livejournal.com profile] cruxis)
7. autozam13 for cheerio08 ([livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi)
8. acrobatics16 for carmine07 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
S. nightshade09 for classical14 ([livejournal.com profile] mcgarrett)

As always, I'll accept any normal trades, too. I'm also close to mastering a few decks, so take a look and see if there's something that you like! Thanks, guys ♥

03 October 2012 @ 11:17 pm
Hiya, Colors, it's been a while! I was on hiatus for a bit, but I'm fully back now, and I'm here with October slots as well as a website for my cards now!

As for slots, I'll take anything from my collecting, mass collections (and I've started a new one for Tales of Graces, as well), double, or future (both high and low priority) decks. If you have any slots left, I'll also take ducttape cards.

Anyway! Without further delay~ All slots gone, thanks everyone!

1. tophat?? for ducttape?? ([livejournal.com profile] experienced)
2. empath16 for selfless12 ([livejournal.com profile] baredick)
3. trickster12 for freshgreen17 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
4. lasagna12 for hallmonitor16 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
5. deck14 for freshgreen07 ([livejournal.com profile] nyxnoxbox)
6. cartology05 for freshgreen10 ([livejournal.com profile] nyxnoxbox)
7. kicking14 for anaru16 ([livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi)
8. plane12 for secondson14 ([livejournal.com profile] darkraven616)
S. ironfist05 for sopheria07 ([livejournal.com profile] darkraven616)

If you don't want any slots, I'm open for regular trades, as always! I look forward to trading with everyone again~

16 April 2012 @ 09:27 pm
Hi, Colors! For once, this isn't a post about slots--I'm pretty close to mastering a few decks, so if anyone has any of the cards listed below, I'd certainly be grateful...!

Bishi: 02/03/07/13/14/17/19
Cannon: 06/09/11/17/18/20
Goddess: 01/05/12/13
Hummingbird: 16/17/18/19/20
Jintan: 07/09/10/11/14/16/17/18/19
Nanodesu: 02/09/10/12/14/18
Necessarius: 05/08/10/18/20
Steiner: 01/05/08/09/10/13/14
Yukiatsu: 01/03/06/07/11/16/18/19

Other than these, I'm collecting more decks than i should be a bunch of decks, and I'd love to trade with everyone--so don't hesitate to stop by my post and see if there's something that you like! ♥

28 March 2012 @ 03:20 pm
Hi, guys! I have one character slot and a special slot left from the March release, and I don't want them to go to waste. (I can pick up from any deck other than Poppo, Possessive, Landlady, Basketballs, Cure Muse, Harmony, and Rosewater.) I'll accept a slot-for-slot swap for Poppo cards if you have any slots left, or anything that I'm collecting.

As for the April release, I'm not planning on collecting anything, so my slots are open for my current decks (Cannon, Nanodesu, Bishi, Hummingbird, Necessarius, Steiner, Selfless, Mysterious), mass collection decks (Jintan, Anaru, Yukiatsu, Poppo), or high priority futures. I'll accept low priority futures, too, but I'd prefer the former~ Just as a note: I'm going to be out of the country with limited to no internet access from this Saturday, March 31st until Monday, April 9th, but I'll pick up any cards that I need to and/or respond when I get back!

So, without further delay, April Slots! All filled, thanks guys~

1. faithful18 for poppo20 ([livejournal.com profile] ouji_tan)
2. open05 for jintan15 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
3. needles06 for theend09 ([livejournal.com profile] shamuon)
4. knights11 for garugari15 ([livejournal.com profile] tsuruhime)
5. hostile08 for necessarius16 ([livejournal.com profile] kelliedee)
6. denpakei02 for goddess10 ([livejournal.com profile] kelliedee)
7. end11 for netherworld03 ([livejournal.com profile] nerrin)
8. benishigure14 for leeks03 ([livejournal.com profile] nerrin)
S. shounen11 for necessarius06 ([livejournal.com profile] love_michiyuki)

And, as always, don't hesitate to swing by my post for regular trades, too...! ♥ Thanks, guys~

05 February 2012 @ 06:53 pm
Hey there (again... weeps I posted too early yesterday), guys! This is kind of a three-for-one post. I finally caved and decided to do a mass AnoHana collection, and a Selfless/Mysterious double deck. That also involved shifting a lot of my priorities around.

So! With that being said, I'm collecting all AnoHana decks (that is, Jintan, Anaru, Tsuruko, and Yukiatsu, since I already mastered Menma, sob...) and the Selfless/Mysterious decks at the same priority as my collecting decks. If you have any to spare, then please have a look through my post and see if there's something you want! ♥

Aaaaand it's also slot time again. This time around, I'm looking to collect Hummingbird Minatsuki deck yesssssss, and like always, I'll trade slot-for-slot or for cards in my collecting decks (plus Cannon--all Scythe cards are pending, so Cannon is moving up next). All slots filled! Thanks, guys~

1. hummingbird01 for me
2. mercurius04 for [livejournal.com profile] experienced (hummingbird08)
3. escape18 for [livejournal.com profile] soporil (hummingbird13)
4. goats04 for [livejournal.com profile] 0_seichi_0 (hummingbird04)
5. legend05 for [livejournal.com profile] miyasaikou (hummingbird05)
6. patissiere04 for [livejournal.com profile] dearmykeysx (hummingbird07)
7. gnaw13 for [livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi (hummingbird10)
8. crimson17 for [livejournal.com profile] vriska (hummingbird12)
S. purple11 for [livejournal.com profile] 00zags (hummingbird09)
D. purple04 for [livejournal.com profile] 00zags (garugari08)

suhoons: upbeat09 for hummingbird02
dropsofviolet: jellyfish13 for hummingbird03
alvanista: clueless03 for hummingbird15
danybel: traitor16 for hummingbird06
tamaryokucha: stardust11 for hummingbird11

Regular trades are always welcome, as well! If I have something you want, but you don't think you have anything I want, then link me to your trade pile and I'll find something~ oops edited because how type

Thank you~ sorry for such a long post this time LMFAO

04 February 2012 @ 05:26 pm
Hey guys! Before I go and turn things in at the art shop (sob, already made a comment but forgot about this...), I'm looking for three green crayons. I have these to offer:

x6, x2, x2

I'd be happy to take trades for gray crayons, too, though I'm mostly looking for green.

Three green crayons get, thanks [livejournal.com profile] moon_wolfwriter!

Thank you!
06 January 2012 @ 03:33 pm
Kind of late on this, but I finally decided to collect Nanodesu for this month! I'd also like to focus on decks I'm currently collecting, too. That's good news for you, though, because my slots are open for high priority futures or higher and Nanodesu cards! I'm mostly looking for Tsuruko, Bishi, Steiner, Scythe, and Cannon cards, but anything else in my high priority futures is okay too! Those would be Anaru, Jintan, Selfless, and Yukiatsu. The cards that I need from each deck are below; underlined numbers are pending.

cut for space! )

All slots filled!

1. nanodesu15 (me)
2. mint07 for nanodesu17 ([livejournal.com profile] vriska)
3. standup02 for nanodesu01 ([livejournal.com profile] tategamiwolf)
4. avarice19 for nanodesu07 ([livejournal.com profile] soporil)
5. form12 for selfless08 ([livejournal.com profile] soporil)
6. resentment17 for nanodesu03 ([livejournal.com profile] megchan87)
7. tenbuhorin13 for yukiatsu20 ([livejournal.com profile] galearc)
8. cockroaches11 for jintan13 ([livejournal.com profile] ulquiorrasch)
S. earthquake16 for yukiatsu14 ([livejournal.com profile] darkraven616)
D. winter03

And, of course, I'm always open for regular trades--so come by and see if there's something you'd like! ♥

22 November 2011 @ 01:09 am
Hey guys~

So for December, I'm looking to collect Telepathy. If you're interested, then let's trade slots! I'll trade slots for Telepathy cards or for cards in my collecting decks, which are Bishi, Maid Cafe, Menma, Steiner, and Tsuruko.

So without futher delay...

December Slots! Closed! Thanks guys~
1. telepathy10 for myself
2. [livejournal.com profile] experienced: minus07 for tsuruko19
3. [livejournal.com profile] darkraven616: aristocratic10 for telepathy02
4. [livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi:hostess10 for bishi20
5. [livejournal.com profile] hushlust: driving06 for telepathy03
6. [livejournal.com profile] ulquiorrasch: diligent08 for telepathy04
7. [livejournal.com profile] bringthefate: baldy04 for telepathy05
8. [livejournal.com profile] galearc: demonrose13 for telepathy07
S. [livejournal.com profile] moon_wolfwriter: legendary14 for telepathy 09
D. blue08

My own reference:
[livejournal.com profile] alvanista: chiefmaid02 for telepathy01
[livejournal.com profile] mokubas: friends12 for telepathy06
[livejournal.com profile] 00zags: gadgets19 for telepathy08
[livejournal.com profile] soporil: savate11 for telepathy11

And I'm always open for regular trades, as well, of course!

15 June 2011 @ 11:32 pm
Hi i'm back :B

I'm looking for the following cards;
lily's getting them for me ;3;

Trigger; 15/19
Monta; 16/17/20
Delusions; 6,11,17,18
Wizard; 12,13,14,17

I need them all to complete all six decks ;3;

I'm accepting cards from my keeping, but i'd rather get to finish the decks i'm collecting orzzzz ;3; I pretty much just want to swapt them around ;3; bluh!

24 May 2011 @ 02:31 am
ok so i'm so close to mastering a bunch of cards, especially Emperor and Trigger, i've been collecting Trigger since i've joined, I think i'm just bad at it :I Also my keeping list is getting out of control.

so uhm ; ; if you guys have anything on my list lets just get our trades on ;3;