08 March 2014 @ 10:06 am
Hello everyone! This month I am super-duper hardcore collecting gladiator from the new release! So let's help each other out and trade slots! I'm giving away my special spot too so there's that as well.

1. concern06 for gladiator01 ([personal profile] sal)
2. caster01 for gladiator02 ([personal profile] witcher)
3. regalia08 for gladiator03 ([personal profile] scaleless)
4. me: gladiator04
5. treasure07 for gladiator05
6. taken
7. taken
8. AT-LOW15 for gladiator08 ([personal profile] dieneces)
9. anguished02 for gladiator09 ([personal profile] preternatural)
10. soaploand08 for gladiator10
sp. for carrot20

card trades:
pebble05 for gladiator07 ([personal profile] beccastareyes)
leader06 for gladiator06 ([personal profile] aurorawing)

and here's my card post i guess if you want anything from that
14 February 2014 @ 10:01 pm
HEY OOOO i ran out of trading buddies to gift cards to so come ask and ye shall receive!!

and if you feel like gifting me anything in return i'd love some more zearth/ostia/archer cards!




i've also got two slots open for this month's release and I'm always up for random trades! (and desperately need them for this month's pot of gold!)
09 January 2014 @ 03:53 am
Hey everyone! 4 am is a really good time to post a slots post so I'm gonna do it! I don't really care about collecting most of this stuff this round, so I'm offering up slots for yellow crayons, green crayons or dresses, jellyfish and wolfbeil cards!

1. kaneda16
2. opening01
3. waiting02
4. beautymark08
5. heartereki06
6. bandana11
7. leraje17
8. babyfox15
9. shanghai14
10. belderiver13
sp. bara09

as always, regular trades are wholeheartedly accepted!!
09 December 2013 @ 12:59 pm
Hello everyone! Sorry to spam the comm with another slots post, but I'm not going to be collecting anything! So, I figured I'd open up my slots for any delusions, dresses, or sins card I don't have. Alternatively, you can trade me a blue crayon for a slot! Choices!!

1. cranes17 for [personal profile] scaleless
2. dreamdiary09 for [personal profile] cautiousardent
2. unseen11 for [personal profile] witcher
3. boke10 for [personal profile] granada
4. yang02 for [personal profile] karayan
5. coexistence19 for [profile] temptuously
6. spotted06 for [personal profile] octillerys
7. railway11 for [personal profile] maesterlicious
8. devilbats14 for [personal profile] scaleless
9. doujinshi08 for [personal profile] poland
10. tetsuo09 (myself)
sp. chibipuri11 for [personal profile] ankari

As always, regular trades are open too! Thanks a bunch!