21 March 2016 @ 05:46 pm
Hey there, Colors! Kari here, trying to get trades for Pot of Gold and my March slots all taken care of. See, I'm not actually hugely invested in any of March's decks; as such, I'd like to trade away my slots for cards in my collecting section - or worst case scenario, for needle/horror March cards! NOTE: I'm not accepting any seifuku or nekomimi cards at the moment, since I actually have all 20 once Art Studio goes through.

1. roller13 (moon)
2. charger15 (moon)
3. annoying07 (veth)
4. kuwabara09 (veth)
5. aspire16 (eon)
6. ban-chan16 (eon)
7. 198801 (auria)
8. birthday01 (auria)
9. catnoir07 (jane)
10. marysue04 (kaede)
special. kamiyan19 (kaede)

As always, I'm also wide open to random trades. (In fact, I, uh. Kind of need them for Pot of Gold.) Feel free to offer trades for as many cards in my tradepile as you'd like, and I'll pick out cards in return (or you can just offer cards on my collecting/priority lists)!
18 February 2016 @ 02:14 pm

Hey there, Colors! You see this tiny little bundle of joy right up there? That's Konayuki Itezora, who is literally perfect, and I am more than willing to sell my left kidney to get her brand new kanazuchi deck. That said, since I'm not sure how many crayons a kidney is worth on the modern market, I'm putting all but one of my February slots up for trade to get more of her!

1. chastiefol09 (nikita)
2. speedosound03 (jailynn)
3. artskill14 (dina)
4. nanashi04 (erin)
5. batman20 (jane)
6. playful15 (dialny)
7. denial02 (reneetwist)
8. ikayaki17 (moon)
9. restraint02 (jasper)
10. kanazuchi06

On top of that, I'm offering cards from my tradepile, low priority collection, and crayons (not red or brown) in exchange for kanazuchi cards (on top of random trades, which I'm always open to)!

FINALLY: I'm still giving away Valentine's treats, and have another day or two before I start going down the list and finding people who haven't requested something!

I think that's all - best of luck with the new release, everyone!
16 February 2016 @ 04:41 pm

Goooood day, everyone!! It's Valentine's Day*, and you know what that means: Valentine's Day Chocolates! As one of the resident makers of bad decisions here in the game, I've snagged one of each box, and I'm desperately searching for chocoholics to give delicious choice cards to!

By now you all know the drill - one choice card only, and just make sure I have enough candies of that color to give away!

I'm also open to trades of any size, random or otherwise, and if you want to throw chocolates my way that page should have links to the stuff I'm collecting!

Let's do this, everyone!!

*valentine's day lasts exactly three days i'm not late or anything shup up ;_;