so! after taking a totally not intentional and unannounced one-month hiatus, i'm back and stronger than ever! (i actually don't know if that last part is true. i just thought it sounded cool.)

anyway! this month i'm going to be collecting tripping, which is the love of my life sumia's deck. i'd also like to collect gaius but he's not in the upcoming list and doesn't seem to have made his way to the actual donation process yet. in any case, i'm offering up slot trades! if something catches your fancy in my trading or low priority piles, i'd also like to exchange those for your slots. let's do this thing!

i also have a +2 release slot coupon that i'm willing to use if there is enough interest!

01. tripping01
02. gaius01
03. apologetic09 for [personal profile] hanakoanime (for tripping02)
04. obedient13 for [personal profile] emberwishes (for tripping03)
05. nigou04 for [personal profile] ixionesis (for tripping05)
06. elevator03 for [personal profile] nidoking for tripping06)
07. hm-43217 for [personal profile] empanadas (for tripping08)
08. spokeswoman04 for [personal profile] utsuwa (for tripping09)
09. kannagi05 for [personal profile] skybuns (for tripping10)
10. chibichibi02 for [personal profile] vivillion (for tripping11)
SP. rainbowroad10 for [personal profile] blinkingrune (for tripping04)

goldfish03+lily12 for [personal profile] netbug009 (for tripping07+gaius02)
slacker09+flowery18 for [personal profile] bringthefate (for tripping12+gaius03)

additionally, being on hiatus amasses quite a sizeable backlog of cards (someone remind me to never do that again logging that many cards was never a task meant to be performed by mortals), which means i've added a good 100+ cards to my post! swing on by and make some trades and fill those sketchpads!

12 April 2014 @ 11:36 pm
i've decided to give myself a little break and forgo participating in pot of gold this month, but i'd still love to trade with you all!

i just recently received my newest palette portfolio and am still working on my orange monochrome portfolio, so the more trades for the decks under my collecting section the better!

of course if there are cards from the decks in my future or far future piles you'd like to throw my way, i'd be much obliged!

i'm open to crayon trades as well! i'm not picky about colour, though orange ones would be useful.

31 March 2014 @ 08:27 pm
hey guys! i'm looking to collect the villager b and hornless decks from this release, so i'm opening up my slots for trade! i'm using my +2 release slot coupon, so i have 11 slots including my special open! i'll only be trading my slots for other slots, or if you have empty slots and i have something you'd like in my trading or far future piles! thanks in advance!

01. villagerb01 for me
02. hornless01 for me
03. detection02 for moe (for villagerb03)
04. rattata13 for ori (for villagerb05)
05. allmeans18 for yuki (for villagerb06)
06. genking04 for laurant (for villagerb08)
07. humilau08 for nata (for hornless02)
08. visions11 for em (for hornless04)
09. supermarket09 for rune (for hornless03)
10. sanction15 for nea (for villagerb15)
SP. crimea05 for sammich (for villagerb04)

ratsbane11 for adina (for villagerb02)
peach01 for pam (for villagerb07)
dux13 for gargant (for villagerb09)
kidnapped13 for aletha (for villagerb10)
shrine18 for dove (for villagerb11)
extreme06 for abyss (for villagerb12)
krita-yuga03 for lorekky (for villagerb13)
waitress20 for ruriair (for villagerb14)
classrep20 for ruriair (for hornless05)
ooparts16 for charlotte (for hornless06)

secondly, i'm trying to master my second deck for this month's pot of gold, so i'm looking to make crayon trades! i'm looking for 5 purples. all done! thank you all very much <3

regular trades are of course welcome and encouraged!

19 March 2014 @ 01:08 am
so! life had my butt kicked for a while there, but i am making my triumphant return!

i realise it's probably too late to ask for slot trades, but i'm doing it anyway because why not. i'd like to collect karasuno and magoi from this release, so if you still have any slots to spare please hit me up! but because i left it so late i'll also accept things from my collecting, current portfolios, or future decks for slots.

01. karasuno01 (for me)
02. magoi01 (for me)
03. sororocide20 (for kazu)
04. goodnight04 (for ly)
05. regalia02 (for ly)
06. viina07 (for ly)
07. frivolous03 (for hijiri)
08. anguished19 (for hijiri)
09. invader15 (for aru)
10. lavaorb20 (for sky)
SP. house01 (for kazu)

next, pot of gold! i've looked over the tasks and i've got myself covered for the majority of them, though i need help for the yellow task in particular! i believe i have a number of good supply-type cards in my trading pile, so please come take a look!

i'll also be gifting cards to the first TEN primary-levelled players who comment to this post with a card they'd like!

as usual, regular trades are much encouraged and appreciated! ❤

09 February 2014 @ 07:21 pm
hey all! i'm still looking to complete my first monochrome portfoilio, and to do that i need to trade for 10 2 red crayons! here's what i have available for trade: DONE! thank you everyone <3

secondly, i've decided to finally get my butt in gear and put together a trading buddies section! if you'd like to be my trading buddy please feel free to give me your badge and post link and i'll do the same! also, if you have a plurk and would like to be friends with me there, i've started adding my plurk, twitter, and tumblr information along with my player badge, so please go ahead and add me! i need more colors friends.

as usual, trades are encouraged! i still need to trade one more animal card away for this month's pot of gold, so if you see something you'd like please let me know!

[ profile] macalania [ profile] gysahl [ profile] holyja
04 February 2014 @ 10:44 pm
heyyo! there's nothing i'm collecting from the upcoming release, so i have some slots to trade away! i'll take anything in my collecting or future piles, or crayons (preferrably red!) for slots.

01. artemyura17 for sami
02. bararaq15 for sami
03. mercurial06 for mal
04. sevendays06 for mal
05. unsurpassed17 for jan
06. assist01 for jan
07. valuable13 for yun
08. oblique01 for yun
09. aitakatta19 for laurant
10. disobedient17 for dialny
SP. figments12 for mal

secondly, i'm looking to complete my red monochrome portfolio! here's what i'm missing:

i know that's a lot of missing cards, so i'm also looking to make some crayon trades for reds! here's what i have to offer:
x07 x01 x05 x04 x06 x07 x05

thirdly, pot of gold! i have animal cards to trade away as well as gifts to give out! for the former, here is what i have for you:

as for gifts, i have most things in my february log up for grabs!

and of course i'm looking to make some trades!

[ profile] macalania [ profile] gysahl [ profile] holyja

phew. sorry for cramming so much into one post!
26 January 2014 @ 01:37 am
hey colors! i'm looking to trade for 5 yellow crayons; here is what i have to offer:

x05 x03 x04 x05 x05 x03

ALL DONE! you guys are scarily fast, my word.

regular trades are wonderful as usual!

08 January 2014 @ 12:57 am
hey guys i still have one regular slot left for january! i'm going to be collecting colossi from the upcoming release, so i'd like to swap this last slot for another special slot :) all done! but if you have an open special slot, anything in my trading, far future, and keeping far future piles is fair game.

second order of business is pot of gold! i just traded in for 2 new copies of my signature earlier and i'm looking to do a final 2 signature trades to complete the orange task for this month. all done with signatures, thank you! <3

i also need to trade with an additional 7 people i haven't traded with already in january for the grey task, so please go ahead and link me to your trade post if you don't think you have anything i want :)

regular trades are encouraged as usual!

30 December 2013 @ 09:17 pm
i still have 4 regular slots open for january! i'm looking to collect colossi, which is a special deck. comment either here or here on my original slot post if you want to swap slots!

currently i am only exchanging my open slots for special slots, but if worse comes to worst and i don't fill them by the time the release rolls around i'll start accepting slot trades for my collecting and future decks. in this case i will make a third post here.

regular trades are of course encouraged! :>

16 December 2013 @ 10:55 pm

Read: Hello Colors I am starting slot trades ridiculously early! I'm looking for, naturally, your special slots. I will only trade my slots for other slots! Of course, anything in my trade pile, most things in my future pile, and certain things in my keeping pile (on a case-by-case basis) are free game!


01. beautymark01 for adina (for colossi02)
02. opening11 for kiri (for colossi03)
03. leraje06 for sami (for colossi04)
04. herbalist10 for ralene (for colossi05)
05. amon01 for alex (for colossi06)
06. meganest11 for silas (for colossi08)
07. afternoons11 for ivory and horn (for colossi09)
08. moogle09 for fel (for colossi13)
09. recluse06 for arc (for colossi15)
10. honeyflash03 for mal (for colossi16)
SP. colossi01 (for me)
B. jewelnight09 for miles (for colossi17)

- optimistic14 for naegg (for colossi07)
- grey crayon for caitie (for colossi10)
- hebihime01 for sannin (for colossi11)
- red crayon for li (for colossi12)
- tercera19 for diana (for colossi14)

Regular trades are, as usual, encouraged!

01 December 2013 @ 11:39 pm
so today i won 250+ cards from combo breaker and needless to say my trade pile is out of control once again. even if you don't see anything i want please feel free to link me to your trade pile; i should be able to find something!

27 November 2013 @ 05:28 pm
hi all, again there are a few decks from this release that i'm interested in but want to finish up some old decks first, so i'm trading my slots for anything from my collecting or future piles! all done! you guys are fast, wow. 

01. damocles15 for [personal profile] utsuwa 
02. tsukkomi/determiner03 for [personal profile] prisma 
03. boke/empathizer03 for [personal profile] prisma 
04. deadly07 for [personal profile] apprivoiser 
05. laurant02 for [personal profile] apprivoiser 
06. ebracrypt09 for [personal profile] acperience 
07. proxy/impoverished08 for [personal profile] acperience 
08. orion10 for [personal profile] estamir 
09. dreamdiary16 for [personal profile] fall 
10. coexistence01 for [personal profile] painter 
SP. jobs19 for [personal profile] estamir 

regular trades are encouraged as well, as my trade pile is getting too big for my liking again.

15 November 2013 @ 06:42 pm
hello colors! my trade pile is getting a little out of control (433 cards as of this post, eep!), so i think we should trade!

if you're not sure you have anything that i want, please link me to your trade pile, i'm sure i'll be able to find something.

please note that i am always accepting kuroko no basuke, pandora hearts, dramatical murder, and magi cards!

28 October 2013 @ 12:44 am
there's a bunch of stuff i want from this release but i've decided i'm going to focus on my current decks instead, so all of my slots are open! i'll take anything from my collecting or future decks for slots.

1. penetration14 for [personal profile] utsuwa
2. vierge13 for [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
3. thinktank11 for [personal profile] psithurism
4. utsuwa13 for [personal profile] fall
5. tattooed01 for [personal profile] fall
6. handshake11 for [personal profile] estamir
7. freckles01 for [personal profile] estamir
8. hawkeye10 for [personal profile] tragedy
9. tari12 for [personal profile] nidoking
10. morganatic06 for [personal profile] acperience
SP. misguided01 for [personal profile] nyxnoxbox

regular trades are encouraged too because my trading pile is getting huge.

04 October 2013 @ 10:52 pm
hey colors! i'm working on some stuff for this month's pot of gold, so~!

1) i'll be giving gifts of cards from my trading pile to the first 3 commenters who ask!

2) i'm 4 cards away from mastering tomorrow, so if you have tomorrow03/04/05/13, or blue crayons, hmu! these are the crayons i have to trade:


3) if you see something you'd like from my trade pile but not sure if you have anything to offer me, feel free to link me to your card post so i can pick something out! let's get those sketchpads filled up! (i won't say no to angelic slots from this month's upcoming release, either, if i have something you want.)

21 September 2013 @ 10:19 pm
so i figured i'd go the way of ankari and necro and make a post to offer up my cards to red-levelled players! i'll take the first 5 players at the red level to give cards to. if you're a low-level orange player, too, then by all means drop by! regular trades are of course always welcome!

(you might have noticed that i finally have myself a player badge (thanks to [personal profile] hoppip)! if you'd like to be trading buddies, leave your badge here or on my card post with a link to your card post, and i'll add you!)
16 September 2013 @ 01:22 pm
hey colors!! i'm back and 5 cards away from mastering fanalis, and coincidentally that's how many crayons i have! unfortunately only one of them is red, so i'm looking to trade the remaining four for reds!

ETA: all done! thank you, everyone!

regular trades are of course welcome as well! thank you in advance ♥
28 August 2013 @ 05:19 pm
hi colors it's me again!

my computer finally gave up the ghost, so until i can get a new one i'm announcing a hiatus. hopefully it won't take more than a week, but you never know.

so that's that! i hope i'll get to see you all soon.
06 July 2013 @ 12:39 pm
hi there!! i'm lizzy and i'm brand spankin' new here. i still have all of my june and july slots open, so hmu if there's anything you want! i'm currently collecting fanalis and wrestler, and my trading post is here if you want to take a look at my future decks, and i will also trade slots for chronicle, block and red king

june slots:
01; [personal profile] secretambition: military15 for cetra05
02; [personal profile] ivoryandhorn: saru05 for aura03
03; [personal profile] rujubee: zeus08 for sorceress10
04; [personal profile] fuchsian: yatagarasu07 for block06
05; [personal profile] beccastareyes: taforashia05 for wine10
06; [personal profile] unlocks: feral18 for 7thheaven01
special; [personal profile] rubatosis: chronicle01

july slots:
01; [personal profile] rubatosis: block01
02; [personal profile] keiichiism: notequal16 for block05
03; [personal profile] unlocks: champloo17 for cetra15
04; [personal profile] gammacrank: zexen08 for alexandria10
05; [personal profile] wanderlast: effortless02 for tea06
06; [personal profile] secretambition: opast16 for galaxy13
07; [personal profile] ankari: desudayo02 for block07 slot reserve
08; [personal profile] cautiousardent: cleanfreak04
special; [personal profile] eclair: scars01 for fanalis01

EDIT// june slots have been submitted and july slots are full! thank you, everyone ♥