28 November 2013 @ 12:17 pm
Not collecting any decks from the December release so I'm trading my slots! I'm looking for cards I am currently collecting, from my HeartCatch and Fresh Pretty Cure mass deck collections, or on my high priority future decks list. Thank you!

01. dreamdiary18 for cupcake20 ([personal profile] fall)
02. rafflesia06 for moonlight16 ([personal profile] needles)
03. musical03 for aptx486920 ([personal profile] prisma)
04. idolize01 for cupcake03 ([personal profile] empanadas)
05. doujinshi14 for curepine20 ([personal profile] poland)
06. deadly09 for whispered13 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
07. damocles16 for whispered08 ([personal profile] utsuwa)
08. reserved for ([personal profile] karayan)
09. reserved for ([personal profile] tempestuously)

03 November 2013 @ 05:37 pm
While there are a couple of decks I'd love to collect, I'm going to hold off on this month and just focus on the ones I've got already. I just caught up on everything I fell behind on in October due to my job kicking my ass so I'm offering up all of my slots! In exchange I'm asking for cards I am currently collecting and the two mass decks I'm working on. I'll also accept cards for trade for my high priority future decks if you don't have any cards from either to offer! c:

01. vengeful08 for umbra13 ([personal profile] harukami)
02. morganatic12 for moonlight14 ([personal profile] acperience)
03. penetration09 for mint04 ([personal profile] utsuwa)
04. handshake17 for detective04 ([personal profile] estamir)
05. historian01 for cupcake15 ([personal profile] estamir)
06. utsuwa20 for april20 ([personal profile] fall)
07. tattooed05 for curepassion20 ([personal profile] fall)
08. ??? for aptx486910 ([personal profile] moon_wolf)
09. gravekeeper08 for spider20 ([personal profile] ivoryandhorn)
10. hawkeye14 for mochimazui02 ([personal profile] stag)
SP. ??? for april01 ([personal profile] laurant)

I'm open for regular trades too!

And, as a side question, is there someone I could ask to make member card for me? I have an image but I have been having computer issues and photoshop is misbehaving. ;w;