21 September 2013 @ 05:48 pm
Hi there, everyone! I took a(n unofficial) break from the game last month, but now that things are starting to get better, I'm ready to jump back in!

I'm not interested in collecting anything from this month's release, and as a result, most of my release slots are still open. I'll take anything I'm collecting for a slot, though I'm particularly itching to get closer to finishing either of my portfolios! For that reason, I'll also take green crayons.

1. longdau13
2. survive04
3. littleevil07
4. freestyle07
5. irises14
sp. yanderes17

Even if you don't want anything from this release, my post is still open to all trades; if you see something in my trade pile, I'll gladly take random cards for them. Thanks for taking the time to check my post out, and here's to hoping we can have all the fun trades soon! c:

06 July 2013 @ 08:01 pm
Hello, fellow card collectors! I'm Manda, and though I've been a member for about a month, this is my first time posting here...! Like most people, this is (sort of) about July slots; I'm most interested in Academy, followed by MgRonald and Docodemo at a slightly lower priority. I... unfortunately do not have any slots left myself (sob), but I figured I could still post here, haha. :c

Aside from that, I'm also looking to finish my current decks—namely, Sea Salt, Knife, Tiny, Phones, and a handful of others (those are just the ones I'm focusing on right now). Even if you don't have a card I want, though, I'm completely open to random trades! Just link me to your trade pile and I'll pick a card from there. c:

Thanks for looking! uwu