10 December 2014 @ 04:09 pm
Hello, everyone! I added a bunch of cards to my trade pile and I'm looking to collect three decks from the release: lifeguard, habataki & brassband! If you have open slots and you'd like a card from my pile in exchange, please let me know! I'll be eternally grateful ;w; Besides that, I'm open to random trades~ List your cards and link me to your pile and I'll probably find something I like.

14 November 2014 @ 11:49 am
Hello, people! I've updated with a bunch of cards and November release just popped up, so I'm trading my slots for cards I want (anything from collecting, future and mass decks) and I'm opening my pile for trades, though for random trades don't ask for more than 8 cards, please, unless you're offering something back.

01. shibainu17 for Kazu
02. exercising14 for Kazu
03. talentshow07 for Kiri
04. vers13 for Pam
05. greathawk04 for Em
06. allegiance?? for Jane
07. goldenrod16 for Veth

30 October 2014 @ 09:50 pm
As the title says, I need to give out 8more gift to complete the PoG! Only a couple of hours left, please help me out ;;

If you would like a card from my trade pile or a crayon of any color except for red, just say the word~


16 September 2014 @ 07:50 am
Hello, everyone! I'm trying to complete this month's Pot of Gold and as everyone knows, we're required to trade with 15 people. Please help me out here and offer me trades! If you don't think you have anything to offer me, feel free to link me to your pile and I'll pick something in exchange (:

Thanks in advance!

10 July 2014 @ 08:31 pm
Hello everyone, it's my first time attempting to finish the PoG and since the release is out, I'll try to settle as much as I can in this entry!
I'm not collecting anything this release and I have a few decks I want to finish, so if you have any of these cards, please offer them! I'll be taking cards for my future pile as well:

temper: 09, 17
oblivious: 05, 07, 14, 15
redcomet: 07, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20

01. soda09 for genome17 (Lila)
02. battlemem19 (Onyx)
sp. fisticuffs05 for jump05 (Ouji)

I'll trade the slots first come, first serve but I'm also trying to complete the green task for PoG! Please state your level so I can see if the trade qualifies for the task. I'm a primary level myself, in case you need that information.
Random trades are welcome, as well! Thank you~

09 June 2014 @ 07:17 pm
Once again, I'm not collecting anything from the release, so I'm opening my slots in exchange for cards I need in my collecting pile and future pile!

1. begging?? for Dany (crayon)
2. bodhisattva02 for Kat (redcomet04)
3. obedient18 for Ember (kyotouryuu12)
4. spokeswoman05 for Moe (benishigure03)
5. orca11 for Lita (kyotouryuu07)
6. malamute10 for Moon (amita12)
7. fodra17 for Fumika (kyotouryuu17)
8. prayerbeads08 for Kazu (capricorn03)
9. androphobia11 for Pikari (zgundam11)
10. leadcrow18 for Ralene (oblivious17)
sp. region07 for Dialny (amita01)

I'm also accepting regular trades, trading buddies AND YOUR LOVE. Here's my card post:

23 May 2014 @ 05:59 am
Hello, I'm Marge! Some of you may know me from other TCGs, but I just recently joined Colors (: I'm not interested in anything from the release, so I'm looking for cards from my starter deck defend and other red decks that are priority: capricorn, jump and passion!

1. housekeep15 for Cendol (capricorn06)
2. bakuzan01 for Aru (passion19)
3. luckless14 for Dialny (passion03)
4. dadadadan04 for Abyss (passion04)
5. mole11 for Adina (defend20)
6. himalayan07 for Nea (red crayon)

sp. soldiers19 for Lila (passion01)

cards I already have:
defend: 06, 15
capricorn: 04, 06, 11, 13
jump: 16
passion: 01, 03, 04, 05, 13, 19

my trade pile is minuscule, so I won't even bother linking yet haha ;; Thank you in advance for your help and happy trading!