18 August 2016 @ 01:54 am
yo, colors! i'm collecting amberamour from this release, so we can do this two ways: one, you could link me your trade pile and i can pick something out, or two, we could trade slots! i ask only that you do actually link me your pile instead of offering me anything other than the slot trade because my post is super out of date. thanks in advance!

01 glacies02
02 npc02
03 fireorb01
04 iceorb01
05 fukurodani11
06 bone05
07 deku05
08 foulmouthed06
09 spiderwebs07
10 redriot10
sp hosoyan06

and because my post is currently so out of date, i'm not accepting regular trades right now. that can wait for when i'm fully caught up ♥

22 June 2016 @ 05:04 pm
hello, colors! this month i'm gunning for a special deck: timetravels! my soft, weak heart is even more soft and weak for time travel... i'll also take lordalberion cards from the release if you're all filled up on specials already.

01 everyday05
02 idiom05
03 kakyoin02
04 chosenhero07
05 emonzaemon11
06 attachment15
07 criticrista10
sp timetravels06

regular and random trades are also fine! ♥

04 May 2016 @ 02:27 am
i actually want a million decks this time around BUT I'LL HOLD BACK and just focus on one: flameslash (rean schwarzer from the legend of heroes: trails of cold steel)! let's trade slooots ♥ or if i can give you a crayon or card from my trade pile for a slot, that's cool, too!

01 ichijyokan07
02 baptismrite??
03 gecko20
sp pristo04
don every card i have to fill

and of course you're more than welcome to slam down trades here! regular or random doesn't matter. i updated my post with 500+ cards.... i really need to split my trade pile i'm so sorry

18 April 2016 @ 11:52 pm
hello, colors! for the upcoming release, i'd like to collect hakunon-- i flew and mastered karna's deck oops. if you'd like to trade slots, hmu ♥

01 nonocchi02
02 yewbow01
03 cataclysm09
04 yakumo10
05 sice02
06 romantia02
07 vasavi02
08 ruinprincess02
09 miraculous15
10 trickyfox02
sp suits14
don kanahanayaka, sabers19

regular and randoms are, as usual, welcome. i also have sigs to trade, so if you want to trade sigs let's get this show on the road hehe.

14 March 2016 @ 12:01 am
greetings colors, here i am again with slots-- i'm not collecting anything from this release (that's next release jsyk i'mma be all over your slots), so hit me with cards! i'll accept anything i'm collecting, or anything in my futures/far futures! i also have a list of special cards that i want so if you have any of those you can have a slot, too.

01 aspire07
02 ban-chan07
03 whiteblood07
04 darkblood05
05 catnoir15
06 yamigitsune10
07 marysue10
08 charger01
09 roller01
10 heritt17
sp kamiyan10
don horror20

regular and random trades are always welcome! i'm still setting up site for the most part, but my trade pile is up to date. finally.

20 February 2016 @ 04:32 pm
yoooo! i thought i wanted to collect something from the release as relatively high priority, but after looking through my own post and noticing how far the light at the end of the tunnel seems, i... changed my mind! |D that said, i'll take anything i need for these.

slotsss )

regular and random trades are of course welcome as usual. i also have valentine's boxes, so come as for gifts too!

boxes and chocolates aye )

27 November 2015 @ 11:24 pm
i'm giving my slots out for anything i need! anything at all, seriously - i need to finish these decks haha. you can also just give me purple, blue, or gray crayons-- those work just as well.

november slots )

december slots )

regular and random trades are also welcome, as usual!

01 October 2015 @ 12:38 am
hello, hello! i wanna collect the classes deck from the release this time around, but it's not super high priority right now so in addition to slot for slot trades, i'll also accept green crayons and anything i need from my collecting or mass and future decks!

01 itch12
02 contracted04
03 telekinetic19
04 gastronomy17
05 crossbow17
06 drain15
07 throatfly15
08 ryujinjakka15
09 hihio07
10 chengdu10
sp pajamas04

regular and random trades are, as usual, totally fine with me! i will never reject a trade, seriously... if you need any help with the pog tasks too, i'll help you ouuut.

19 September 2015 @ 02:53 am
i procrastinated on slots... but will accept slot for slot trades for pyrokinetic/verdancy or namimori OR yellow/orange crayons.

01 hazakura08
02 hugging11
03 craft02
04 eastern02
05 envoy03
06 ritual12
07 tinker12
08 niflheim11
09 stvlas18
10 sobbing08
sp namimori17

regular/random trades are also welcome, always! i still need, like, all of my trades for pot of gold haha. i also recently-ish got almost 200 cards from turning in sketchpads that i have yet to stick into my trade pile (and will likely do tomorrow since i'm really tired right now), but if anyone would like to have first pickings of those, they're here!

also if you're not donating any decks this month, pls consider turning in decks for me... i've got a whole list of stuff i wanna make and only three donation slots to do it, alas--!

18 August 2015 @ 12:39 am
august proves to be another month where i'm collecting Too Much from the release. so, i'm trading out all my slots for the things i need in my collecting/mass decks/future decks/whatever the heck you wanna offer me, crayons included!

01 daruma19
02 thorough19
03 teach19
04 krik10
05 rigging03
06 dandy03
07 performage03
08 academia03
09 speedroid03
10 forcefield17
sp maleidols07
freebie sepbirthday15

as always, regular and random trades are welcome. ♥ i have 5 1 sig too if anyone wants to trade those!

14 July 2015 @ 10:50 pm
as badly as i want to collect a ton of things from the release, i need to focus on my current stuff before moving on to that whole... mess of things i Want! so, i'll take anything that i need from my collecting/mass decks/future decks for my slots! hit me.

01 ideals01
02 akitsukami03
03 hyouhaku03
04 hatsushimo03
05 solarknee15
06 wolfsbane06
07 livingzombie05
08 astronomer14
09 flamenblue20
10 phonecalls03
sp julbirthday04
freebie florist14
don arrows10

regular/random trades are always welcome! ♥

18 June 2015 @ 11:56 pm
'eyo, colors! first order of business: slots. i'll be collecting dualkagune, or alternatively taking brown, gray, or red crayons for my slots, so come one, come all. crossin my fingers that i don't accidentally lock this entry too--!!

01 scorpion09
02 greengate??
03 stallion09
04 fenrir01
05 zodiva06
06 oujuu12
07 sezan12
08 touda19
09 shesmay03
10 dualkagune12
sp boxweapon06
dn spring08

second order of business: i got a new plurk. i haven't gone through and told the people on the old plurk yet, but i planned to do it saturday. if you've got plurk and you wanna be friends, it's [plurk.com profile] kagune! feel free to add :>b

regular and random trades are welcome as always! i have yet to update my trade pile though, fair warning. that'll likely happen tomorrow night haha. thanks for looking ♥

15 April 2015 @ 08:20 pm
heyyy it's a release-- howdy, colors! i'll be collecting silver king from this release, but if you're all out of slots i'll also take anything in my collecting/futures pile! or crayons of any color. wow i didn't realize it was locked..... dw why

01 screentone04
02 unafraid15
03 deluded05
04 kazahana11
05 bibliophile09
06 epinard09
07 seawizard03
08 tonedeaf04
09 fantastical09
10 goldking08
sp tsukumogami20
don ogata07

regular and random trades are, as always, welcome. ;u;

07 March 2015 @ 04:16 pm
surprise, surprise, i want something from the release bad enough to slot trade for it...! i'll be collecting strain, which is konohana saya from k's deck! gakuen k, man... this is it, this is my life. i'll be accepting slot for slot trades aaaand i will accept blue/brown crayons, too! i haven't decided what color her deck will be yet, go me.

01 emoticon02
02 tonic20
03 fuuma02
04 totalwood02
05 muffler??
sp gakuenk05

i also have a bunch of decks that need finishing up and i'm fishing around for the cards i'm missing! if you've got 'em, let's talk trade business ok.

for the benefit of a cleanly f-list )

regular/random trades are also welcome! don't be afraid to ask for anything... drop me a link to your post if you don't think you have anything i want, etc, etc, there's no limit.

15 February 2015 @ 11:35 am
aw yeah it's that time of the year again for CHOICE CARDS FOR EEEEVERYONE. so if you want something, drop a comment here and i will give it to you. uvu alternatively you want a surprise! i am totally okay with that too, just be sure to drop me a link to your post if you do.

putting it all under a cut to save your f-lists )

25 January 2015 @ 11:10 pm
As much as I would like to collect the Tales of Kizna special deck and wolf ojisan, I need to focus on the decks I have that still need finishing up! So, I'm offering my slots up for anything that I need in my collecting/mass decks/top priority/future collecting/and far futures! Really, I'll take anything that I need anywhere, as well as crayons if it comes to it.

01 Makishima Yuusuke
02 Toudou Jinpachi
03 hideandseek18
04 uphold13
05 cannondale10
06 stickfigures/respond/texts03
07 azure01
08 freespirit17
09 axes10
10 blackthorn09
sp menoris10

Regular/random trades are also welcome, as usual!

18 December 2014 @ 12:37 am
IIII haven't used up any of my slots, so they're all free for the taking! I'll take anything that I need in my collecting/mass/top priority/futures, it doesn't matter to me. \o/

I've also got gifts to give out, so feel free to ask for a card from the advent calender day one gift box, too.

01 gin03
02 saints03
03 comp14
04 make-up06

gift list so i'm not busting your f-list )

Regular/random trades are welcome, as always! I... admittedly still have to update my trade pile with over 2000 cards, but that's obviously not getting done tonight LMAO so expect an update for that too sometime later... HIT ME!! I want all ur trades, all ur stuff.

23 October 2014 @ 07:23 pm
first: i waffled on my october slots... oops. i'll take anything i need for them!

october slots )

second: for november, gimme gimme i gotta collect a certain shounen yandere: obito uchiha from naruto, whose deck is gonna be called hokage! i'll also give you a slot if you have anything i'm missing from the conflict/widow/utsuwa/strict/portfolio decks!

november slots )

regular/random trades are always welcome! i finally updated my trade pile after a bajillion years, so definitely come at me for those. C:

07 September 2014 @ 08:01 pm
Howdy, Colors! For September, I'm gunning headfirst for the cooperation and conflict decks (Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju from Naruto, respectively), with a side of jockey because Diego was finally included in something since All Star Battle was a bust--! I'll accept slot trades aaaand blue/gray crayons. ♥

01 patient04 - cooperation01
02 signorina17 - cooperation17
03 jockey17 - conflict17
04 notes11 - cooperation02
05 trainride10 - cooperation03
06 resistance16 - cooperation04
07 welcome14 - cooperation05
08 gaia04 - gray crayon
09 sexpistols04 - cooperation06
10 budget08
11 polkadot03
12 free
sp kuuderes20
don kuuderes10

Regular/random trades are, of course, always welcome. C: I still need to trade with a bunch of a people for pot of gold and gift four people, so if there's anything you want in my tradepile, come at meeee uwu

18 August 2014 @ 11:19 pm
Heyo, Colors! If anyone still needs sig trades, I have a bunch (read: 3, plus I can get more from art studio still) to trade so lemme know! I still need ~10 people to trade with for the purple task, so hit me with all the trades

Anywho-ha, my trade pile is here! Don't worry about having something I want, you can just slam me with random trades - it's all the same to me anyway

ALSO I HAVE LEFTOVER SLOTS that I will take for anything I'm collecting/mass decking or anything in my priorities/futures! Yes, that includes my far futures that are on the same page of and above my trade pile. Alternatively you can throw any color crayon at me, I don't care yo. pikachu ate my slots like they were luxury berries

look at this slots list, man. )

♥ !!