18 April 2016 @ 09:50 pm
Hey Colors! I'm trading my slots for cataclysm and suits (special) cards.

1. miraculous04
2. cataclysm01
3. luckycharm02
4. executed02 for cataclysm14 with eonflamewing
5. yakumo03 for cataclysm04 with cardsharpe
6. vasavi02 for cataclysm09 with karna
7. risappe06 for cataclysm18 with preternatural
8. gracidea06 for cataclysm12 with dialny
9. hana19 for cataclysm11 with zeittari

I've also been adding a lot of cards so come check out my trading piles. I love all types of trades. Big, small, random. Come and trade.

15 February 2016 @ 06:48 pm
Hey Colors. I have slots from Jan and Feb release available and Valentine Gifts to give out.

Jan Slots )

Feb Slots )

Valentine Gifts )

And as always regular and random trades are always welcome. Big or small.

03 January 2016 @ 03:32 pm
Hey Colors. Happy New Year!

So I still have all my regular Dec slots left. I'll take anything for them.

1. dixneuf06
2. dancefusion16
3. angelysugar16
4. kurokami08
5. nagumo08
6. myu17

I've added a bunch of new cards to my trading piles so regular and random trades are more than welcome. If you don't know what to offer just leave a link to your trading pile.

19 November 2015 @ 12:10 am
Hey Colors! New release means slots. I'm trading mine for trattoria cards

1. trattoria19
2. mezzaluna07
3. number2311
4. zero-one01
5. wabisuke13 for trattoria12 with scblakdrgon
6. candlestick08 for trattoria07 with eonflamewing
7. paintbrush13 for trattoria05 with estamir
8. seize04 for trattoria17 with falondin
9. xenian03 for trattoria11 with sinew
10. chronojet08 for trattoria02 with zeittari

In addition to slots my offer for a crayon for any special card I need is still on. And several of my special decks are scrapbook decks so if anyone's not using that bonus and wants a crayon instead I'll gladly trade.

And as always regular and random trades are more than welcome. Big or small I love to trade.

16 October 2015 @ 09:05 pm
Look who's not horribly late for slots this time around.

I'm focusing on collecting "hospitality" and "gastronomy" this month. I'll trade any of my remaining slots for one of those cards.

1. gastronomy20
2. hospitality03
3. fortree01
4. bookstore19
5. godstongue09
6. greatknife20 for gastronomy18 with akrous
7. sakurairo04 for hospitality10 with preternatural
8. sukumizu12 for hospitality05 with zeittari
9. retroclover04 for hospitality05 with honeybrushedheart
10. art02 for with hospitality14 with dialny

As always my trading piles are open for slots as well as just regular trades. And random trades are always more than welcome. Big or small I love to trade.

I've also decided to mass collect all the Birthday decks so if you have any of the cards I'm missing here's a reminder that I'm also willing to trade a crayon for any special deck cards I need.

And finally I'm giving out for the Halloween Event. Everyone come by here to say "Trick-or-Treat" and claim your candy.

28 September 2015 @ 12:04 am
Hi Colors! Long time no post. My birthday's come around and to celebrate I'm giving out gifts.

Everyone can get either a card from my trading piles or a crayon of their choice!

I also still have most of my Sept slot still left. I'll take pretty much whatever for them. All gone

1. threemins08
2. zealous09
3. cedef05
4. hazakura01
5. craft03
6. eastern03
7. ultimate03
8. yesiam11
9. thechariot11
10. pessimist17

And as always my trading piles are wide open. Random trades of any size are always welcome. Just leave a link to your trading pile.

I also finally gave in and transferred my card post to a website. I'm still tweaking a few things and loading the last of my mastered decks but all the important thinks have been moved. If you have any issues with the site let me know.

07 June 2015 @ 07:29 pm
Hey Colors! So ages ago for our 6 month anniversary I did a little thing that was a First Masteries List. With our 5th anniversary I decided to resurrect the list in a format that is easier to update regularly. So I happily present the new and improved:

You should be able to reorder and search the list as you like so you can see what you personally have first mastered or what decks still have yet to be mastered. If you ever open the list and it's ordered oddly I'm probably searching something myself.

and with the list I also have an update of the fun mastery stats:

Fun Stats as of 6/7/15
Red character decks mastered=724/1040
Orange character decks mastered=382/487
Yellow character decks mastered=470/631
Green character decks mastered=493/651
Blue character decks mastered=659/981
Purple character decks mastered=550/771
Brown character decks mastered=527/722
Gray character decks mastered=543/787

Character decks mastered=4348/6070
Special decks mastered=243/323

Most Mastered Character Deck= Junes (17 masteries)
Most Mastered Special Deck= Henshin & Nonary (10 masteries)
Most Mastered Anniversary deck = Celebration


I would like to add a little more color to the list but don't want it to be to busy. Possible color ideas:
-deck colors
-different background & text color to indicated what year and month each deck was release

If you have any other suggestions/ideas or if you spot any errors with the list please let me know.


Also for the anniversary month I am gifting crayons. If you want one just let me know what color you'd like.

images don't reflect the number of crayons available so feel free to ask for any color I have more than enough to go around

And regular/random trades are always welcome no matter the size. I do honestly love looking through trading piles so go wild.

15 April 2015 @ 06:42 pm
Hey Colors. So I have some slots that need to be filled. I will be collecting the Black Magic deck this time around so lets trade.

1. BlackMagic05
2. TeamMagma20
3. TeamAqua08
4. Exposition03
5. potassium03 for blackmagic20 with steakmilk
6. kazahana16 for blackmagic02 with zeittari
7. fastball03 for blackmagic14 with kureto
8. epinard10 for blackmagic17 preternatural
9. seawizard17 for blackmagic10 with vethica
Special. tsukumogami08 for blackmagic01 with eonflamewing

And as always my trading piles are wide open. Random trades of any size are always welcome. Just leave a link to your trading pile.

15 February 2015 @ 04:10 pm
Hey Colors!

I figured I'd do this all in one post. I have Valentine Freebies to give out, Feb slots to trade, and a bunch of regular cards that need new homes. I've put everything under cuts to save space.

Valentine Gifts )

Feb Slots )

And as always regular trades are always loved. Random or otherwise. I have a ton of cards in both of my trading piles that need new homes.

01 January 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hi Colors!

Joining the group that has December slots left. I'm not really collecting anything from the release so just offer anything for them.

1. shiitake17 - me
2. cruxis13 - toran
3. half-elf18 - toran

And as always I'm open up for regular & random trading as well.

30 October 2014 @ 07:39 pm
So I decided to finish this month's Pot of Gold at the last minute.

I just need to finish one more task. And that is I still need to gift cards to at least 8 2 more players. So come feel free to raid my trading pile!

Regular trades are also very much welcome.

19 October 2014 @ 09:40 pm
Hey all! I have way to many cards in my trading piles so this is my call for trades.

I've added 100+ cards to my trading pile this past week and I'm close to finishing a ton of decks.

Decks I'm close to finishing )

I love all types of trades, big trades, small trades, random trades, crayon trades. I have no problem looking through posts for cards (I actually enjoy it). I'm also still trading my crayons for any special deck card that I'm collecting. So come and throw your trade requests at me.

For the Halloween event I will be giving out so come and stop by for that as well.

09 October 2014 @ 09:24 pm
Hi Colors people! Looks like we have another release and another Pokemon special deck for me to collect. I am trading my slots for the special deck Sparking.

1. seaotter16
2. ?? for sparking18 with OPEN
3. ?? for sparking17 with OPEN
4. ?? for sparking09 with OPEN
5. ?? for sparking10 with OPEN
6. ?? for sparking13 with OPEN
7. ?? for sparking14 with OPEN
8. ?? for sparking12 with OPEN
9. ?? for sparking11 with OPEN
10. saury06 for Sparkling20 with honeybrushedheart
special. sparkling04
donation. RomiPaku08

In addition to slots I will also trade crayons or other cards for any other special slots.

Crayons are also open for any other special cards that I am collecting. And as always regular trades are also always gladly welcomed.

11 September 2014 @ 11:25 pm
Hi Colors! Like everyone else I have some slots to trade. This month I will be swapping slots for dodge and hawks cards.

1.dodge04 - me
2. hawks11 - me
3. notes07 for dodge06 with eclair
4. budget09 for hawks09 with nyxnoxbox
5. velvetroom02 for dodge10 with poe
6. ?? for hawks20 with OPEN
7. judgement06 for dodge14 with murkrows
8. confection?? for dodge16 with moes
9. sexpistols17 for dodge17 with despedia
10. bullying11 for dodge05 with blinkingrune
sp. ?? for dodge12 with OPEN

My trading piles are also up for grabs for other slots or even just for random trades. I enjoy looking through card posts so feel free to just link them.

Also my crayon count is getting out of hand. Since it's my birthday month I want to give everyone a gift. Everyone can request for one crayon of any color as a gift. I'll also take regular crayon trades and I'll trade a crayon for any special card that I'm collecting.

24 August 2014 @ 09:57 pm
Hey Colors!

I've decided I want to complete PoG for this month at the last minute. To do this I just need 7 more trades and 2 1 sig trade(I have 3 sigs pending at art shop). So if I haven't traded with you this month stop on by (or even if I have traded with you). I just did a major reorganization of my card post and I love trading. Random trades are more than welcome.

I also have 3 1 Aug slots left over. I'll accept any other slots, cards from any deck in my collecting or future section or high priority deck. Here's all the decks I've already grabbed a card for

1. connected19 for forevertobestill
2. labestia13 for fall

06 August 2014 @ 09:16 pm
Hi all! Since I'm going to have limited access to the internet starting Sat while I'm on vacation I figured I might as well try to get my slots sorted out now. I will be collecting the Yowamushi Pedal decks that will be coming out tentatively named: Love Hime (Onoda Sakamichi), Red Flash (Naruko Shoukichi) & Usagi Brand (Imaizumi Shunsuke). If you want to swap slots let me know. I'll let you know exactly what number I'd like once I see the decks.

1. Love Hime11 - me
2. Red Flash03 - me
3. Usagi Brand06 - me
4. ?? for Red Flash05 with OPEN
5. lobster08 for Love Hime04 with fall
6. foodpuns02 for Red Flash14 with preternatural
7. pilebunker05 for Usagi Brand14 with laurant
8. lotte06 for Love Hime13 with laurant
9. ?? for Red Flash15 with OPEN
10. ?? for Usagi Brand15 with OPEN
Sp. starmagic10 for Usagi Brand07 with empanadas

And as always regular trades are also always welcome. Feel free just to link me to your trade pile if you want.

For Color's League/PoG purposes I'm an A.O.I. striker and I've officially broken the leveling scale.

15 June 2014 @ 11:57 pm
Hey Colors! Once again I'm late to the slot party. But if anyone has some left I'm trading mine for malamute cards.

1. malamute04 for me
2. Shintenshin20 for me
3. ancestor04 for me
4. ballet08 for malamute19 with estamir

I also just got all my posts up to date again. (I've been slowly working on it for a week or so because I kept getting distracted.) So even if we've traded recently stop on by to see if I've added anything new that you'd like.

I accept all trades. I have absolutely no problem with random trades and I just got into several new series that I don't have any cards for yet. So just leave me a link to your trade pile and I can usually find something I'd like.

11 May 2014 @ 10:32 pm
Hi Colors! I'm a little late to the party but I have some May slots available for other slots. I'm collecting a regular deck (usu) and a special deck (thecrows) this month so I'll swap slots for either.

1. usu02 for me
2. himalayan04 for me
3. alice15 for thecrows11 with karayan

I've also just added a few more cards into my trading piles so come check them out. Even if I've traded with you recently feel free to see if there's anything else you'd like. Random trades are more than welcome.

And I'm still trading crayons for other crayons or any special deck cards I'm collected (aside from the ones in my futurefuture section that I have less than 5 of).

23 March 2014 @ 09:59 pm
Hi Colors!

I just updated my trading piles and I'm looking for a few more trades for this month's Pot Of Gold. So come and take a look around if there's anything you'd like if I haven't traded with you this month. Or even if we have traded. I love trading.

And while I'm asking for trades I also need to make an odd numbered "L" card trade for Acrostic.

Thanks all!

14 February 2014 @ 08:43 pm
Hey everyone! I bought all three boxes so I'm joining the group throwing cards at all you lovely people. Just leave a comment with what you'd like. First come, first serve.

Small Box: 5/5 )

Big Box: 10/10 )

Mega Box: 25/25 )

I'll also gift any cards from my tradepiles. Limit 1 card per person.

And as always random trades are welcome. As are gifts (preference for decks that I'm more than 1 or 2 cards away from finishing unless the card is already sitting in your trading pile).