30 June 2015 @ 10:09 am
Figured I might as well get this done early, for the July release I'd really like to collect Mononobe no Futo's deck so I'm looking for slot for slot trades. The deck name will either be shikaisen or okiku-san, I'm not sure yet.

01. shikaisen01
02. [profile] empandas wombat07 for shikaisen02
03. [personal profile] eonflamewing higanbana13 for shikaisen03
04. [personal profile] chronikle pyuru10 for shikaisen04
05. [personal profile] falondin band17 for shikaisen05
06. [personal profile] obara aristocracy03 for shikaisen06
07. [personal profile] ivoryandhorn womanizer01 for shikaisen07
08. [personal profile] dialny swim01 for shikaisen08
09. [personal profile] shadowblight hari15 for shikaisen09
10. [personal profile] nidoking spirius06 for shikaisen10
sp. (Reserved just in case)

As always, regular trades are open but July is going to be very busy for me so it would really help me a lot if you offered cards from your trade pile upfront and type out the names when you ask for a trade instead of asking me to look in your trade pile. Sorry for the inconvenience, next month should be as normal!

02 June 2015 @ 02:14 pm
[/slams in] Bring me shoutoku cards or bring me death!

Uh... What I mean is, with the shotoku deck donation I'm very excited to start collecting it so for June slots I would love to do slot for slot trades, or even if you're not collecting anything and have free slots I'd be more than willing to trade for anything from my trading or low priority pile (or even high priority if there's something from there you really want)

I just... I really like Toyosatomimi no Miko, okay?

01. shoutoku01
02. [personal profile] eonflamewing varnagand10 for shoutoku02
03. [personal profile] vethica fenrir03 for shoutoku03
04. [personal profile] username ??? for shoutoku04
05. [personal profile] acperience oldfriend11 for shoutoku05
06. [personal profile] honeybrushedheart sangriarosa04 for shoutoku06
07. [personal profile] preternatural burstspear03 for shoutoku07
08. [personal profile] reneetwist raijuu01 for shoutoku08
09. [personal profile] username ??? for shoutoku09
10. [personal profile] username ??? for shoutoku10
sp. [personal profile] scblakdrgon boxweapon01 for shoutoku11

Naturally, regular trades are always welcome too! I'm sorry for being a bit here and there lately.

16 May 2015 @ 09:59 am
Hello friends! It's been a while hasn't it?

Unfortunately I'm reaching a crossroads where I'm really starting to run out of steam but I still want to collect cards with everyone. I'm not planning on collecting anything for the May release so I'm trading my slots away for cards I'm collecting or in my portfolio as well as cards for my Touhou Project or Hatoful Boyfriend mass decks.

01. [personal profile] scblakdrgon fantail06 for minazuki17
02. [personal profile] estamir pandemonium06 for kanegasaki19
03. [personal profile] sal faith02 for fightinggirl03
04. [personal profile] sal pandemonium02 for 4thdistrict08
05. [personal profile] sal pandemonium11 for therese03
06. [personal profile] moon_wolf artistic17 for denpa02
07. [personal profile] dialny fix12 for shock01
08. [personal profile] dialny distance20 for ralts17
09. [personal profile] stag mourning03 for quindecim05
10. [personal profile] stag mourning17 for abu05
sp. [personal profile] username ??? for ???

I'm open to random trades as well! Although if you're asking for a large trade I'd rather you offer cards instead of linking to your trade pile, but if it's anything less than ten then linking is fine! I'm still looking to complete a few PoG tasks so if it's a small trade linking might actually be better.

24 February 2015 @ 04:17 pm
Happy Valentines Day which totally isn't a whole ten days late, nope!

But hey! Free stuff is good any day of the year, right? And I have a whole 40 cards to give away which now that I think about it might be a bit much in four days... But hey! If anyone can make it work it's you guys!

cut for lists )

I also still have two February slots I'd like to trade for artistic cards if possible.

10 February 2015 @ 11:20 pm
Somehow it feels like it's been a while, I need to get back on the TCG train!
This release I'm planning on collecting the deck artistic so I'm interested in slot-for-slot trades, although I'm always late for these things so we'll see how it goes. If not many people have available slots I might open them for regular trades later.

01. artistic01
02. [personal profile] vethica artistic02 for horny18
03. [personal profile] toran artistic03 for hideandseek09
04. [personal profile] dialny artistic04 for blackthorn01
05. [personal profile] stag artistic05 for cannondale05
06. [personal profile] moon_wolf artistic06 for yamakami11
07. [personal profile] ixionesis artistic07 for corratec02
08. [personal profile] advancing artistic08 for psicom04
09. [personal profile] username artistic09 for ???
10. [personal profile] username artistic10 for ???
sp. [personal profile] acperience artistic11 for menoris10

Of course I'm always available for regular trades. I'm sorry I've been a bit slow lately.

23 December 2014 @ 12:53 pm
Just a quick message before I forget, but I'm looking for two yellow crayons in order to master a deck before the month is up. I have orange, green, blue, purple and brown crayons I'm willing to trade. I'd really appreciate the help! Crayons acquired! Thank-you for the help.

Also a reminder that I still have December slots if you want anything from the latest release.

Thanks a lot!

12 December 2014 @ 03:10 pm
Muri isn't a million years late for slots for once? Wow.

Anyways, I'm not collecting anything this month so all my slots are free. I'm hoping to master narcoleptic and redscarf by the end of the month so if you have any of those cards I'd super love if you could toss them my way, I'd also be willing to trade for yellow crayons. Don't worry if you don't though, I'll still trade slots for anything on my collecting, saving or mass deck page.

01. [personal profile] skybuns sewing01 for ddd20
02. [personal profile] skybuns sewing03 for shoutengai20
03. [personal profile] netbug009 latvia06 for axiom09
04. [personal profile] koohii judecca01 for voluntary02
05. [personal profile] admiral cleaver02 for knucklehead15
06. [personal profile] admiral cleaver13 for scarydriver03
07. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
08. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
09. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
10. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
sp. [personal profile] username ??? for ???

There's also the matter of PoG, I still need to trade one more person a card they already own and give out five gifts so if there's anything you want from my trade-pile just ask and it's yours! No need to trade for anything else if you don't want to.

25 November 2014 @ 12:02 pm
Sorry for the lateness of this! I've been terrible with procrastination lately. On the plus side I managed to make a new layout for my card site and I started two new mass decks in the process! Although there's nothing particularly 'mass' about them right now, so if you have any Free! or Hatoful Boyfriend cards I'd love to trade slots for them (I'm especially looking for narcoleptic, redscarf or mourning cards!)

01. [personal profile] estamir narcoleptic08 for dwn-02104
02. [personal profile] eclair narcoleptic12 for allegiance20
03. [personal profile] empanadas narcoleptic20 for vers04
04. [personal profile] netbug009 fantail19 for hive19
05. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
06. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
07. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
08. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
09. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
10. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
sp. [personal profile] username ??? for ???

Of course regular trades are always welcome! And since I feel a little bad for skipping out on the end of the Halloween event with some people you can pick out a card or two from my trade pile as a gift if you'd like.

06 October 2014 @ 01:41 pm
I'm not particularly looking to collect anything this release in favour of mastering decks I'm already working on. All my October slots are free, and I still have a few September slots left over for anyone interested.

slot list )

Pot of Gold
Yellow Task
I still need ten players to give gifts to so you can either ask for a particular card or simply comment and I'll try and find something useful for you. Apparently gifts and trades can be in the same thread so don't be afraid to ask for trades if there's more than one card you want.

Brown Task
Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with immortal characters so if you want to offer an immortal character card in a trade please let me know. Likewise, if there's an immortal character card in my tradepile please don't hesitate to ask for it.

Grey Task
Still in need of a Y and V card. With those kinds of tasks I like to go by starting letter (I know you don't have to but it makes me feel more at ease) so I'd be happy to trade for a card that starts with Y or V.

If you're not sure what to offer just link to your trading pile, of course I need a lot of trades for the purple task so slots or not let's trade! Collecting and PoG cards are my priority but random trades are fine too.

19 September 2014 @ 03:30 pm
I ended up taking a sort of unofficial hiatus due to moving to a new country to study abroad for the year so I've fallen a little behind with Colors stuff. I figured the best way to get involved again would be to offer all the empty September slots I have!

I'm not collecting anything from the release so it's a free for all, while I'd love to trade for collecting or portfolio cards its fine to offer others or even link to your trade pile. Regular trades would be wonderful too! Just anything to get me back in the groove.

01. [personal profile] sal repeat04 for mikorin07
02. [personal profile] dieneces repeat19 for welcome08
03. [personal profile] nyxnoxbox jellyfish02 for budget18
04. [personal profile] adurotum repeat17 for skillhunter12
05. [personal profile] byakkun sewing12 for greekgod04
06. [personal profile] honeybrushedheart yellow crayon for wing10
07. [personal profile] laurant nekotalia11 for corseit20
08. [personal profile] moon_wolf udonge12 for dodge09
09. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
10. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
sp. [personal profile] username ??? for ???

18 July 2014 @ 02:46 pm
Wow I am late as ever. I though summer would mean I'd be on top of stuff like this but it's only make me 200% lazier.

But better late than never so slots! I'm not planning on collecting anything this release so all my slots are open. I'd rather trade for collecting/mass deck/portfolio cards but whatever's good.

01. [personal profile] eyvindur sewing06 for likedad05
02. [personal profile] kues repeat16 for rot20
03. [personal profile] fall bunbunmaru12 for hereditary08
04. [personal profile] igiko faith04 for anxiety20
05. [personal profile] crystalweaver sergeant03 for grebe12
06. [personal profile] dialny jellyfish07 for ignite18
07. [personal profile] dialny sewing05 for dancing11
08. [personal profile] magaru icefairy04 for conscious19
09. [personal profile] harukami faith14 for youngmen18
10. [personal profile] username ??? for ???
sp. [personal profile] byakkun ordinary09 for fisticuffs09

Of course I'm always open for regular trades as well. I'd prefer not to do random trades right now but if there's something you really want or need then I don't mind if you just throw your trade pile at me.

15 June 2014 @ 07:33 pm
I only have a few trades left to do to finish my last PoG task, but I feel like doing some window shopping. Whether or not we've already traded during this month, if there are any cards you want from my trade pile just pick them out and link me to yours. You don't have to offer anything I'm collecting, I feel like browsing.

Also, if anyone has any June slots left I'm still looking to collect dolphin18/19/20.

01 June 2014 @ 10:52 am
I hope I'm not too late for the slots train! I always like to set them up after PoG gets announced just in case.

Anyway! This month I'm planning on collecting dolphin from the release so I'd rather do slot for slot trades if that's alright? Of course if there's anything in my trade pile you want and you have a slot free I'd be up for that too!

01. dolphin01
02. [personal profile] lochvaan songwriter02 for dolphin02
03. [personal profile] preternatural kayo-chin02 for dolphin03
04. [personal profile] advancing wolborg13 for dolphin04
05. [personal profile] minteaprince bodhisattva04 for dolphin05
06. [personal profile] reneetwist eggshells01 for dolphin06
07. [personal profile] moes androphobia/fancy07 for dolphin07
08. [personal profile] fall fodra02 for dolphin08
09. [personal profile] steakmilk bluerogue04 for dolphin09
10. [personal profile] tomato clairvoyant03 for dolphin10
sp. underwater03

blue crayon for dolphin11 (already removed from site, do not remove again)
72pillars01 for dolphin12
figments18 for dolphin13
daddy19 for dolphin14

I'm always up for regular trades as well and for the sake of PoG I'm a primary level player and in terms of deck priority after collecting I tend to go grey portfolio > mass decks > high priority. If you see anything in my trade pile that you're collecting or is a high priority then by all means ask even if you don't have anything I'm collecting, I'll probably be able to pick up cards for some of the other tasks. Even if it's a low priority still ask because 30 players is a lot to trade with.

11 May 2014 @ 03:04 pm
I've finally finished my last essay of the semester which means relentlessly studying for exams more time for trading! I'm going to at least take a decent stab at this months POG but I need your help!

  • I still need one more musician for the red task

  • If we haven't traded yet this month then let's go! I don't mind doing junk trades if you can't find anything you're looking for

  • I also need to trade two more special cards, and you're free to make offers on the two low priority cards I have for collecting or portfolio cards. I don't mind trading specials for regular cards either

There's also the matter of the blue task, which I don't personally think I'll be able to complete but there's no harm in trying. The decks I'm aiming for are ambitious, glassheart and latvia so if you have any cards from those decks, please make an offer!

Even if you don't have any of those cards I'm also willing to trade for red, brown and grey crayons. The colours I have to offer are orange, yellow, blue and purple but I also don't mind trading cards for them.

And again, regular trades are always welcome as well. Thanks for the support!

01 May 2014 @ 09:40 am
Since it's actually May now I don't feel so bad about offering May slots!

I'm not collecting anything from this release so all my slots are open. Right now I'm most interested in cards I'm collecting (mindofgod, requests, udonge or usashrine) or cards for my grey portfolio (gasmask, glassheart, goodnight, idolize, jellyfish, surgeon or ukraine) but other future collections are fine too and if you're ever unsure on what to offer just link to your trade pile and I'm sure I'll find something!

1. [personal profile] cendol jellyfish16 for might16
2. [personal profile] cendol guillotine01 for housekeep06
3. [personal profile] advancing pariah05 for x-laws08
4. [personal profile] citoyenne surgeon05 for bakuzan13
5. [personal profile] eyvindur latvia12 for manly14
6. [personal profile] lochvaan glassheart12 for policeman03
7. [personal profile] laurant guillotine02 for crossfire13
8. [personal profile] shinsengumi jellyfish10 for married16
9. [personal profile] preternatural latvia02 for swingrock19
10. [personal profile] apprivoiser mindofgod12 for grouchy/too blunt04

Of course I'm open for regular trades as well.

08 April 2014 @ 08:39 pm
Hey Colors! It's been a while.

I don't know if any of you remember me, I was around most of last year but I took a hiatus when my second year of uni started. Then I kept forgetting to come off hiatus so it ended up lasting 6 months. Anyway, long story short I forgot what I was doing and lost a bunch of stuff so now I'm back with a shiny new card collection!

So let's talk slots. I'm not collecting anything for this release so I'll be more than happy to pick up whatever. Right now I'm collecting Mind of God, Requests, Udonge and Usa Shrine but I have a lot of future plans so if you link me your trade post I'm sure I'll be able to find something.

1. [personal profile] oriaon rattata09 for latvia10
2. [personal profile] count_2_three druid10 for bosozoku13
3. [personal profile] prisma angels11 for requests06
4. [personal profile] minteaprince armed06 for debt04
5. [personal profile] kuranosuke motion04 for pc-9820
6. [personal profile] laurant megu08 for latvia09
7. [personal profile] steakmilk orcatrainer18 for shujin05
8. [personal profile] estamir copychip04 for gardener05
9. [personal profile] estamir bluedragon19 for gardener08
10. [personal profile] nidoking investigator12 for miko19
sp. [personal profile] minteaprince darkening09 for puppeteer17

Of course I'm open for regular trades too, but my trade pile is kind of tiny so don't worry about it.

15 August 2013 @ 11:33 am
August is being a little busy for me, and I'm falling behind with a few of the colours league tasks. So I figured it might be easy to put up a post and attend to it after the weekend rather than run around and try and get everything done before I leave.

01. Pokemon Cards

In terms of Pokemon I'm looking for cards from the Ember deck and cards from either the RazorLeaf or Thunderbolt deck. So if you have any of those it would make my life a lot easier! If not then don't worry, I have enough special cards to exchange at the art shop but before I do I was wondering if anyone wanted any of the special decks I have up for trade.

02. Colour Trades

One of the big ones I'm worrying about is the trading rainbow. If you're part of the Yellow Gangstaz and we haven't traded yet then please let's trade! So far the only person I've completed a trade with is Gargant. Also if you want to complete extra trades for the bonus then that would be great too.

Yellow [personal profile] adurotum
Brown [personal profile] hyoga
Grey [personal profile] aestivalis

03. Gift Cards

If we're talking about bonuses then I still need to gift players that aren't participating in the league. So if you're not in the games and there's anything in my trade pile you fancy then tell me and it's yours!

04. Slots?

Since I'm kind of all over the place this month I'm not actually doing new release slots but I haven't actually used any of them yet. So basically if I don't have any cards you want traded or gifted then I can pick something up from the new release for you instead.

I'm sorry for not being that organized but I'll try my best! If there's anything else you need me for, if I have a card you need or I accidentally missed a trade you asked me for then please don't hesitate to let me know.

28 June 2013 @ 02:37 pm
Hello Colours!

I'm not collecting anything from the July release so all of my slots are free! I'm mostly interested in cards I'm collecting as well as high priority future cards but low priority is okay too. I don't even mind doing fodder trades if you really want that slot.

Regular slots
→ Scalchop06 for Bakeneko02 [personal profile] miyoungie
→ Aug2306 for Hanafuda03 [personal profile] hurl
→ OldLion12 for 2-301 [personal profile] nidoking

→ Fulcrum13 for Faith06 [personal profile] rozen
→ Ethics06 for Repeat17 [personal profile] tempestuously
→ Blooming11 for Neet17 [personal profile] rujubee

→ Fleur08 for Neet11 [personal profile] glossological
→ Swearing12 for Seychelles05 [personal profile] ulquiorrasch

Special slots

Speaking of trading, even though I'm not going to be able to finish this months pot of gold I still like to try for as many tasks as I can and I still need to trade with seven more people for the purple task (I have a list here for reference) so if I haven't traded with you yet this month then let's swap cards! I don't mind if it's anything I'm collecting or not. If I have something in my trade pile you want then it's pretty much yours.

I'm also looking for a specific card. If any of you have Miko10 or a Red Crayon I'd be thrilled! I can trade for orange, green, purple, brown or grey crayons.

03 June 2013 @ 12:00 am
The busiest of university is over so I can actually do things in a timely manner this release! For this round I'm thinking of collecting Scientific. Of course regular trades are open as well!

Regular slots
→ Scientific01 [personal profile] zettaimuri
→ Judecca01 for Scientific02 [personal profile] baredick
→ Military07 for Scientific03 [personal profile] secretambition
→ Throttle08 for Scientific04 [personal profile] nidoking
→ Ulster09 for Scientific05 [personal profile] urameshi
→ Become07 for Scientific06 [personal profile] asuna
→ Yatagarasu01 for Scientific07 [personal profile] hurl
→ Zeus03 for Scientific08 [personal profile] rujubee

Special slots
→ Escaped07 for Scientific09 [personal profile] needles

21 May 2013 @ 04:14 pm
Since I'm not collecting anything in May I have any slots available for people who what to trade. I'm accepting cards I'm currently collecting as well as cards I'm planning to collect in the future. I'll also trade for any colour crayon but if you don't have anything to offer I'm all for fodder trades too.

Basically, let's trade!

I'll be collecting cards on the 31st of May.

Regular slots
[livejournal.com profile] darkraven616 Grey Crayon for Lollipops18
[livejournal.com profile] arushiraoi Netherworld19 for Dranzer16
[livejournal.com profile] moon_wolfwriter Guillotine13 for Venoshock14

Special slots