09 October 2014 @ 08:54 am
i've been completely off the ball on trades lately, so i want to make up for it this month by attempting a bunch of trades for pog along with slots! i'm not collecting anything this month, so i'm offering all my slots for any crayons - specifically red or purple - or anything on my collecting, future, or far future piles! thanks so much in advance, colors!

and as for pog, any random trades for any of the requirements would be awesome uvu

done with slots!

11 September 2014 @ 04:59 pm
this month i'll be collecting confection because this month is the month for nisekoi and kosaki is the cutest thing ever i don't have a problem SHUT UP and i need to finish up pot of gold so please trade with me in general!

1. confection01
2. budget03 ([personal profile] nyxnoxbox)
3. polkadot10 ([personal profile] sal)

13 August 2014 @ 07:25 am
Same verse as the first! I'm giving up my August slots for anything that are in my collecting or future piles, along with any purple or blue crayons! My slot trade post is here for reference. I also haven't done much for Pot of Gold lately, so let's try to get things done as soon as possible so I don't end up slacking off until the last minute, oops.

So here are the things I need to get done:


I need one card of any profession, along with two signature trades! I'm willing to crayon them out for you guys, just ask.


I need three cards for this - random trades for this task are totally fine, and it would be highly appreciated if you told me the name changes just in case I don't know the character.


I need five cards for this task, so just shoot me randoms for it!




I've honestly lost track of how many people I've traded, so just shoot me trades - random or not, and tell me your tier!

SO LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. Also random trades in general are loved, regardless. Use me for acrostics or pot of gold, whatever.

01 August 2014 @ 08:50 am

And because today's the first of August, you know what that means? If you guessed trades for August's POG and slot trades, you're totally correct! And no, I will not stop using that gif until the day's over. Anyway, I'm not collecting anything this month, so I'll be giving away my slots for anything in my collecting or future piles, along with any purple or blue crayons. I'd prefer to obtain specials for the special slots - the specials I really want right now are any sawashirom or escaped cards that I don't have, but we can totally work something out!

1. lobster10 ([personal profile] fall)
2. privilege13 ([personal profile] dialny)
3. witchtrial13 ([personal profile] dialny)
5. harder09 ([personal profile] toran)
6. seeker12 ([personal profile] nyxnoxbox)
7. fieldwork01 ([personal profile] nyxnoxbox)
sp. abilities04 ([personal profile] estamir)

As for POG, I need 30 trades with at least 3 of each tier, and it would be highly appreciated if we could trade cards that fit the red, orange, or green tasks. And if anybody wants me to donate decks for them this month, I have two slots open for you guys. Thanks so much in advance!

Okay, in order to celebrate the fact that I finally managed to revamp my website, along with the fact that July is already here, it's time to get down to business and defeat the Huns so let's get right to it, shall we?

I need five people for the red task - so if you want a card from my pile, have at it - a bunch of people for the green task, and cards for the yellow and blue tasks! Also, I still have plenty of July slots ready for the taking, so let's do the trades!

Feel free to use me for POG and acrostics, that would be totally awesome. I have yet to do acrostics ever, someone should totally help me with that. . . Also don't mind if I end up replying with various roleplaying accounts, they're still all me.

And let's be trading buddies too! ♥

EDIT: So apparently trades and gifts have to be in separate threads, so please throw me gifts on separate comments or link me to your trade post so I can gift you back!

23 June 2014 @ 05:48 pm
I'm really excited for the new release next month -- to be honest, I'm too excited, because next month means I can finally complete my mass collection of Kokoro Connect decks! Unless I end up donating Gossan or Rina, which I totally might if I can gather enough images bless the PSP game, haha...

So next month I'll be collecting ahoki, Aoki Yoshifumi's deck, so all my slots will go to that! Also, if you guys want to do some random trades with me, go right on ahead. Use me for POG, acrostics, whatever. And if you want to be trading buddies with me, that's awesome, too.

1. ahoki01
2. stupidcat03 ([personal profile] emberwishes) → ahoki02
3. shinra05 ([personal profile] nidoking) → ahoki03
4. saved08 ([personal profile] cendol) → ahoki05
5. affection01 ([personal profile] reneetwist) → ahoki06
6. whitesnake20 ([personal profile] ixionesis) → ahoki07
7. battlemem20 ([personal profile] onyxdotexe) → ahoki09
8. dancing03 ([personal profile] dancingmuffins) → ahoki10
9. todalafuerza03/fuerza03 ([personal profile] advancing) → ahoki08
10. anxiety04 ([personal profile] igiko) → ahoki12
sp. fisticuffs18 ([personal profile] byakkun) → ahoki04

pending → ahoki11

Thanks so much in advance!

12 June 2014 @ 11:05 am
hi, everyone! it's pikari again and i'm so sorry i'm finishing up pot of gold (my first one, too!) -- i need 11 trades from anyone not listed here!

and as always, random trades are free game! and let's be trading buddies too. ♥

09 June 2014 @ 12:13 pm
okay, so:

i still need a bunch of trades for pot of gold, especially primary and precious+, but all random trades are welcome! i'm also looking to finish up the green task which i have absolutely no cards for so that would be highly appreciated! and if anybody wants to do any trades for the acrostic as well, that would be amazing.

also trading buddies, i like those.

i'm a primary member, for reference, please tell me which tier you're in for trades. thanks so much in advance!

hi there, colors! sorry to be back again so soon, but i just wanted to say that i still have one regular slot left (one is pending!) here, so grab it while it's still fresh. i've finally organized my stuff for pot of gold, so i'd really appreciate the help with random trades of all sorts! what i have completed so far is here, and if i've missed anything, please tell me asap and i'll fix it right up. also make sure you tell me what tier you're in for trades so i don't forget!

i also have one deck that i can donate for this month if anyone wants it! just tell me here and i'll do it for you.

and for those who are doing the purple task, my high priorities are anohana, angel beats!, yumeiro, haruhi, the world god only knows, dragonball z, umineko, higurashi, oreimo, pokemon, detective conan, and lucky star! also i got a new banner for my website since i managed to get photoshop to work with me, so if you want to be trading buddies and all that jazz, hit me up. 8')

ALSO! i have one yellow crayon, and one brown crayon that i'm willing to trade for purple crayons! thanks so much in advance, hehe. ♥

01 June 2014 @ 03:41 pm
going to pick up the slack this month, hopefully! anyway, i still have some june slots open here if you guys want any of that, and, as for pot of gold...

for the brown task, i want to trade as much as possible! i'm in the primary tier, for reference! random trades are definitely a-okay for this, of course.

and for the purple task, my collecting priorities are listed under future, which includes any cards from the haruhi suzumiya series, the world god only knows, angel beats!, umineko, and anohana! i'll be moving cards around to fix that small problem.

also! if anybody wants me to donate them any deck, i have one of my slots open (keeping my third one for donating aoki deck from kokoro connect HOPEFULLY)..!

25 August 2013 @ 07:44 pm
Hello, everyone! Next month I'll be collecting the plain deck also known as the Manami deck from Oreimo. Though I'm totally welcome for regular decks. I'm trying to finish up the nyoro deck, though you're totally welcome to trade anything I'm collecting/future collecting, or a red/green/purple crayon for a slot! And as usual, regular trades are awesome.

1. plain01 (for me!)
2. seashells01 (for [personal profile] yanyan)
3. armin deck (for [personal profile] rubatosis)
4. kashimi naoki deck (for [personal profile] estamir)
5. paimon02 (for [personal profile] mllelaurel)
6. raphael deck [15] (for [personal profile] tempestuously
7. disaresta07 (for [personal profile] awestriker
8. ribbons18(for [personal profile] gon)
dn. tsundere??? [kyon] (for me!)

06 July 2013 @ 07:10 pm
Okay, so hi, everybody! I'm Pikari, and I'm new and kind of shy when talking to people, so please bear with me, but I still have most of my July slots open. I'm actively collecting pistol, cake pig, escaped, cynical, and innuendos but if you don't have anything to offer, feel free to link me to your card post and we can work something out! Once all the slots are filled (or most), I'll officially nab them for you guys. Thanks a bunch in advance. /o/

Also, normal trades on my trade post are always welcome.


1. Academy 03 ([personal profile] hopes)
2. Innuendos 12 (for myself!)
3. Desudayo 06 ([personal profile] ankari)
4. Soothsayer 02 ([personal profile] ouo)
5. Cleanfreak 18 ([personal profile] hurl)
6. Astronaut 13 ([personal profile] beccastareyes)
7. Blooming 18 ([personal profile] rujubee)
Sp. Scars 03 ([personal profile] eclair)