27 February 2016 @ 06:23 pm
-waves- Hi everyone! Rae here... I'm pretty new to the TCG and am finally ready to start trading xD I still have a lot of February slots so let me know if you're interested! If you aren't sure what cards I'd want just send me to your trade post and I'm sure I'll find something that catches my eye :)

1. Carrier03
2. D18
3. Protein10
4. Siblings04
5. 100friends19
6. danger05
7. hakari17
8. horologium13
9. Relationer10
SP. Heirs11

My trade post is Here :)

PS- to be honest... I don't watch much anime and basically never read manga :o what are some of your favorites?? I'm starting a list of things to read/watch :)
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