Hi, Colors! Are you all excited about Colors League?

I was busy earlier in this month with a friend's wedding and some other obligations, so I haven't had a chance to pick up any release cards. But I am really feeling the joy and happiness of everyone I know falling in love and getting hitched! There's nothing I am desperate to collect, so my slots are FREE FOR THE TAKING. That's right: I am giving away my ten regular slots absolutely free. Just tell me which release card you'd like in your comment and I'll drop your gift off ASAP! I'm going to limit this to one card per person, though, just so I can spread the love!

1. samuraifan18
2. flamenblue06
3 swim20
4. flamenpink01
5. astronomer18
6. band04
7. phonecalls15
8. ushiushi02
9. thresher14

I also need IIEET to complete this month's acrostic and...several more people to complete the trading tasks for this month's PoG. I want to see these sketchpads FULL, do you hear me? No excuses! I won't get so close to the goal just to be thwarted by some lousy vowels.

Obviously, this means I'm open to trades of all sorts! Regular or random, no trades are too big or too small! Hit me up!

Hello, everyone! Now that school's out, I missed the frantic rushing to accomplish massive assignments on a tight deadline. For that reason, I'm trying to clear up some final anniversary and PoG assignments this weekend before they all close! Now that DW notifs are back up, I'm hitting the pavement...putting pedal to metal...putting my trade pile of public display...

You know the drill!

1. I have a few slots left from June release! Here's what I've got so far:

1. fenrir03
2. special14
3. heartful20
4. sangriarosa02
5. switchon11
6. dualkagune04

So right now, I have four regular slots and my special slot open! I'll trade them for anything I'm collecting (including stuff in future & wanted decks sections).

2. Who likes gifts?! Anyone and everyone can ask for a gift from my trade pile! I want to spread the gifting as far as possible, so everyone who asks will get one!

3. Trade with me! Good lord, trade with me. I'm thinking of rearranging my card posts soon, but before I do that I want to unload as many cards as possible. Randoms or normal trades are totally fine, as many or as few as you want to exchange.

It's good to be back, Colors!

Hello, Colors! I'm not dead. I've got a big post coming at you today!

While I've still been trading here and there and dropping in for a game or two every so often, I've been way out of the Colors loop while finishing up the semester and moving into my new place, but I'm hoping to get involved with the game again now that anniversary time has rolled around!

1. June slots!

I'll have 7 slots as well as my special card slot for the June release. I'll take anything from my collecting, future, or far future/wanted sections for these! Slots gone!!

1. (tsubasa katagiri), leadcrow, aluminium (my greedy ass)
4. [personal profile] eyvindur ; sakuya09
5. [personal profile] tomato ; begging07
6. [personal profile] fall ; fodra15
7. [personal profile] skybuns ; kannagi20
8. [personal profile] ryner ; protection01
9. [personal profile] ryner ; destruction01
10. [personal profile] minteaprince ; bodhisattva12
SP. [personal profile] chuu ; region03

2. June POG!

With coming back to Colors comes trying to make it through another PoG after a lot of time not even competing. I need a lot of things, but let's start with these two!

a. I need cards numbered 01-10 with letters that spell out M O Y A S H I
b. I need 4 expressive cards! One sad, one happy, one angry/annoyed, one surprised/confused/etc

3. Regular/Random Trades!

Go wild, babies. These cards have been lonely; let's clean the place out! Please let me know if a card you're asking for is in your collecting/highest priority section!

And don't be alarmed by the amazing amount of account-switching I will probably do as I try to catch up on my other hobbies.
25 February 2014 @ 04:49 pm

First of all!!! I have 7 spots left in my MegaBox for the Valentine's Day event! And, like Walgreens, I would like to move these little heart-shaped choice cards into your hands before they expire!

1. [personal profile] emberwishes, prodigy08
2. [personal profile] acperience, meridian14
3. [personal profile] empanadas, food06
4. [personal profile] linsang, galax17
5. [personal profile] minteaprince, usagi18
6. [personal profile] kues, bandages09
7. [personal profile] dialny, aerialace03

I'm also looking up to finish the Poet's Acrostic Monthly challenge! I only need trades for cards starting with E, E, H, L to finish up my phrase! Cards just have to have even numbers.

Random and regular trades are always welcome! I still haven't gotten a badge yet oops.

Thank you, everyone!