09 December 2015 @ 07:51 pm
Hey colors! I have twelve free choice cards up for grabs for anyone who may want one! Just comment here and grab the slots before they're gone /o/ ♥

Happy Holidays! Also I'm always open to regular trades, if anyone is interested in that, too. Just click the banner below to get to my card post.

1. arrogant19
2. strike12
3. toss04
4. rollout16
5. crossbow05
6. successor10
7. telekinetic19
8. endless01
9. storybook???

19 November 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Time to trade slots! I'm not collecting anything this month, so I'll gladly trade my available slots for anything in my collecting, future decks or keepers piles!

1. candlestick12
2. kurikara12
3. surprises12
4. chronojet15
5. defected15
6. venomous13
7. paintbrush16
8. splendid07
9. electabuzz14
10. ahsha05
Donated. mflove02
Special. fflove07
Bonus. detectives01
Bonus. weasel03
17 October 2015 @ 09:32 pm
Hey everyone! As usual there isn't anything I want to collect this release, so all of my slots are open! I'll pretty much take anything that's on my collecting or future deck pages.

1. crossbow01
2. ryujinjakka01
3. itegumo01
4. hakudan01
5. sakurairo01
6. retroclover01
7. chengdu03
8. qilinbow05
9. gastronomy08
10. temari02
Sp. aprbirthday09

Regular trades are always okay! And if you're itching for some Halloween candy, then check out my candy post, too. I've got purple candy that I'm ready and raring to hand out to people, whoo!

20 September 2015 @ 10:47 am
There isn't anything I want from the September release, so all of my slots are open for things I am either collecting or future collecting. Regular trades are also welcome!

1. craft18
2. eastern18
3. ultimate12
4. yesiam08
5. thechariot08
6. hazakura14
7. pyrokinetic09
8. envoy05
9. pessimist03
10. niflheim18
Sp. dancers01

12 September 2015 @ 12:33 pm
Hey, Colors!

Choice cards are the number one way for me to get into a Pot of Gold challenge, so I'm definitely aiming to complete everything this month. As such, I have three requests!

1) I still need to trade with 4 people. I'll gladly do trades for randoms to meet this amount /o/ So if you need trades for the PoG task, feel free to swing by here!

2) I need the following cards to master the following two decks: clover05/10/15/20 and mop07/08/09/11/18/19. If you have any of those cards I'd love to trade with you! Got this, too!

3) I need 3 cards featuring great warriors. So if you have any warrior cards I'd be happy to trade for those! Got this one!

AND that's about it! As usual, click the banner to get to my trade post. Thanks a bunch in advance everyone ♥

23 August 2015 @ 12:13 pm
Hey Colors! I'm a bit late for the August release, but I'm offering up all of my slots for anything in my collecting or future collecting piles. o/! And of course, regular trades are always welcome.

1. oar11
2. daoshi18
3. daruma11
4. retriever14
5. thorough12
6. teach12
7. gungi10
8. hence19
9. academia14
10. lovedeluxe03
Sp. sepbirthday06

Thanks in advance! Click the banner below to get to my card post.

25 July 2015 @ 11:15 am
Hey Colors!

I have recently come into possession of three lovely signature that I'm willing to trade to the first few people who want them! Who doesn't love trading sigs. I love trading sigs. All sigs gone, thanks everyone!

In addition to that I need to trade with five more people for the yellow PoG task. Regular trades are always welcome, too! Click the banner below to go to my card post

12 July 2015 @ 03:30 pm
Hi everyone!

Styx here, I was a member of Colors about a year or so ago. I dropped for a bit, BUT as of today I've re-joined and am ready to get trading! I haven't used up any of my June slots yet (though I imagine those will become defunct in a few days with the July release VERY SOON SO I MAY ACTUALLY JUST FILL THE REST OF MY SLOTS LIKE WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR). But since there isn't anything I really want from the June release, I'm opening up all of my slots for other people to grab. Currently I'm collecting mop, but I'll also be collecting clover, karate, kasshin, scarlet, thief and keyhole soon. Or you could offer me any Detective Conan/Magic Kaito card I don't have listed because I'm predictable :(

1. mmm01
2. sapphire04
3. yamazaki16
4. marishiten14
5. unification09
6. skycrusher14
7. silkmoth09
8. gross20
9. fenrir01
10. suicune01
Sp. spring02

I'll also do regular trades if you wish, but beware that my trade pile is suuuuper tiny right now. Click my little banner down below to go to my card post.

It's good to see you again, Colors!


Since making a new post for July slots seems counterproductive, I'll edit it into this post instead /o/ Same terms for above since I'm not collecting much of anything this month!

1. samuraifan01
2. swim03
3. workout13
4. akitsukami14
5. hyouhaku19
6. hatsushimo19
7. astronomer13
8. bullets01
9. seifuku07
10. shorthair06
sp. arrows09
freebie. karate01

09 March 2014 @ 06:41 pm
Hey Colors! There's nothing I want from the March release so, as usual, I'm opening my slots up in exchange for things in my collecting or future decks piles!

Regular trades are welcome, but I ask that you please make an offer instead of just linking your trade pile. ;w;/ Normally I don't mind random trades, but I've been pretty busy as of late and don't have the time to go through people's trade piles at the moment. Thank you! ♥

1. regalia01
2. bravery02
3. carrot02
4. goldwyvern14
5. concern18
6. netnavi01
7. balthasar02
8. surgery03
9. at-low03
10. invader19
Sp. mother17
Donated. fathers01

09 February 2014 @ 09:24 pm
Hi Colors! I'm super late with my slots this month, BUT I have 8 regular card slots free! I'm willing to accept trades for anything in my collecting or future piles or, if trading slot for slot is easier, I'm also looking for key stone and spirits from this month's release.

1. spirits01
2. automata02
3. normalcy10
4. mercurial10
5. disobedient13
6. katamari03
7. donmai19
8. squad03
9. bag05
10. antagonist05
Sp. keystone02

As always, regular trades are totally welcome!

31 December 2013 @ 08:16 pm
Once again, January slots! I'm not collecting anything from this upcoming release, so I'll trade slots for anything in my collecting or future piles /o/ I'd prefer not to swap for cards in my keeping pile at this time, thank you! ♥

Regular trades are always welcome!

1. de-aging06 for fighter16
2. aging06 for brushgods04 ([personal profile] acperience)
3. cheese04 for emotions19
4. waiting/left behind/repentance04 for fighter19 ([personal profile] fall)
5. leraje17 for mystery15 ([personal profile] hoppip)
6. mustasim16 for fighter06 ([personal profile] utsuwa)
7. babyfox05 for caduceus03 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
8. incite05 for key05 ([personal profile] estamir)
9. salt01 for brushgods05 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
10. psychology20 for billiards08 ([personal profile] dialny)
Sp. samurai14 for playboy15 ([personal profile] estamir)

23 December 2013 @ 10:08 am
Hi Colors! I need to trade with one more person in order to finish this month's pot of gold, and as such, I'm opening my trade pile to random trades /o/ So if we haven't traded this month, let's swap some cards! All done! But I'll still accept random trades because sketchpad dots are always useful.

Regular trades are open as well, and even if we have traded this month, if you find something in my trade pile you'd like just let me know. I never mind doing random trades :|b!

30 November 2013 @ 05:04 pm
Hey colors! Once again, there's nothing I want from the December release, so I'm offering up my slots for anything in my collecting or future piles.

1. dreamdiary03 for jupiter01 ([personal profile] karayan)
2. deadly11 for jkd04 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
3. laurant03 for priestess01 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
4. scepter402 for sleeping14 ([personal profile] anruik)
5. taunts04 for jupiter11 ([personal profile] lanvaldear)
6. kusanagi11 for police12 ([personal profile] glossological)
7. damocles19 for ensign09 ([personal profile] utsuwa)
8. homra/bar15 for magi16 ([personal profile] adurotum)
9. dreamer02 for jupiter04 ([personal profile] prisma)
10. ebracrypt12 for guertena18 ([personal profile] acperience)
Sp. jobs06 for aikido04 ([personal profile] estamir)

Regular trades are, as always, totally welcome! /o/

03 November 2013 @ 12:48 pm
Llllate to the party! But there isn't anything I want from the November release, so I'm offering up all of my slots for cards in my collecting + future piles! I'd rather not trade slots for cards in my keeping pile right now, if that's okay o/

1. handshake04 for sleeping19 ([personal profile] estamir)
2. vierge17 for kid11 ([personal profile] nyxnoxbox)
3. legionnaire07 for objection18 ([personal profile] acperience)
4. tari17 for disarm01 ([personal profile] nidoking)
5. perceptive12 for aikido17 ([personal profile] magaru)
6. lastation12 for sleeping03 ([personal profile] magaru)
7. close17 for clover19 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
8. scorch09 for police17 ([personal profile] tempestuously)
9. libero01 for aikido20 ([personal profile] despedia)
10. hug02 for venus17 ([personal profile] heartbeams)
Sp. misguided07 for venus19 ([personal profile] nyxnoxbox)

Regular trades are, as always, totally welcome /o/

27 September 2013 @ 10:48 pm
It's that time of the month again! I'm not collecting anything from the October release, so most of my slots are still up for grabs. I'll accept anything from my collecting or future pile, but preferably not anything from my keeping pile. I'm also collecting right and roadroller on priority, so if you have any of those cards, let's talk!

Regular trades are, as always, welcome too.

1. wisel11 for west08 ([personal profile] glossological)
2. reserved for [personal profile] despedia (fortissimo??)
3. dead15 for west13 ([personal profile] karayan)
4. self-help14 for woodpecker08 ([personal profile] inarticulate)
5. littlebird19 for magic13 ([personal profile] prisma)
6. octal14 for playboy05 ([personal profile] mllelaurel)
7. bearhound01 for aikido13 ([personal profile] dialny)
8. feisty17 for jkd17 ([personal profile] estamir)
Sp. thieves16 for 4minutes01 ([personal profile] dialny)

22 September 2013 @ 07:10 pm
Hello everyone! I took a looong hiatus to get things into order, but now that I have everything updated, moved to etcg, and in order again I'm offering up my trade pile for trades! Also, I'm two cards away from mastering seconds, so if you have seconds16 or seconds18 in your trade piles, let's talk! I'd also be willing to trade my green crayon for a brown one, too. I'm good, thank you!

Anyway, it's good to be back and I look forward to trading with you all \o/!

03 August 2013 @ 06:35 pm
Hey Colors! I'm three one NO CARDS away from mastering East, and three one ALL CRAYONS GET. I have a yellow, purple, and brown crayon up for trade, so if you have a blue and want any of those colors then I would love to do business with you /o/ Thank you so much everyone!

Also! I gave away my slots this month before I realized there would be an Ib deck in the release (SOB), so while I don't have any slots left, if anyone has a special slot free and can pick me up a Guretena card I'd be happy to gift and/or hold a card in exchange for you ;;b

Regular trades are, as always, completely welcome too. Thanks a bunch! \o/

24 July 2013 @ 07:09 pm
HELLO AGAIN COLORS. There isn't anything from the August release I really want to collect on priority right now, so! I'm offering up my slots in exchange for cards I'm currently collecting /o/ My highest priority at the moment is East, but I'll accept trades for anything else in my collecting or future piles. ALL SLOTS ARE TAKEN than you everyone!

Normal trades are, as always, totally welcome too. My priority is still East if you have anything from that deck! Click the fancy banner to go to my card post and browse if you'd like. Thanks a bunch! ♥

1. nekopunch06 for attack20 ([personal profile] miyoungie)
2. loveletter11 for detectives09 ([personal profile] needles)
3. zagan02 for detectives18 ([personal profile] mllelaurel)
4. firebrand11 for disarm09 ([personal profile] tempestuously)
5. undying08 for seconds17 ([personal profile] lanvaldear)
6. silverrose04 for right17 ([personal profile] namikala)
7. dojima19 for powder07 ([profile] cautiousarden)
8. athlum03 for thieves11 ([personal profile] adurotum)
Sp. magnus14 for objection16 ([personal profile] shinsengumi)

09 July 2013 @ 03:16 pm
Hey guys! Unfortunately I'm all out of July slots, but that's okay since I have some other trading business to take care of in this post /o/ I am SUPER CLOSE to mastering chat and I need a blue crayon to finish the job (alternatively, chat05 or chat06). I have a brown crayon up for trade, though I'm also willing to trade cards for crayons if there's something in my trade pile you'd like instead (click the fancy image at the bottom of this post to get there). BLUE CRAYON, GET!! \o/

Regular trades are open as well, of course! I'm collecting red child, detectives, and thieves from the new release, too. If I have something you want just drop me a line \o7

Thanks a bunch guys and HAPPY TRADING ♥

25 June 2013 @ 01:04 pm
Hi guys! My name is Styx, and I'm also pretty new around here. Now that my trade pile is actually fairly decent, I thought I'd post here for some more trades /o/

Unfortunately I have no July slots to offer since they're all taken, but if there's something in my card post that interests you, just let me know! I'm looking for detective and dark boots on priority since I'm the closest to mastering those two decks, but I'll accept anything I'm collecting or that's on my future collection list. If I have something you want and you don't have anything on my list, I'm also collecting red child from the July releases and will be more than willing to give you a card in advance in exchange for that.

Thanks a bunch in advance, and it's nice to meet you all! ♥