25 November 2013 @ 02:03 pm
Hello hello, colors! I'm pretty late in the month for handing out my slots but y'know what? I don't mind if you don't~ So here are my slots, open and free to anyone who wants them... I'm currently looking for Bubblegum, Shamisen, or Mamushi but I'll also take anything in my portfolio or high priority pile. I'd super love you if you gave me a Sitar card, though...

1. tennyo13 for [personal profile] secretambition (receiving shen-hu14)
2. forazsaiqa04 for [personal profile] hoppip (receiving faust08)
4. coexistence13 for [personal profile] tempestuously (receiving mechanic15)
5. dreamer02 for [personal profile] prisma (receiving 6620)
6. paruru16 for [personal profile] laurant (receiving twosides04)
7. tattooed14 for [personal profile] fall (receiving tekou04)
8. spunquel01 for [personal profile] acperience (receiving twosides02)
9. reptile08 for [personal profile] moon_wolf (receiving shamisen2)
10. rapier15 for [personal profile] syodii (receiging sitar12)
SP. koyasu04 for me

EDIT Because I'm such a scatterbrain... now added my trade post!

10 October 2013 @ 05:12 pm
Hey, colors! I'm trying to kill off another mastery and looking to trade this tiny pile of crayons for red ones. Anyone interested? ♥

21 September 2013 @ 02:13 am
Hello colors~ I know it's a couple weeks off still, but I'm just so darn excited! October see's the first time that I've donated a set of decks and I really super duper want to collect one of them since she's my favorite character in that series. So, I'm opening my October trade slots up really early to collect doghouse (Naoe Kanetsugu)~ We can either trade slots for slots or do regular trades for slots! My cards (if you fancy them) for your slots~ I'm not picky, I just want Kanetsugu cards lmao

1. me (doghouse02)
2. octal06 for [personal profile] rubatosis (doghouse03)
3. wisel07 for [personal profile] glossological (doghouse04)
4. lifeenergy12 for [personal profile] utsuwa (doghouse05)
5. devoured13 for [personal profile] fall (doghouse06)
6. littlebird03 [personal profile] prisma(doghouse07)
7. ophelia05 for [personal profile] namikala (doghouse08)
8. selfhelp02 for [profile] narticulate (doghouse09)
9. blackrabit03 for [personal profile] ivoryandhorn (doghouse 11)
10. Duty08 for [personal profile] heartbeams (doghouse15)
SP. brothers09 for [personal profile] lanvaldear (doghouse01)

11 September 2013 @ 10:04 pm
Hello, colors! I'm shooting for the mastery of the fool deck and I need just 2 green1 green crayon to do it~ Unfortunately I can't offer any crayons in exchange but if there's anything in my trade pile you're collecting I'll more than willingly exchange. ♥

All done thank you!
08 September 2013 @ 09:45 pm
Hey there peeps of colors! I'm here to offer my trade slots to anyone that wants~ I'm super duper collecting ecstasy, fool, and peacock so if you happen to have those I'll immediately trade you no questions asked. I'll also trade slots for slots (I'm currently collecting breast and boisterous) or anything on my portfolio deck section. If that don't do it for ya, I'll take brown, blue, or green crayons~ I'm aiming for my first masteries, can you tell?

1. breast01 (for me)
2. boisterous12 (for me)
3. raider05 [personal profile] riidaa
4. silk02 for [personal profile] beccastareyes
5. viewpoint03 for [personal profile] estamir
6. promiscuous18 for [personal profile] tempestuously
7. samezuka20 for [personal profile] moon_wolf
8. backstroke02 for [personal profile] gon
SP. fairytales09

Hello hello ladies and gentleman of Colors! I'm here to offer 6 slots for August to anyone that wants them. I'm currently looking for any of the following decks: Fool, Ecstasy, Lasagna, or Peacock, but really I'll take any of my current collections. Or high priority cards. Or anything you want to trade, I guess. I'm not picky! But my preferences are in bold lol.

1. koga10 for [personal profile] skaldadottir
2. blueking12 for [personal profile] acropolis
3. Barret Wallace card for [personal profile] aestivalis
4. nekopunch04 for [personal profile] miyoungie
5. [personal profile] tempestuously
SP. magnus15 for [personal profile] shinsengumi

Edit Note: I failed to mention which ones I'll be collecting when I originally posted. orz I'm sorry, this is why things should wait until OP's not loopy from sleep dep lmao. Soba, Bloodthirsty, and Right Eye are the ones I'll be taking from this round. SORRY!