22 March 2014 @ 10:14 pm
Hello, everyone! Instead of offering slots for a deck being released in April, I would like to offer slots for cards I'm missing from my current and future decks, especially Agni and Varna. A thank you in advance! 

1) heroism/thebrave01 - [personal profile] acperience (for collar06)
2) deathchanter/failure01 - [personal profile] acperience (for collar11)
3) gifted02 - [personal profile] utsuwa (for swordlike09)
4) kazu20 - [personal profile] minteaprince (for vector08)
5) carmilla02 - [personal profile] ryner (for varna03)
6) simple07- [personal profile] apprivoiser  (for karma06)
7) emptiness04 - [personal profile] byakkun [personal profile] byakkun (for swordlike07)
8) lycanthe11- [personal profile] eyvindur  (for karma08)
9) visions04 - [personal profile] eyvindur  (for karma09)
10) stride15 - [personal profile] sal (for -- )
Special) daein17 - [personal profile] estamir (for fate12)

Regular trades are good too!