07 September 2015 @ 07:02 pm
September POG Stuff  
'sup gang

I've got a whole bunch o' cards that I think are okay for POG's brown task this month:

caterpillar10, countering10, explode10, hermitcrab16, know-it-all12, mokkun16, nameko17, private09, private11, ricky17, thriller14, allies05

I need some animal/mascot cards myself still, so if anyone wants to trade for some of these, that's cool--if not, I'm totally happy giving these away as gifts.

Likewise, I need three warrior cards as well, but I don't recognise enough characters to know what's what in my trading pile, so if anyone has any to throw at me/needs some and can pick them out yourself from my trading pile, please hit me up for those too!

And regular/random trades are still cool, I just don't think I've got too much new since the last time I posted here.

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Bea[personal profile] beaslays on September 14th, 2015 04:53 am (UTC)
Hey Kat! Anything for chao10?

And incidentally gateau's one of the decks I'm after sooo anything I can trade for gateau05 too?
Kat[personal profile] chronikle on September 15th, 2015 08:08 pm (UTC)
How about chromacamo19, just17?

Bea[personal profile] beaslays on September 29th, 2015 12:02 am (UTC)
Good god, I'm sorry for the ridiculous delay! Here're the cards if you're still down for the trade!

Kat[personal profile] chronikle on September 30th, 2015 11:51 pm (UTC)
It's fine! I am, thank you!