10 September 2014 @ 04:09 pm
Hey everyone! There are tons of series and characters out there that can't be submitted to donations because they're lacking in art, or are not East Asian in origin... but of course, I'm betting some of you made fake decks for them anyway, if you could. And perhaps, if you have my plurk, you've heard murmurs of this, but now I've set up a fake deck gallery!

This gallery will showcase any unofficial Colors-style deck, and the source can be anything! There are no restrictions on characters and series that you may make a deck of. In fact, you are even welcome to make and submit your personal player special deck, or an OC character deck! A special section will be made in the near future for player decks. Cards featuring fanart, your own art, any art is acceptable, and duplicate decks are allowed, so don't feel like you can't submit a fake deck of a character someone else has already done.

If you'd like to contribute to the gallery, fill out the form below and comment on this post to have your fake deck added to the gallery. Note that if a character has an official deck, I will not accept your fake deck, and if in the future a character with a fake deck obtains an official deck, I will take down the fake deck.

On another note, I'm also gathering player resources! This means things like mass deck banner templates, player banner templates, the first mastery template... any sort of template that can be used to make a graphic for Colors! Tutorials for setting up etcg or anything else you can think of that would help players are also welcome! If you have a template or resource you'd like to share with the rest of the community, plop a comment down here linking to the file too. They will be put on the Player Resources page. Thanks!