26 November 2013 @ 01:21 am
Hello everyone! Once again, I will not be collecting from the new release, so if you would like a slot, please see if you have anything from my currently collecting or high priority! edit: all full!
I'm also looking for red crayons! Crayons available: Purple CrayonPurple Crayon

01. orion13 for [personal profile] estamir ikebukuro09
02. demonstone06 for [personal profile] estamir illusions10
03. dreamdiary15 for [personal profile] fall littlepuppy18
04. damocles18 for [personal profile] utsuwa albhed06
05. tuning01 for [personal profile] painter ikebukuro20
06. puns01 for [personal profile] painter composing03
07. nyanyanya04 for [personal profile] laurant dullahan02
08. soporific04 for [personal profile] laurant primo02
09. ebracrypt11 for [personal profile] acperience exorcist05
10. proxy/impoverished10 for [personal profile] acperience exorcist18
sp. jobs03 for [personal profile] estamir zanarkand08

edit: all passed out! Thank you, everyone!

As always, normal trades are more than welcome!

04 November 2013 @ 01:24 am
Hello everyone! I won't be actively collecting any of the new decks, instead, would anyone like to trade for slots? Anything in my Currently Collecting or High Priority is preferred!

1. Red Scarf06 for Tenseiga14 [personal profile] karayan
2. Forte05 for [personal profile] lanvaldear
3. Penetration13 for Synthesizer17 [personal profile] utsuwa
4. Blackberry06 for Boisterous10 [personal profile] laurant
5. Utsuwa11 for Mild12 [personal profile] fall
6. Tattooed06 for Solo10 [personal profile] fall
7. Vierge18 for Chocobo09 [personal profile] nyxnoxbox
8. Handshake06 for Judecca08 [personal profile] estamir
9. Historian18 for Wayward03 [personal profile] estamir
10. Hawkeye13 for Grapes10 [personal profile] stag
sp. Misguided08 for Hitsuzen19 [personal profile] nyxnoxbox

As always, normal trades are welcome too!

21 July 2013 @ 12:58 am
Hello! Jumping on the early bandwagon and putting up my slots! I'm looking to get Eren Yeager's cards which is hotblooded/rage!

1. seeress04 for [personal profile] lanvaldear (hotblooded/rage01)
2. koga08 for [personal profile] skaldadottir (hotblooded/rage02)
3. zagan05 for [personal profile] rubatosis (hotblooded/rage03)
4. engestsu01 for [personal profile] gilbo (hotblooded/rage04)
5. salaryman04 for [personal profile] ankari (hotblooded/rage05)
6. vinea10 for [personal profile] yanyan (hotblooded/rage06)
7. prison04 for [personal profile] rosa (hotblooded/rage10)
8. hotblooded/rage20 = me

Always up for regular trades too! I'm looking for Timber Owl, Solo, and Heroic cards, but my main priority is Balbadd cards!

16 July 2013 @ 06:39 pm
Hello! I'm new to all this, so I'm not too sure what all to put, but I'm mainly looking for Balbadd, Heroic, Timber Owl, and Solo cards! If there's anything that you'd be willing to trade with me, do let me know! Thanks!