20 August 2017 @ 08:39 pm
Yo, it's that time again! I collecting backpack and powdersnow mainly, but any of the new Pokemon cards are cool. Normal trades are cool as well. Also, I have some extra decks that need donating if you can spare a slot.

1. backpack01
2. powdersnow01
3. zingzap01
4. pinky01
5. stealthhero01
6. grain02 (for backpack02)
7. antecedent16 (for backpack03)
8. sweetshop?? (for backpack04)
9. lipreading02 (for backpack05)
10. flashy05 (for backpack02)
SP. splash01

17 July 2017 @ 10:22 pm
I'm mainly collecting yourboy and inthebag, but any of the Pokemon decks are cool! Normal trades are also welcome (plus I have an extra signatures cards if we haven't traded signatures)! As always, I have more decks to donate if you have any free donation slots.

1. yourboy01
2. inthebag01
3. firefang01
4. rocknuzzle01
5. dewford01
6. mindbadge01
7. petalburg01
8. mossdeep01
9. butcher05
10. gemdust11
SP. brows09

20 June 2017 @ 10:09 pm
It's that time again! This time I'm collecting caneblast, malasada, and dimensions (also mythicals and specials)! I'm also open for normal trades, so free feel to offer those too. Finally, I have some decks in need of donating, so if you have free donation slots that would be real helpful. :D

1. caneblast01
2. malasada01
3. dimensions01
4. tv09 (for specials01)
5. greatspirit05 (for malasada02)
6. agoraphobic07 (for caneblast02)
7. arsene06 (for dimensions02)
8. pining03
9. lovestorm19 (for caneblast03)
10. yousei05 (for malasada03)
SP. mythicals01

15 April 2017 @ 02:45 pm
It's that time of the month again! This time I'm after the decks: moves, wetsuit, and bro!

1. moves01
2. wetsuit01
3. bro01
4. evilking04 for wetsuit02 (needles)
5. prankdevil06 for bro02 (chuuya)
6. chatty04 for wetsuit04 (catfriend)
7. corgi03 for bro04 (catfriend)
8. ??? for moves02 (magaru)
9. ??? for wetsuit05 (magaru)
10. ??? for bro05 (magaru)

I'm also open for normal trades, my tradepile is here and here. I need to give out some more gifts for PoG too, so feel free to grab up to two free cards! c:

Also, I have one more Koopa Kid deck that needs donating. If you have a free slot there's an extra card or a crayon in it for you! c;

18 February 2017 @ 06:18 pm
Might as well kill two birds with one stone and make a joint post for February Slots and V-Day Chocolates! My card post is here, if you're looking to give me a chocolatey gift/something to exchange for a Feb slot.

First, Chocolates!
x0 x0 x0 x0 x0 x0 x0 x0
Chocolate! )

Now, February Slots! I'm collecting three of my favorite boys (including the best boy) this month: stench, supersize, and balloon!
Feb Slots! )
20 January 2017 @ 10:26 pm
Hey-o! I need three or so more trades for PoG. I'm focusing on teammagma, teamaqua, ditz, and musical right now, but anything in my wishlist/future deck is cool. I'm new, so my trade pile (in previous link) is meager. :( Also, I have some January slots open! I'll trade a slot for stammivicino or eros.

1. eros01 (mine)
2. stammivicino01 (mine)
3. agape03 for stammivicino02 (lee)
4. lastrites02 for stammivicino03 (olivia)
5. etoile-same05 for eros02 (kim)
6. himegimi15 for stammivicino04 (kiri)
7. amazing07 for eros03 (sami)
8. fine06 for horn07 (cami)
9. kingjj/arme
10. magiic/halftone
sp. gods05 (mine)
bonus. (mine)