20 August 2014 @ 10:41 pm
My focus lately has been outside of TCGs, and unfortunately, it's come the time for me to quit Colors ;n; I had a lot of fun amassing so many cards, but that quickly got out of hand /o\ Which is to say, I will very likely be rejoining at a much future date and start anew-- but for now, I've got cards to give homes to before I put in my official drop notice I heard Recycled Art is becoming a monster so hopefully you guys can help thin out the pile

1) I have all my July and August slots/bonus to gift; max two cards per person. Please specify which month!
2) The following crayons are available for grabs; max one crayon per person
3) I am opening up ALL my cards to take, unlimited number per person. My only request is that you ask for cards you're actually planning to collect, since there are some collecting/future that are more than halfway to completion already. I've got a complete Fourstival deck too, for those of you who missed parts of the event!

Thank you so much for having me this past year and a half ♥ ♥ ♥ It's been a blast, guys :D
10 June 2014 @ 08:24 pm
Not off hiatus yet I'm actually right in the middle of finals, HAHAHA but I was pointed to the new release and absolutely love the new Vivillon deck so wanted to grab release cards before I forget and accidentally disappear for half a year and miss my chance at it :P So I might as well pick out things for people for the other slots!

Slots for Collecting/Future/if you want to give me a Vivillon
1. prayer06
2. bodhisattva11
3. sharilton06
4. heartbuns06
5. spokeswoman01
6. fodra19
7. obedient17
8. daggers03
9. harasho08
sp. region## for me

I don't have any new cards since last month, but if there's any trading (random or not!) you'd like to do for PoG or Acrostics or anything, then have at it! :D I'll be replying back here and there; thanks ♥
04 May 2014 @ 12:03 pm
Hi all~ I'm planning on going on hiatus soon, but before I do that I wanted to put up my trading pile one last time! I'll of course be here for the May Release to give cards to those I owe them to, so don't worry about that /o/

Please look through my trade pile and very future futures if there is anything you want, and pick up up to ten cards as gifts and a thank you for being such wonderful people ♥ If there are over ten that you want, please have the other ones be trades for anything I'm collecting (don't worry about priority)! If you need random trades for PoG and Poet's Acrostic tasks, feel free to use my trading pile too~ I also have four signatures left if anyone needs signature trades!!

/end shoddily written post, haha, so unorganized ;; This post'll be open until next week or whenever interest dies down. Thanks!!
25 April 2014 @ 10:04 pm
I've been somewhat slacking lately, whoops :x So instead of adding to my future decks that I'll never master in a timely matter, I'm offering my slots for decks I'm Collecting (Pokemon) or will collect in the Future (Furuba, FMA, Tenipuri)! I have extra slots +2 for a total of 12, if necessary. I prefer cards, but I will also take red crayons for slots to work on my monochrome portfolio! I also have a fair amount of the other colors I will swap for reds too :)

Read more... )

Random trades, etc! Note that I now have a mass deck featuring girls with pink hair, so if you have any unneeded cards with that descriptor, feel free to drop them off at my post ♥ :D Thank you!
30 March 2014 @ 06:38 pm

I am actually super excited for Joey's deck, hahaha, go figure :P There's a bunch of other decks I'm eyeing this month, but then RATTATA deck /o/ Offering all my slots +2 extra +special, slot for slot only please~

1. detection15 [personal profile] utsuwa for rattata05
2. visions18 [personal profile] toran for rattata15
3. pediatrician04 [personal profile] euploeamulciber for rattata20
4. druid07 [personal profile] count_2_three for rattata03
5. stride06 [personal profile] linsang for rattata07
6. villagerb05 [personal profile] rubatosis for rattata13
7. writing01 [personal profile] reneetwist for rattata17
8. supermarket07 [personal profile] blinkingrune for rattata11
9. sanction19 [personal profile] secretambition for rattata04
10. messhouen04 [personal profile] kippi for rattata12
Sp. daein08 [personal profile] estamir for rattata10

gastanets20 for rattata06 from [personal profile] heartdevourer
prima08 for rattata02 from [personal profile] aurorawing
composing10 for rattata08 from [personal profile] headset
latvia10 for rattata09 from [personal profile] zettaimuri

Also random trades (as many as you want ;D)! Because my poor old laptop's starting to lag whenever I open up the page, haha /o\ I'll start tossing cards into Art Studio at the end of every month now to cut down the numbers, and then seeing if there's any decks I want to siphon off to miscellaneous futures. Also, if you have extra signatures to trade let me know too!

Many thanks! o/

07 March 2014 @ 05:09 pm
Hi again~ Have another Poet's Acrostic/PoG/March Release post!

I'd love to trade with as many of you as possible, so have at my trade pile! \o/ With limited time offer of specials for regulars (collecting and non-miscellaneous futures preferred)! Random trades for regulars are always and still a-okay!


Primary level players! Here's another free-for-all post for you all to claim at! :D Up to three freebies may be requested for the first five Primaries, and one free card for the rest of you unlimited latecomers :P

My next monochrome portfolio is red, so I will trade out any other color for red crayons!

Look at all these potential reds! (I swear I will turn in crayons someday /o\ These have been piling up for over a year, hahaha)

For Poet's Trading, I'm looking for odd numbered cards starting with: LIIIOON, if you can help me out! Done! ♥

I've got +2 slots from last month's PoG, and am looking to collect the new Pokemon decks (show of hands, who's surprised?), so I can swap slots for poisonsting, smokescreen, countering!

slots! )

Thank you! (So many exclamations!! I'm just this happy to be able to trade with all of you! ;D)

14 February 2014 @ 11:37 am
Got my three boxes (5+10+25 = 40 lucky people!!)and am all geared up to throw cards (of love) at everybody! Come at me! ;D

[5/5 gifted] [10/10 gifted] [25/25 gifted]

All gifted out! o/

Also~ Cutting down my trading pile because wow, my eyes cross just looking at it. Regardless of Box Gifts, if there is anything in my trade pile you also/otherwise want, let me know so I can gift it to you! :D This is limited to one card per person (if there are other cards you'd like, I'm open for random trades!), but to an unlimited number of people!

All my love, Colors ♥

Will respond to everything later tonight when I get home! I'll make rounds to all you guys' posts later too!
05 February 2014 @ 07:34 pm
I like how ~monthly tasks~ have become a frenzy of LET'S SEE HOW MUCH I CAN GET DONE IN ONE WEEK :P And I'm not an exception, haha... So here I am, asking for task help and seeing if I can help anyone in return!

First order of business: I, like many others, lack the canon knowledge of memory-tampered characters ;O Help me please <3 [completed: 2/3]

Secondly, gifts! For the first five people to ask, if I have a card obtained in February that you'd like, please comment (my log is at the bottom of my cardpost, so you can crosscheck if it'd a Feb card) :D Alternatively, January Pot of Gold rewards haven't been added to my trade pile yet, so if there's something (with the exception of beautiful01, withdrawn05, gsleague04; and I would prefer to trade specials) that catches your eye, let me gift it to you and make all our lives easier!

Thank you all so much! <3

(Random trades still a go! Let me add to my [Future: Misc.] pile, haha)
10 January 2014 @ 11:46 am
First week of school and all its projects and deadlines getting in the way of perusing all these new shiny PoG cards in everybody's trade piles, haha ;; I'll probably make my rounds through everybody's trade posts later when I have time, but for now I thought I'd link mine here-- there's been 100+ cards added, so maybe you'll find something you like! :D Random trades are still a go, but note that I'm doing specials for specials for now.

I still need to swap three signature for this month's PoG, so if you have any for trade, it would help me a lot! Done!

In other news, I'm only grabbing 3 character decks and the special this month, so I have seven more slots up for grabs for anything in my mass collections (: Slots filled!

1. pinnacle13
2. granddream17
3. kokeshi11

4. leraje18 --> submissive20 [personal profile] mllelaurel
5. norespect04 --> starter20 [personal profile] ixionesis
6. escaflowne02 --> pinnacle14 [personal profile] beccastareyes
7. heartereki16 --> codename07 [personal profile] laurant
8. benetnasch04 --> apologize19 [personal profile] prisma
9. awakening05 --> purpose14 [personal profile] cardioid
10. aging17 --> faintattack03 [personal profile] acperience
sp. moonblast06

07 December 2013 @ 07:24 pm
/TRADING INTENSIFIES the closer I get to finals, hahaha. Buuuuutt, I'm really close to completing POG this month for the first time, so before I ban myself from the internet for a week, I thought I'd ask for help!

★ Gift: The first 5 people to ask (please leave comments in this post), can choose one freebie card from my trade pile~
★ Trades: I need 3 more trades from people I haven't traded with yet this month. Done and done!

Regular trades are still go! o/ If you don't have any collecting cards to offer, link me to your cardpost!

Many thanks ♥
21 November 2013 @ 10:41 pm
Hi again~ I'm super close to completing a couple decks, so before I spend some crayons I wanted to check the off chance you guys have any of these hiding in your trade piles:

trainer: 02/04/05/06/10/11/20
contests: 12/16/18/20
origin: 14/15/16/17/20
pokedex: 12/17/19
wildchild: 10/11/16/19/20

Other than that, I'm just promoting my post for normal trades again (:
Link me to your page if you don't have anything I'm collecting!

27 October 2013 @ 03:05 pm
Hey, all! o/ I'm collecting gekokujou next month, so here go my Nov slots.

1. [me] --> gekokujou01
2. close03, [personal profile] apprivoiser --> gekokujou02
3. cult04, [personal profile] kues --> gekokujou03
4. thinktank03 (Tokura Misaki), [personal profile] psithurism --> gekokujou04
5. scorch03, [personal profile] tempestuously --> gekokujou05
6. penetration06, [personal profile] utsuwa --> gekokujou06
7. morganatic05, [personal profile] acperience --> gekokujou07
8. handshake20, [personal profile] estamir --> gekokujou08
9. vierge01, [personal profile] nyxnoxbox --> gekokujou09

Anything from my trade pile for gekokujou cards too, and as usual regular trades are awesome. If you need a signature trade for the monthly Acrostic, I've got one left too.

If you need crayons, I have these available to trade for blue crayons:


06 October 2013 @ 03:32 pm
Hey, all! After a lot of checking and double-checking the questions and comments etc, I finally understand how Acrostics trades work, ahahaha. Wow, that only took forever. So! Here I am posting in hopes of getting in my remaining trades o/

Letters needed: QUICK BROWN FOX (all done! thank you!)
And random trades (or non-random trades!) are always welcome too!

Also, I've finally gotten around to applying for portfolios, and will be focusing on Blue decks, so if any of you have blue crayons you're willing to swap, please send them my way ♥

Thank you!

20 August 2013 @ 10:23 pm
Hello, all~ I haven't posted here in a while, so I thought now'd be a good time to do so and see if I can't whittle down my trade pile a bit. I'm collecting from the series Pokemon, Fruits Basket, and Fullmetal Alchemist, and am also open for random trades if you want to link me to your post!

If you need crayons, I'm free to trade them too, so long as it's not the last crayon of its color.

And, if any of you BOTB participants still need Pokemon cards by any chance, I'm willing to trade mine away for Collecting decks o/

06 September 2011 @ 01:41 am
Offering slots for the new deck release xD; I'm planning on collecting unchanging, so I have seven character and one special slot open~ I'm collecting Furuba decks, but don't mind trading for random cards either! \xD/

1. villager06 --> sparrow07; soporil
2. cruel01 --> unchanging01; lucathia_rykatu
3. madao16 --> unchanging03; arushiraoi
4. beautiful11 --> flamboyant18 w/ moon_wolfwriter
5. caring01 --> unchanging04 w/ mongoosehwrs
6. clothespeg05 --> unchanging05 w/ love_michiyuki

Special. ultima19 --> unchanging02; darkraven616

My trade post can be found here: http://oriaon.livejournal.com/28611.html
05 September 2011 @ 08:59 pm
Now, I'm not usually a big poster in this community, but this event has really fired up my competitive spirit.

Team Kou-kun: LET'S GO! )