17 December 2013 @ 07:15 pm
yo, yo, yoooooo. it's that time again so lets do thisssss. i'll be collecting ren kouha's deck leraje so YEAAAAH.

1. leraje(whatever) for leraje17 ( [personal profile] utsuwa )
2. rukh17 ( [personal profile] utsuwa )
3. (dumb little) baby fox17 ( [personal profile] utsuwa )
4. inheritance02 for leraje03
5. opening02 for leraje05
6. herbalism02 for leraje06
7. shanghai07 for leraje07 [personal profile] kues
8. mustablahblahiforgothowtospellthenamedunya12 ( [personal profile] utsuwa )
9. meganest04 for leraje08 ( [personal profile] gilbo )
( sp ) on hold

also i'm open for trades obviously! hit me up etc etc.

22 November 2013 @ 06:58 pm
HELLO IT'S DEV. I am here for december slots! I'll be collecting kingsaw so lets do this thiiiing.

1. damocles17 for kingsaw17 ( the one on the fluffy alpaca )
2. taunts07 for kingsaw01 ( [personal profile] lanvaldear )
3. palemoon11 for kingsaw02 ( [personal profile] psithurism )
4. doujinshi15 for kingsaw03 ( [personal profile] poland )
5. dreamdiary10 for kingsaw04 ( [personal profile] fall )
6. deadly05 for kingsaw06 ( [personal profile] apprivoiser )
7. bye-bye02 for kingsaw07 ( for nevi yeeee )
10. saved for myself!

( sp ) seele06 for kingsaw05 ( [personal profile] accelerator )

also open for normal trades but please leave them over at my post!

26 October 2013 @ 04:54 pm
Hello! I'm collecting swordlike over here and I'm almost close to mastering him! If you would all be so kind, if you have any swordlike cards you would trade for something else in my pile, I would be hella grateful.

Or if you'd like to trade cards from my trade pile for yellow crayons THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

I welcome normal trades as well, so come on over and we can do thingsssss. I've updated my pile since I've been so lazy so yeeees.

05 October 2013 @ 09:52 pm
hello card collectors, I'M SO.. SO CLOSE TO MASTERING B-RABBIT, I CAN TASTE IT SO would anyone like to trade crayons??? or trade cards for them, i will sell my soul for b-rabbit13/18 even........

here are the crayons i have! i'm looking for red crayons

but if you would like to do normal trades as well, i'm totally down for that!