06 July 2013 @ 05:47 pm
Hello! I'm Tote (pronounced toh-teh) and I'm new to the game.
You've got needs, I've got slots. So don't be a sloth and snag a slot because there'S LOTS of good cards coming in the next update. [0]

July slots
1. notequal06 for [personal profile] keiichiism
2. oldlion13 for [personal profile] nidoking
3. astronaut11 for [personal profile] beccastareyes
4. opast20 for [personal profile] secretambition
5. scalchop10 for [personal profile] miyoungie
6. fes11 [personal profile] blood
7. desudayo19 for [personal profile] ankari
8. kaka12 for myself

June slots
1. taforashia06 for [personal profile] beccastareyes
2. yatagarasu10, saru15 for [personal profile] yanyan
3. Chronicles02