03 October 2017 @ 01:52 pm
WHOOPS HELLO, I'M BACK! i ended up going on holiday to ireland and forgetting the internet existed but i return!! soon i'll be rewarding all my games and really getting back into the swing~

so trade with me! i'm not collecting anything from this release so please have at all my slots!

i need 12 trades for POG too, and regular trades are always welcome!

slots and pog stuff! )

24 August 2017 @ 06:19 pm
sorry for that crazy hiatus back there... life keeps eating me and it's not fair ;_;

as for slots, i'm my highest priority is consume!!! with fly and sting coming up second!

i need 10 trades for POG and i need to give out 5 gifts so if you get me a consume card you can take a gift from my trade pile too. <3
equally, if you see something you like in my trade pile, please ask for it!

slots and pog stuff! )
25 July 2017 @ 11:34 am
unfortunately july struck me with a surprise hiatus ;_; so for that i'm incredibly sorry! my games will start up again on friday, and hopefully i'll manage to reward previous rounds by the end of this week at the latest! <3

i just finished updating my trade post with cards i was awarded in like... june... so theres a lot of new stuff there! <3

i'm not collecting anything so please go for it! i have some extra slot coupons i really, really need to use up also.. so please ask for as many as you like!
1. arbitrator10
2. nosy03
3. gemdust15
4. radiance08
5. backfire05
6. ser-veresta05
7. inthebag06
8. self-driven05
9. calories02
10. kagemane05
sp. post-skip13

11. nosy10
12. superbeast04

pog stuff
i need to trade with 15 players so please help me out!
1. lady_paine
2. kureto
3. scblakdrgon
4. kelliedee
5. ivoryandhorn
6. sharksteeth
7. toffeecat
8. lahariel
9. skybuns
10. pinkoctopus
11. mori
12. veth
13. camilovesyou
14. netbug009
15. junee

24 June 2017 @ 08:49 pm
hi hi~ i'm not collecting this time and i need trades for pog, so please help me out! <3

1. artificial02
2. killed02
3. yousei07
4. agoraphobic20
5. greatspirit10
6. atlamillia08
7. genie08
8. slingshot09
9. archest09
10. cowlick08
sp. ghosts09

if i run out of slots but you want a card pls let me know cos i have some +2/+3 slot coupons still valid that i want to use asap!

POG trades
1. lahariel
2. skybuns
3. toffeecat
4. kellidee
5. needles
6. kureto
7. canute
8. chuuya
9. anaraine
10. kippi
11. adurotum
12. netbug
13. pinnku
14. curie
15. lacie

i also have TWELVE signatures (how x_x) so lets trade those if we haven't already!

ALSO.... if you dont want to load all the cards i have available to trade, all the card names are here in a google doc that you can just CTRL+F through! i use it for asking people for trades but it might be useful the other way round??

12 June 2017 @ 03:39 pm
so when i've taken on pot of gold and in the games i run i post the card names alongside the rewards i hand out. when i asked for feedback on this a lot of you said it was really handy and made it easier to log the cards.. which got me thinking!

it's pretty easy for me to retrieve card names ever since i came up with a macro to make it easier, but the actual process of making the macro is pretty simple too.. so i made a little guide for anyone that might want to try it out!

it means downloading a notepad program but it's a very safe and useful program, if that helps?

i run a PC so i don't know if it will be different for mac users (sorry! ;n;) but yes.

the link to it is here!

i hope it helps! <333
18 May 2017 @ 08:53 pm
hi colors! i feel like i haven't been here for so long .-.
may ate all my spare time and all my spoons, but i've missed you all ;_; so let's trade!

i'm not actively collecting anything. feel free to offer me anything for my future/far future or mass decks!

1. thecalm13
2. pester02
3. catbus10
4. 2ndlt07
5. itomori03
6. tokyo03
7. killing16
8. harumaki05
9. critical17
10. returns13
11. cynophobia19
12. stalks02
sp. lgbtgames19

as usual, i have a +2 slot coupon and a +3 slot coupon that i'm willing to use, so don't worry if all my slots disappear!

i'd also like to rack up a few more trades before the end of the month because i've been seriously lagging ;_; so please take a look at my trade pile! i added lots of new cards today!

if you don't have anything i want but i have lots of cards that you want, please speak up anyway! i'll accept random cards so you can get the things you want, i don't mind! ;v; <3

i also need to give out 6 gifts for POG so let me know if there's anything you'd like as a gift!

thanks for reading! <3 i hope you guys are having a great month!

25 April 2017 @ 11:03 am
super late because work has been slowly trying to eat me =A= how has april been going for you guys? <3

i'm not collecting anything again, so please take my slots! <3 if i run out of slots i have some bonus slot coupons to use up so take as many slots as you'd like!
i'll accept anything from my collecting/mass/future pages! but if you don't have anything i'd like, somehow, then feel free to come at me with random cards, i don't mind trading for things i'm not collecting if you want a card really desperately! :3

signature trades and regular trades are also welcome, of course! i've added a bunch of new cards this morning and last week so take a peek!

1. prankdevil19
2. sleepy12
3. protagonist03
4. astra03
5. dokkanpunch03
6. moves03
7. bro05
8. wetsuit05
9. tough13

sp. 8303

x 2 uses left x 1 use left

x 10

15 March 2017 @ 05:15 pm
not collecting anything, so go wild! <3 if i run out of slots i have some bonus slot coupons to use up, too!
regular trades are also welcome, i've recently done a huge card shift on my site so there's a lot of new cards in there!

1. sourkonbu09
2. subaru-kyun07
3. demonhunter16
4. sinbad04
5. androphilia03
6. poodle03
7. momo03
8. wolfcurse11
9. battlebond02
10. troublesome19

sp. species19

x 2 uses left x 1 use left x 9

i hope you guys are having a nice month so far! what's been going on with you all? anything exciting? :^D

21 February 2017 @ 12:34 pm
it's been a rough month for me, and i've been pretty busy so in my down time i've had little to no spoons to get stuff done, so please help me clear out things this month!

i'm not collecting anything, so have at my slots! i'll trade for things in collecting/future/mass/whatever really, i'm not picky

1. conventional18
2. praise18
3. chides18
4. 2wink12
5. tochika07
6. realworld04
7. neurotic02
8. rinrin08
9. exorcism07
10. yuujinchou16
sp. remakes02

x 2 uses left x 1 use left x 8



22 January 2017 @ 06:19 am

i'll be scurrying to collect famous this release so please take all my slots, and if you need any more i have a +2 slots coupon and a +3 slots coupon so lmk if you want me to use one or both of 'em for you!

1. famous01
2. kingjj16
3. shadowyato02
4. stammi18
5. lastrites13
6. amazing17
7. dollydolci17

regular trades and sig trades, as always, are great too!

~ x7
18 December 2016 @ 10:28 pm
i'm not collecting anything this month so have at my slots! i'll trade slots for anything for my collecting/future/mass decks. i also have a +2 slots coupon and a +3 slots coupon so lmk if you want me to use one of 'em for you!

1. mihotoke19
2. bomberrod19
3. dragonwhip19
4. powerdagger19
5. lute14
6. ratatouille14
7. bjd18
8. iceprince18
9. friedeggs18
10. drummer18
11. frilly05
12. royalties03
13. following05
sp. rpgmaker20
bn. hero04
bn. india05

use number 2

regular trades, as always, are great too o/

~ x7
20 November 2016 @ 05:38 pm
heeey, im looking to collect mokuton and seishun
but i'll accept toadsage, lolol, takeout, pragmatist, honeybuddha or selfies... because this release wants to kill me... or just regular trades and stuff, thats cool too

1. lolol01
2. seishun01
3. mokuton01
4. mob02
5. honeybuddha09
6. konpeito06
7. nee-san05
8. pragmatist06
9. takeout05
10. naps06
11. tablesalt05
12. jazzdance19
13. ansuz03
sp. sakamoto08
dn. sakamoto04
bn. reading01

~ x6
26 October 2016 @ 11:32 pm
i'm sorry for the community spam but i just realised i don't have enough trades for POG yet! ;A; so if anyone feels up to taking a look at my trade pile and helping me out? that would be great

i still have some slots too if you wanna take a look!!!

thank you in advance ;_;

~ x3
24 October 2016 @ 09:41 pm
hiii colors! this time i'm collecting lalalulu, my little otaku son, and bc i'm so late i'm willing to spend one use of my +2 slot coupon for those cards!

i'll also accept regular trades, but lalalulu is my priority <333

1. lalalulu02
2. therapist10
3. ganbaruby05
4. idolfangirl02
5. hundred17
6. staging17
7. all-seeing09
8. spices10
9. handicraft13
10. metatron11
11. danganbeat04
sp. superheroes06

~ x3
15 September 2016 @ 01:23 pm
i'm going to be away this week and probably the next, so i might not be able to get things like POG straightened out before then... so! i'm asking for help alongside all my slots this month.

EDIT: i just realised theres a bunch of cards i need to add so if you wanna hold off a little while i update, then watch this space! theres... a lot of cards i need to add, orz

1. fc3s11
2. fd3s11
3. absorption07
4. merge06
5. separate06
6. former07
7. slapjack09
8. medicinal04
9. seafood04
10. nikushogun04
sp. midorikaru14

i'll update this as often as i can.
as of right now i have/need:

7 trades
3 players to give gifts to

so please let me know if theres anything in my pile you'd like to trade, or anything you might want as a gift! o/ feel free to ask for crayons too, i have a fair amount.

~ x4
24 August 2016 @ 10:46 am
hiii, i havent done much trading this month but i got a bunch of new cards in my trade pile... so lets trade!

i also have slots since i'm not actively collecting anything this month o/

1. rufous01
2. fukurodani01
3. loveng03
4. firststring16
5. bone06
6. foulmouthed07
7. spiderwebs08
8. glaices11
9. npc11
10. lumen05
sp. grayscale17

and sigs tooooooo~

~ x3
20 July 2016 @ 04:08 pm
iiiiiiiiii'm not collecting anything again!! so i have slots!
and sigs too, if you're into that ;3c

i'll take anything from my collecting/mass/future/far future stuff
and regular trades are super great too!!! o/

1. lonepoet17
2. tabiidol01
3. december2501
4. exia05
5. sheeh05
6. oden06
7. obelisk02
8. nolonger07
9. expressive08
10. demonsnow12
sp. shortcuts06
bonus 1. weddings12
bonus 2. weddings06

all done, thank you!
but feel free to post any trades here!

~ x2
22 June 2016 @ 12:59 pm
hey i'm actually collecting something this time! and it's my avatar!!! :D

obviously emonzaemon is my priority, with maniwa and denied coming in close second (so i'll accept cards from those decks too :3c) i'm gonna have to leave the other three katanagatari decks till later to save my lazy butt the work....

slots all done! )

oorrrrrrrr you can pick ANYTHING from my tradepile or bribe pile, i will sell my soul for emonzaemon cards... you can pick up to three cards per emon card because i need him.

i have inspired01 from the release to trade out too!

regular trades of any size are welcome too! :^D or a sig trade

~ x3
17 May 2016 @ 01:51 pm
hi hello, i'm not collecting anything again, so i have slots for youuuu
and sigs too, if you're into that ;3c

1. gecko11
2. chick10
3. axolotl01
4. chase20
5. badge18
6. rosenburg03
7. grow12
8. roof07
9. stay04
10. pointy13
sp. pristo11

all done now, thank you! <3

~ x2
12 May 2016 @ 06:55 pm
hi! so yeah, i need to get my tradey bits out of the way before i obliterate my pile in the art studio, SO...

i need 5 more trades!!
and i need one more person to trade/give a card or a crayon to! if i have a card youre collecting, please hit me up! otherwise feel free to ask for a crayon from my teeny weeny pitiful pile of crayons.

i'm still open to regular trades tho!

but yes.... take a look at my trade pile! i also have four signatures kicking around if anyone wants to sig trade o/