09 March 2014 @ 11:10 pm
HI so i'd like to collect the AT-LOW deck this month! Just because I really want Atsuro I'm only trading slots out for at-low cards! (i also have +2 release slots that i would be fine with using so \o/) also if i have any cards i would trade those for your slots for at-low ;;

1. at-low01
2. yoohoo01
3. anguished01
4. create05 (for atlow04) - harukami
5. nobility08 (for atlow05) - ryner
6. gaudy14 (for atlow06) - apprivoiser

also i am so sorry for being 328492735 days behind (life hits like a truck istg) but ofc regular trades are always welcome!

18 January 2014 @ 12:42 pm
Hello! I had a couple things so I figured I'd shove them in one post...

1) I still have 1 regular and 1 sp slot open for January. I'd like to trade them either for any regular slots y'all still have (bandana~) or cards I'm collecting (cheshire, cigarettes, salmon, nerd, forbidden, little devil, devious) (gone~)

2) crayons... I have these

I'd like to trade for yellow or red crayons!

3) sig trade? i need one more for pog n_n (i can also always trade in for more if needed~)

4) and actually YOU KNOW THINGS COLLECTING THINGS (listed above) if you have them willing to trade me i'd love you forever yes. wanted to ask first before i headed to the art studio /o\ or...trades in general.

30 December 2013 @ 12:30 am
Last minute PoG scramble hahaha...

I still need a couple more trades with different players so here is my trade pile please have at it with random trades!

Also I still have 1 gift for red task so whoever comments first? :D :D

And as always I'm looking for 89th and late cards in particular.
01 December 2013 @ 12:09 pm
hi! i only just found the upcoming decks page hahahaha... anyway, i think i'd like to collect devious from december - or anything i'm currently collecting/future decks from my card post

1. devious01
2. homra/bar14 ([personal profile] adurotum)
3. dreamdiary04 ([personal profile] karayan)
4. deadly12 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
5. damocles20 ([personal profile] utsuwa)
6. tinto05 ([personal profile] heartbeams)
7. coexistence16 ([personal profile] tempestuously)
8. ebracrypt13 ([personal profile] acperience)
9. proxy/impoverished11 ([personal profile] acperience)
10. baby jan n_n

thank you!
26 November 2013 @ 08:49 pm
hello i am new and probably doing things wrong :D anyway i'm looking to trade slots in particular for blue crayons and 89th cards, but really, here's my cards post!

special: [yunyun]
1. 89th02 (me)
2. cheshire01 (me)
3. code20 (me)
4. deceiving01 (apprivoiser)
5. foraz saiqa05 (hoppip)
6. forbidden12 (estamir)
7. devil child01 (me)
8. flapping11 (me)
9. shinai20 (me)
10. amati01 (me)

i-i really don't know what i'm doing haha...ha....