24 January 2015 @ 11:57 am
Hello, guys! It's that time again!

Next month I will be collecting the fluffal deck, for Sora Shiun'in from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Mostly looking to trade slot for slot for him when it comes to them this month. Though if you need multiple slots, I am also interested in the other Arc-V guys (Entermate, and whatever Yuzu will be called).

1) fluffal01
2) alluring06 ([personal profile] koohii)
3) osmanthus/kinmoku20 ([personal profile] advancing)
4) 902902 ([personal profile] honeybrushedheart)
5) surviving/punishment/bobataro/angelichowl02 ([personal profile] honeybrushedheart)
6) seed/hospitalized/foul/english02 ([personal profile] honeybrushedheart)
7) axes02 ([personal profile] canute)
8) stickfigures/respond/texts19 ([personal profile] empanadas)
9) bluemaiden02 ([personal profile] onyxdotexe)
10) /no longer available
sp) menoris19 ([personal profile] acperience)

As always, regular/random trades are fine, any number of cards is a-ok.

04 January 2015 @ 11:42 am
Helloooo Colors! Hope you're enjoying the year so far.

Pot of Gold
So here's what I've got to do...

I have 6 trades to do.
I have 4 card gifts to give.
And I have 2 cards of powerful, fair fighters to find, so if you spot any in my trade pile, please let me know.

This month I will be collecting Erasure, the deck for Iris, from Megaman X. Trading out my slots for her or for cards in my collecting/high priorities/mass decks.

1) erasure01
2) bathhouse17 (for erasure02 - [personal profile] tonko)
3) cloud12 (for erasure03 - [personal profile] scblakdrgon)
4) firespin03 (for erasure04 - [personal profile] dialny)
5) puppy09 (for shrine14 - [personal profile] dialny)
6) request03 (for erasure05 - [personal profile] honeybrushedheart)
7) kukulcan04 (for erasure06 - [personal profile] adurotum)
8) remember05 (for erasure08 - [personal profile] anruik
SP) storybooks10 (for erasure11 - [personal profile] eyvindur)

As always, regular/random trades are fine, any number of cards is a-ok.

08 December 2014 @ 06:25 pm
And here is my monthly "slots and trades" post!


I have two gifts to give, and one trade of something someone already owns! Come and get 'em.


I'm not going to be collecting anything urgently this month; while mithos and cruxis are both going in my high priorities, I'm not going to be pursuing them for some time, so my slots are available for things I'm collecting, planning to collect, or for direct slot trades if that's what you want.

1) comp07
2) half-elf01
3) cruxis01
4) charmer?? (Onyx)
5) nora13 (Hijiri - for cruxis 20)
6) trash11 (Netbug)
7) vegetation08 (Netbug)
8) grownup19
9) darkpower06

Regular/Random trades are a-ok by me! Any size is fine. And as a record, I have two donation slots going unused, so if anyone is seeking extra slots this month, feel free to hit me up.

23 October 2014 @ 11:15 pm
Howdy~! Okay so, I still have some tasks to finish for POG:

0 more Masteries! My closest deck is blackmist, so looking for cards 13, 16, 17 and 18 of that! Alternatively, I do have one blue crayon and one purple crayon I would be willing to trade for gray crayons. (4/4 gray crayons obtained!)
0 more gifts to give! Even if other people have claimed these, feel free to ask for a gift anyway. And...
0 more unique traders.

I also am not planning to actively collect anything for November, so all my slots are available. Anything I'm collecting or planning to collect (future, wishlist, mass deck) is fine.

9/11 slots filled )

Regular/random trades are also welcome!

07 October 2014 @ 03:47 pm
Helloooo Colors! Dipping my toes into the trade comm again.

PoG )

October slots )

Regular/random trades are also welcome!

07 September 2014 @ 04:47 pm
I have no september slots left for trade! Thank you, guys. ♥ This month I'm aiming to first master (or at least master, if I get beaten to it) Suffering, the Moge-ko deck, from Mogeko Castle. I'm willing to offer cards in my trade pile for extra slots to make it easier, and also willing to swap yellow crayons for red ones.

Regular and random trades are always welcome.

27 August 2014 @ 04:07 pm
Hello, everyone! I'm throwing myself into the slot trading for the first time.

See, I really want to master one of the upcoming decks - the Moge-ko deck, in fact. Which I believe is going to be called Suffering (or Psychopathic). So I'm opening up my slots for September. I'm entirely unconcerned about specials, so my special slot is available as well! I'm also always up for regular trades.

1: suffering01
2: modelx10 (Uri - suffering02)
3: notes06 (Nikita/[personal profile] forevertobestill - suffering03)
4: collapses04 (Tara/[personal profile] dancingmuffins - suffering04)
5: welcome03 (Sky - suffering05)
6: corseit03 (Laurant - suffering06)
7: resistance08 (Ralene/[personal profile] radria - suffering07)
8: armband?? (Hijiri/[personal profile] ixionesis - suffering08)
9: tohoku04 (K!ku - suffering09)
10: dodge10 ([personal profile] dialny - suffering10)
SP: kuuderes17 (pam/[personal profile] empanadas - suffering11)