18 October 2015 @ 02:10 pm

1. october slots! i'm interested in the secret shop and sadhiporoja decks. i'll trade slot for slot but i'll also take red crayons and collecting/future cards, as always!

1. secretshop01
2. sadhiporoja01
3. venicillin09 (secretshop02)
4. sukumizu09 (sadhiporoja02)
5. temari03 (signorina16)
6. itch12 (stonemask11)
7. deserteagle13 (sadhiporoja03)
SP. maybirthday09 (yesiam12)

2. pot of gold! i still need to do some trading and give out gifts, so feel free to nab yourself a card from my trade pile! as for trades, i love all sorts of them, just come at me.

3. i'm not sure if i'll have anything to donate this month so my three slots are up for grabs!!

23 September 2015 @ 01:25 pm
i've been super distracted during the past few weeks but i continue to be here. hopefully this month i'll be less flakey...

so, september slots. i imagine everyone's gotten them all used up at this point so the ol' "slot for current/future/mass deck card" will be fine. but in case someone still has their slots left, atmosphere, ghost room or yes i am cards would be great!

1. atmosphere01
2. ghostroom01
3. yesiam01
4. craft07
5. eastern07
6. pyrokinetic17
7. envoy09
8. pessimist08
9. hazakura02
10. reserved!
SP dancers07

oh also, i'm fashionably late pretty overdue with my portfolios so i'm on the lookout for broomstick, ordinary and admire cards.

any other trades are also super fine! i'm behind on those and i'd like to catch up. B)

25 August 2015 @ 07:29 pm
hello! i've been gone for two weeks and then i've been too lazy, but now i'm here, i updated and i have Slots.

i'd love to trade for cards from the fire emblem (manakete, wing spear, tyrfing) or jjba (sirens, echoes, hierophant, lovedeluxe) decks but i'll also accept current/future/mass deck cards, especially since i figure that everyone's used up their slots by now, haha.

1. manakete01
2. tyrfing01
3. oar02 ([personal profile] urameshi; manakete02)
4. jr03 ([personal profile] urameshi; tyrfing02)
5. krik04 ([personal profile] adurotum; tyrfing06)
6. daoshi16 ([personal profile] vethica; forelock18)
7. thorough15 ([personal profile] zeittari; killerqueen02)
8. gungi11 ([personal profile] stag; pherae04)
9. chimeraking11 ([personal profile] stag; pherae14)
10. miroku09 ([personal profile] shadowblight; ???)
SP. augbirthday01 ([personal profile] zeittari; foundation05)

and regular trades are welcome as always! ♥

27 July 2015 @ 02:58 pm
hi! i just updated with like 100 cards and got my portfolios so i'm itching to trade! i still need to master admire, broomstick, cavalry (just one more card ;_;) and selece to complete the palette one, so these are the decks i'm most interested in, but all trades are good trades. and as usual, feel free to just link me to your trade pile!

(i'm also interested in red, blue and purple crayons, but it's not a high priority.)

06 July 2015 @ 03:44 pm
it's july slots time!

i'm interested in the pink cup and cosmic mind decks so i would prefer to trade slots for slots, but i'll also take cards from decks i'm collecting and futures.

1. pinkcup01
2. cosmicmind01
3. shorthair03 for [personal profile] vethica for rayearth19
4. wolfsbane01 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon for shiningone11
5. solarknee09 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon for cosmicmind02
6. swim03 for [personal profile] dialny for cosmicmind19
7. piercedboy03 for [personal profile] estamir for broomstick20
8. spirius07 for [personal profile] nidoking for cosmicmind04
9. hari20 for [personal profile] shadowblight for cosmicmind15
10. ?? for [personal profile] fortuneparty for ??
SP. reserved for me

regular trades are, as always, more than welcome! and feel free to ask me for up to two cards as gifts so i can do the pog task /o/ (btw if you offered me a trade and i never replied, please let me know, dreamwidth might've eaten the notif :(!)

25 June 2015 @ 12:53 pm
hi, colors, it's me again!

first order of business: crayons. all gone, thank you! :>

second of all, an interest check! as you might know, fire emblem: fates was released in japan today. i'll use this as an opportunity to ask: would you be interested in more decks of characters from older games in the series? i've been thinking that, thanks to manga adaptations, side materials and cutscenes, it might be possible to donate a few more characters from fe1/3, fe4, fe6, fe9/10 (this is a big maybe because tellius has like, no side materials) and fe13 (if the gag comics permit). thing is, i don't want these decks to languish in recycled art/asobot initiative forever, which is why i'm asking you to see if anyone else is interested!

and thirdly, trade with me, i love trades. |D
16 June 2015 @ 01:28 pm
so, the release happened! and i still have one more slot up for grabs. it's for free because pot of gold/anniversary gifts!

i also finally have something at least resembling a trade pile, so trade with me, friends!

06 June 2015 @ 11:25 pm
i still have five june slots free and i'm using them to cover my anniversary event/pog gifts, so if you're in need of a free june release card, i'm here!
04 June 2015 @ 11:06 am
okay so! i am card poor as heck but anniversary and pot of gold want me to gift nine cards. i have nine regular june slots free. this is clearly destiny

so one slot per person, first come first serve!

1. shoutoku12 for [personal profile] zettaimuri (hey muri we agreed on a trade but if you want this to also be a gift, be my guest!)
2. fenrir01 for [personal profile] advancing
3. gross?? for [personal profile] stag
4. switchon or honeykiss06 for [personal profile] fortuneparty
5. vanargand15 for [personal profile] eonflamewing
6. rosethorns01 for [personal profile] tatsuta
7. fierydesire12 for [personal profile] estamir
8. silkmoth19 for [personal profile] beaslays
9. maiko18 for [personal profile] zeittari
SP. boxweapon18 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon
30 May 2015 @ 11:20 pm
hello, colors! i'm colette. i just joined, and this means i still have may slots!

i'm a huge fire emblem so i'd like to collect avatar and my unit, but feel free to offer any other fe cards or just link me to your tradepile! there's lots of cards i want so i'm sure i'll find something i like.

1. myunit01
2. avatar02
3. [personal profile] sal fightinggirl19
4. [personal profile] sal 4thdistrict19
5. [personal profile] sal therese19
6. [personal profile] estamir kanegasaki17
7. [personal profile] estamir odani17
8. [personal profile] vethica picasso20
9. [personal profile] zeittari kabuki09
10. [personal profile] eonflamewing bauxite14
special. [personal profile] fortuneparty femaleidols20
bonus. [personal profile] honeybrushedheart support05

i don't have a lot of cards to offer for trade yet, sadly! but here's my post just in case.