24 February 2016 @ 03:07 am
Hey, Colors! Doing a late hop aboard the February slots train: on the off chance anyone still has slots left, I'd be interested in slot trades for black fang, but otherwise, I'm opening up my slots for cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections!

1. blackfang11
2. orphanage10
3. alcoholic06
4. nanashi12
5. buddypolice07
6. danger07
7. ikayaki04
8. calamari04
9. brusque19
10. hakari15
sp. heirs17

As always, regular trades welcome as well.

16 January 2016 @ 09:47 pm
Hello, Colors! For this month's release, I'm interested in the equal deck (and the reformed and girl-shy decks, to a lesser extent), so I'll be trading my slots either for other slots or for cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority decks!

1. equal20
2. reformed10
3. girl-shy10
4. sunfighter20
5. deckbuilder20
6. analyzer01
7. posttown04
8. humanworld04
9. well-spoken08
10. xyz05
sp. janbirthday03

And as usual, regular trades welcome! ♥

04 December 2015 @ 01:17 am
Hi, Colors! I am very late to the November train, so offering up my slots for cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections or, on the off chance anyone still has slots available, defected cards!

I'm also not collecting anything from the December release, so all of my slots are open in exchange for the aforementioned cards!


1. defected11
2. venomous02
3. paintbrush07
4. splendid08
5. ahsha07
6. altmile07
7. surprises02
8. zero-one04
9. watching05
10. trattoria04
sp. fflove02

1. fancastle16
2. muscle01
3. kurokami16
4. nagumo16
5. lukeim14
6. myu16
7. dancefusion16
sp. nohr07

Regular trades also welcome!

27 September 2015 @ 04:31 pm
Greetings, Colors! First, there's nothing I'm interested in from the September release, so I'll be offering my slots for cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections!

Secondly, for October, I'm looking to collect itch (Guineung from I Don't Want This Kind of Hero's deck) and thus offering my slots for slot trades or, again, cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections! All taken!


1. pyrokinetic11
2. verdancy11
3. blanket18
4. precision06
5. always08
6. ultimate08
7. yesiam07
8. thechariot07
9. craft04
10. eastern04
sp. assassins08

1. telekinetic??
2. contracted??
3. hihio03
4. drains/beams18
5. throatfly/gluttony18
6. ryujinjakka/eijisai/gotei1318
7. itegumo18
8. hakudan18
9. gastronomy18
10. godstongue/palate18
sp. kweh??

As always, regular trades welcome too!

30 June 2015 @ 12:12 am
Hey, Colors! First, I still have two June slots available, for which I'm looking either for slot trades or cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priorities!

Secondly, from the upcoming release, I'm interested in human drug (and, uh, florist and intestines for anyone else collecting multiple decks) aka Osu from I Don't Want This Kind of Hero (and No. 1 & No. 2 from the same series), so I'll be looking for slot trades!

1. humandrug??
2. florist??
3. intestines??
4. pyuro07 — humandrug01 ([personal profile] chronikle)
5. band14 — intestines01 ([personal profile] falondin)
6. shikaisen02 — florist20 ([personal profile] kues)
7. cosmicmind02 — intestines20 ([personal profile] kues)
8. hari19 — humandrug20 ([personal profile] shadowblight)
9. sacraments??
10. moe
sp. HELD

And as always, regular trades welcome!

07 June 2015 @ 02:33 pm
Hey, Colors! For the June release, I'll be trading my slots for either cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections or slots for old friend (Zess from Break Blade's deck)!

1. beyond??
2. know-it-all??
3. sangriarosa07
4. devout?? — oldfriend01 ([personal profile] shadowblight)
5. scorpion17 — oldfriend20 ([profile] scblakdragon)
6. fenrir09 — oldfriend10 ([personal profile] vethica)
7. shoutoku05 — oldfriend11 ([personal profile] zettaimuri)
8. dualkagune05
9. hasedo12
10. kemari17
sp. HELD

And as always, regular trades welcome!

08 May 2015 @ 06:28 pm
Yo, Colors! I'm not collecting anything from the upcoming release, so I'll be trading my slots for cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority piles.

1. unkillable14 — purelove04 ([personal profile] needle)
2. minazuki16 — gifted03 ([profile] scblakdragon)
3. similar12 — purelove18 ([personal profile] koohii)
4. denpa14 — bum14 ([personal profile] moon_wolf)
5. rage16 — rian19 ([personal profile] kuranosuke)
6. odani11 — dknight11 ([personal profile] estamir)
7. kanegasaki12 — doubt12 ([personal profile] estamir)
8. shizugatake18 — doubt18 ([personal profile] estamir)
9. abs/abu18 — femme10 ([personal profile] stag)
10. nagare?? ([personal profile] shoutarou)
sp. held

And as always, regular trades welcome! ♥

28 March 2015 @ 06:18 pm
Hey, Colors! A few orders of business:

First, I've still got March slots left over! I'm interested in headstrong and tonic on the off chance people still have slots left, but if not, I'll take anything in mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority for slots!

slots under cut )

Secondly, April slots! I'm looking to collect deluded and unafraid aka Uzuki and Ryuuichi from Shirayukihime to 7-nin no Shuujin's decks if anyone's looking for slot trades, but otherwise, I'll again take mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority for slots. o7

more slots under cut )

And as always, regular trades welcome! ♥

29 December 2014 @ 08:49 pm
Hey, Colors! Two orders of business here:

First, slots! I have some slots available for January, for which I'll take either cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections or for slot trades (I'm interested in sane prince & mad prince, aka the decks of the two Virid Visette Viridians—older & younger, respectively—from There, Beyond the Beyond).

4. midnight08 — saneprince01 ; [personal profile] empanadas
5. cloud14 — lark16 ; [personal profile] scblakdrgon
6. hellafire19 — purelove06 ; [personal profile] sal
7. bathhouse?? — saneprince20 ; [personal profile] tonko
8. cottage?? — madprince20 ; [personal profile] tonko
9. request/responsibility02 — madprince01 ; [personal profile] honeybrushedheart
10. HELD
sp. HELD

Secondly, Secret Santa! I still have 9 gifts left to give out, so if you want a card, then tell me which card here and thou shalt receive. c:

1. tentacular
2. adurotum
3. toran
4. kotetsu
5. tetsurou
6. tonko
7. honeybrushedheart
8. netbug009
9. vethica

And as usual, regular trades welcome as well!

01 December 2014 @ 06:43 pm
Hello, Colors! A reminder that, for anyone who might be interested in them, I still have November slots (and October slots, for that matter) available here, for which I'll also be accepting low priority cards. c:

That aside, I'm also opening up my slots for the December release for mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority or for slot trades, as I'm interested in handsome/senior/sunbae aka Sasa from I Don't Want This Kind of Hero's deck!

3. possible18 — (sasa)01 ; [personal profile] empanadas
4. goya05 — noona10 ; [personal profile] eyvindur
5. current06 — ladykiller03 ; [personal profile] estamir
6. pawn06 — nil10 ; [personal profile] estamir
7. ddd13 — placetobe08 ; [personal profile] skybuns
8. shoutengai14 — bluebird03 ; [personal profile] skybuns
9. dwn-01901 — (sasa)20 ; [personal profile] hyoga
10. health08
sp. HELD

And as always, regular trades are welcome too!

23 October 2014 @ 12:29 am
Hi, Colors! I've been pretty busy this month, but I've finally caught up on things including finally finishing updating my post with cards from the past... months... and as there's nothing I'm interested in this month or the next, I'll be offering up my slots for anything from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority!


1. seaotter04
2. kissme16
3. passage09
4. acting04
5. princely06
6. premier02
sp. sparkling11


1. greathawk01 — babyfox02 ([personal profile] eyvindur)
2. hokage06 — danceflame06 ([personal profile] stag)
3. aldnoah16 — losttrust06 ([personal profile] empanadas)
4. (slaine troyard)13 — anxiety19 ([personal profile] empanadas)
5. kaleid17 — spokeswoman09 ([personal profile] kuranosuke)
6. heresy13 — pitiful12 ([personal profile] estamir)
7. prakk17
sp. decbirthday06

And as usual, regular trades are welcome!

11 September 2014 @ 11:01 pm
Hey, Colors! I'm not super interested in any decks this release, so I'm offering up my slots for anything from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority sections. Or, if anyone has their special slot available, I'll trade slots for kuuderes cards too!

1. budget10
2. notes05
3. collapses19
4. mikorin01
5. polkadot18
6. ibis11
7. skillhunter15
8. suffering13
9. dee-dee02
10. armband02
+11. corseit19
+12. happysong02
sp. danderes12

Regular trades welcome as well, etc.! ♥

03 July 2014 @ 05:15 pm
Hi, Colors! From the upcoming release, I'm interested in swapping slots for pitiful, aka Dune from I Don't Want This Kind of Hero's deck! That said, since this is fairly late, I'll also take any cards from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority decks for slots. c:

1. pitiful??
2. battlemem18 — [personal profile] onyxdotexe ; pitiful01
3. saved19 — [personal profile] cendol ; bum17
4. clearing06 — [personal profile] cendol ; gifted06
5. lazing03 — [personal profile] cendol ; smiling10
6. stupidcat13 — [personal profile] hanakoanime ; pitiful20
7. affection13 — [personal profile] dialny ; pitiful10
8. anxiety02 — [personal profile] igiko ; pitiful05
9. grebe10 — [personal profile] crystalweaver ; pitiful17
10. spalding/southpaw?? — [personal profile] eclair ; pitiful13
sp. fistcuffs03 — [personal profile] byakkun ; swearing15

On a second note, I'll likely be turning in some crayons soon, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone else has the cards I need first, so if you have any of the following, consider trading with me?

batanima: 03/17
bearanima: 01/20
blueribbon: 02/06/07/10/11/12/13/15/16/18/19/20
crowanima: 03/13
fishanima: 13
instinct: 06/10/12/18/19
regenerate: 06/08/11/15/18
setz: 04/08/14/17

I can tell you right now that practically nobody else wants regenerate or instinct SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL TRADE THEM TO ME—

And as always, regular trades are welcome too! ♥ As I continue to... slowly update my card post...

04 June 2014 @ 05:08 pm
Hi, Colors! I've been kind of absent for the last few months, but hopefully I'll be up to date soon enough. In any case, there's nothing from the upcoming release that I have a burning need for, so I'll be trading the remainder of my slots for either people's special slot for the seinen deck or for anything from my mass collecting/regular collecting/high priority decks!

1. coward??
2. dramatic??
3. (fukunaga)??
4. curses??
5. spokeswoman??
6. passive??
7. sakuya05 — insania09; [personal profile] toran
8. HM-43214 — silhouettes18; [personal profile] empanadas
9. the cutest ancestor card for moe — seinen01
10. apologetic18 — seinen20; [personal profile] hanakoanime
sp. reserved

Also, while I've still got a million cards I need to add to my post, regular trades are always welcome (even if I might be a little slow, welp). ♥

30 March 2014 @ 05:32 pm
Hi, Colors! Firstly, from the upcoming release, I'll be focusing on onlyreason/livestock, aka Hyakuya Yuuichirou from Owari no Seraph's deck, and so slot swaps are a go!

1. (yuu)??
2. druid02 — (yuu)01 (sky)
3. boomerang/ruins02 — (yuu)05 (jen)
4. kazu08 — (yuu)13 (kazu)
5. detection13 — (yuu)06 (moe)
6. villagerb03 — (yuu)14 (chelsea)
7. simple11 — (yuu)19 (yun)
8. visions02 — (yuu)12 (em)
9. poultry/poultryfarm04 — (yuu)16 (lila)
10. genking05 — (yuu)02 (laurant)
sp. daein18 — yuu20 (sammich)

for personal reference )

Secondly, I'm looking to wrap up my portfolio! If you have any of the following cards, I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS THEM so you might as well trade them with me—

de-aging: 07, 09, 10, 12, 16, 20
aging: 07, 09, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18

Alternatively, I'm looking for 1 more blue crayon:

Thirdly, I've been doing some very last-minute POG, and the last task I need to complete is the grey one—so the first three primary level players who ask are free to have a gift from my trading pile. c:

And, as always, regular trades are welcome! ♥

20 February 2014 @ 07:55 pm
Greetings, Colors! I've still got 11 1 slot left in my Mega Box, so come and get a gift from me if you haven't already received one! c: All full!

1. padlock05; [community profile] lewin
2. ghostgirl03; [personal profile] cendol
3. selfless11; [personal profile] empanadas
4. rhythmia04; [personal profile] preternatural
5. tennights05; [personal profile] secretambition
6. isshu04; [personal profile] surskit
7. miracles13; [personal profile] hoppip
8. starmiya01; [personal profile] dne
9. items20; [personal profile] kues
10. frog06; [personal profile] hanakoanime
11. 72pillars17; [personal profile] fall

And as always, regular trades are welcome! ♥

31 January 2014 @ 04:26 pm
Hi, Colors! Unsurprisingly, I come here bearing slot trades. As usual, there are a million things I want from the upcoming release, but this time, I'll be focusing on unsurpassed aka Girge no you can't make me type out his full name from Break Blade! c:

1. unsurpassed20
2. inherited20
3. insania20
4. shamanking06 — unsurpassed14; [personal profile] utsuwa
5. aitakatta12 — unsurpassed01; [personal profile] laurant
6. avalon08 — unsurpassed09; [personal profile] swagu
7. conman13 — unsurpassed11; [personal profile] needles
8. disobedient01 — unsurpassed03; [personal profile] dialny
9. muromachi/great tree14 — unsurpassed13; [personal profile] apprivoiser
10. vinewhip04 — unsurpassed12; [personal profile] reneetwist
sp. miyanom15 — unsurpassed19; [personal profile] adurotum

list for personal reference )

And like always, regular trades are welcome too! I just updated my card post, so come take a look. ♥

25 December 2013 @ 12:08 pm
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and happy holidays/December to those who don't! ♥

Anyhow, I'm here for slot swapping! I'm... collecting a lot of things from the next release because mass collection is a go, aha, so I don't have a whole lot of available slots to swap, but I'm here to offer the few left. c: For slot swapping, I'll be focusing on de-aging and aging.

1. regenerate20
2. instinct20
3. endurance20
4. de-aging20
5. aging20
6. wisteria08 — aging01; [personal profile] apprivoiser
7. moogle03 — de-aging02; [personal profile] preternatural
8. opening08 — aging02; [personal profile] sal
9. beautymark10 — de-aging03; [personal profile] fuchsian
10. meganest03 — aging03; [personal profile] gilbo
sp. samurais06 — de-aging01; [personal profile] estamir

For personal reference:

endurance01 — spear18; [personal profile] scaleless
endurance02 — goldsmith12; [personal profile] hoppip
endurance03 — shrine18; [personal profile] empanadas
endurance04 — selece20; [personal profile] kuranosuke
endurance05 — zanarkand15; [personal profile] hamiltonian
endurance06 — littlekitty18; [personal profile] pleonasm
endurance07 — lightspeed07; [personal profile] needles
endurance08 — orbit19; [personal profile] lanvaldear
endurance09 — orphan20; [personal profile] baredick
endurance10 — rubber16; [personal profile] sannin
instinct01 — umbrella19; [personal profile] hamiltonian
instinct02 — kidnap06; [personal profile] pleonasm
instinct03 — oyaji11; [personal profile] baredick
instinct04 — spicy04; [personal profile] dialga
instinct05 — bushido15; [personal profile] maesterlicious
regenerate01 — bigkitty11; [personal profile] pleonasm
regenerate02 — innuendos03; [personal profile] needles
regenerate03 — oyaji12; [personal profile] baredick
regenerate04 — crane18; [personal profile] dialga
regenerate05 — eins14; [personal profile] maesterlicious
de-aging04 — fantail18; [personal profile] baredick
de-aging05 — telekinesis03; [personal profile] creatively
de-aging06 — fighter16; [personal profile] anesidorian
aging04 — inspector13; [personal profile] baredick
aging05 — left18; [personal profile] creatively
aging06 — brushgods04; [personal profile] anesidorian

And as always, regular trades are welcome!

20 November 2013 @ 06:34 pm
Hi, Colors! Firstly, I'll be collecting ebra crypt and proxy/impoverished from the December release (respectively Lafra and Fiole Folkal from Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu), so trade slots with me? c:

1. ebracrypt20
2. devious05 — ebracrypt13
3. dreamdiary02 — proxy/impoverished01 ([personal profile] fall)
4. orion17 — ebracrypt02 ([personal profile] estamir)
5. damocles06 — proxy/impoverished02 ([personal profile] utsuwa)
6. rafflesia02 — ebracrypt03 ([personal profile] needles)
7. deadly15 — proxy/impoverished03 ([personal profile] apprivoiser)
8. (lumina)03 — ebracrypt04 ([personal profile] gilbo)
9. palemoon04 — proxy/impoverished05 ([personal profile] psithurism)
10. coexistence04 — ebracrypt07 ([personal profile] tempestuously)
sp. seele19 — proxy/impoverished06 ([personal profile] accelerator)

sabbat13 — ebracrypt01 ([personal profile] triacedia)
voile03 — proxy/impoverished04 ([personal profile] kues)
berrybell20 — ebracrypt05 ([personal profile] kues)
travel13 — machinery01 ([personal profile] kues)
g-8912 — proxy/impoverished04 ([personal profile] sal)
loveletter06 — ebracrypt06 ([personal profile] sal)
funyarinpa03 — ebracrypt08 ([personal profile] mllelaurel)
funyarinpa12 — proxy/impoverished07 ([personal profile] mllelaurel)
funyarinpa03 — ebracrypt09 ([personal profile] rubatosis)
funyarinpa12 — proxy/impoverished08 ([personal profile] rubatosis)
hikari05 — ebracrypt10 ([personal profile] creatively)
sky jack20 — proxy/impoverished09 ([personal profile] creatively)
exorcist05 — ebracrypt11 ([personal profile] syodii)
exorcist18 — proxy/impoverished10 ([personal profile] syodii)
guertena18 — ebracrypt12 ([personal profile] anesidorian)
blue crayon — proxy/impoverished11 ([personal profile] points)
blue crayon — machinery02 ([personal profile] points)
revenge20 — ebracrypt13 ([personal profile] octillerys)
pk06 — proxy12 ([personal profile] baredick)

Aaaand secondly, I've got some crayons that I'd like to turn into red crayons, if anyone would be up for trading crayons:

And as always, regular trades are welcome! ♥

14 November 2013 @ 10:15 pm
Hi, Colors! I'm close to mastering estabul, so I'm on the hunt for red crayons! I need two more, and while I don't have much to offer, here's what I have in exchange:

All done, thank you!

And as usual, regular trades are always welcome! ♥