23 April 2017 @ 06:03 pm
HEY so I've been doing a ton of trading but I'm uninspired on gifts to give out and I still have a few I need for Pot of Gold. And I was greedy with my slots this time, soooo, time to share the wealth.

Everyone can claim TWO cards from my trade pile (eta: or request ONE CRAYON of choice), and I'm also up for regular and random trades of any size. If you don't think you have anything I'd want outside of what's already listed, rule of thumb is:

Kim loves...STUDIO KEY!
Kim loves...MAHOU SHOUJO!
Kim loves...YURI!
Kim loves...REVOLUTION(ary Girl Utena).

(I may or may not have made this post just because I wanted to reference that meme.)
26 February 2017 @ 09:01 pm
Ugh, Stardew Valley ate me and I lost two precious weekend days. But better late than never~

I still have a bunch of slots for the February release, and I also need a bunch of trades and gifts for Idol's Acrostic/Pot of Gold. AND my Valentine's Day boxes came in. So time for a trade-and-gift extravaganza!

My trade pile is here, AND for the purposes of this event I'm opening up my Low Priority pile. (Non-Special cards only!) I'm open to random trades from my trade pile as well. Basically make me an offer and I'll try and be pretty flexible. :3

1. mepo01
2. mipo01
3. chroma16
4. solemnvow16
5. yuujinchou04
6. exorcism05
7. 2wink06
8. akatsuki19
9. ryuseitai05
10. tennis01
sp. makos01

6/6 given
6/9 given
2/3 given
1/4 given
4/4 given
3/6 given
2/7 given
1/1 given

ETA: GIFTS since I'm guessing the V-Day event doesn't count. Please request 1 each!
1. Catie
2. Lita
3. Harris
4. Curie
5. Kiri
6. Brittany (Junee)
7. Cassie
8. Rizu
9. Cooper

Happy super-belated Valentine's Day!
29 January 2017 @ 01:18 am
Do you need more trades this month? Do you have too many crayons? Have I got an offer for you!

Actually, it's more like a semi-polite request. I need to master a deck to complete all the Pot of Gold tasks this month, and I've got a few good candidates. I've focused mainly on anego, guchu, and wafu, and guchu especially only has four cards left! (Because it's something I donated from an obscure series ages ago and nobody collects it, so I'll probably even be able to master it first!)

If anyone would like to trade for the cards I'm missing, or swap out crayons so I can get the four purple (or six gray) that I need, I'd really appreciate it. Regular or random trades are fine too, of course, and I've also got a few signatures to give out!

Here is my trading post~ Thank you in advance!
20 January 2017 @ 08:55 pm
Hey all! I'm going to be collecting etoile-sama for January (though I'll be snatching up all the Strawberry Panic decks eventually), and I have slots to trade you!

I'm also still trying to master at least one deck before the end of the month for Pot of Gold. Right now my best bets are anego, guchu, or wafu. (Two purples and a grey, if it matters!) I'll trade anything from my trade pile, and also any low-priority cards I'm keeping. Please help me out if you can!

1. etoile-sama01
2. agape01 for etoile-sama02 (Lee)
3. fine03 for etoile-sama03 (Cami)
4. TBD for etoile-sama04 (Eon)
5. eros02 for etoile-sama05 (Junee)
6. amazing05 for etoile-sama06 (Madoka)
7. himegami20 for etoile-sama07 (Kiri)
8. stammi10 for etoile-sama08 (Noi)
9. literate15 (mine)
10. treats11 (mine)
SP. goddesses17 (mine)
13 January 2017 @ 12:03 pm
Happy New Year! I'm in need of some trades for Pot of Gold's 10 trades this month, but my trade pile's really small since I'm just (re-re-)starting. I'd really appreciate anyone's help!

My trade pile can be found here. I'm willing to be super extra flexible for the decks anego, guchu, or wafu since they're portfolio decks and (at the moment) my best chance at mastering a deck by month's end. I'm still in need of a 'u' card for another PoG task as well.

I also dig any decks from Studio Key series and anything from my portfolios. Thanks!

1. Cami ([personal profile] camilovesyou)
2. Jun ([personal profile] beezebeora)
3. Vethica ([personal profile] vethica)
4. Ana ([personal profile] anaraine)
5. Kiri ([personal profile] chuuya)
6. Adelicya ([personal profile] scblakdrgon)
7. Harris ([personal profile] pinkoctopus)
8. Lee ([personal profile] instrumentality)
9. Ritsu ([personal profile] sharksteeth)