18 February 2017 @ 05:30 pm
adding to the piles of free chocolate on here! come and get your free choice cards here! just make sure to include the color along w/ it so i can better keep track of how many chocolates i have c:

under )

x0 x0 x0 x1 x2 x1 x0 x0

and if you're looking for anything to gift me, i'll love some doggy cards i dont already have. anything from my collecting/mass decks & high priority would be great too!

03 January 2017 @ 10:34 pm
Hi colors! Anyone have any open donation slots or aren't sure what to do for this month? I have decks for you under the cut! Just leave a comment letting me know what you took, thank you! (also thanks to [personal profile] chuuya for helping me put these together ♥)

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20 December 2016 @ 09:26 pm
hi i'm back with more slots to trade! for this release i'll like to try for dates or ocarina slots. if not, random trades are always great, feel free to ask for as much as you want from my tradepile

1 dates17
2 oshi-san02
3 ocarina06
4 teru15
SP mobage03
DN mobage01, rpgmaker07
BN mermaids06, tarotcards07, demi human08

i also still have some gift slots left! feel free to ask for one if i haven't gifted you already.

1 upper-class03
2 forehead12
3 all-purpose04
4 megaphone18
5 bling14
6 7th heaven15
7 crystal14
8 dragon-type17
9 chaldea13
10 junbirthday09
11 thecoolest05
12 goodluck01

thanks for having a look!

21 November 2016 @ 05:33 pm
hi!! for nov release i'm looking to collect jazz dance slots! let's do some slot for slot trades
also up for random trades. (my post is kind of a mess rn but)

1 jazz dance01
2 konpeito03
3 naps03
4 nee-san09
5 tablesalt17
6 honeybuddha13
7 mokuton16
8 takeout12
9 meltyluna03
10 mob12
BN jazz dance02, g-8908
SP sexytype02
DN openings07, sakamoto08

27 September 2016 @ 01:55 am
hey!! i fell out of colors really hard for the past few months and just finally got my post up to date with my huge backlog, so i thought i would start by giving away all my slots for the september release & random trades ofc ask for as much as you want, link me to your tradepiles, you know the drill!

1 nyaa-chan09
2 tazmily12
3 fc3s16
4 fd3s16
5 hedgehog11
6 99916
SP midorikaru09
DN/BN midorkaru02, moon14, life energy08

19 July 2016 @ 10:16 pm
hi i've been behind on colors stuff lately but anyways i'm not interested in anything from this release so i'm trading out all my slots & the two bonus choice cards for anything in my collecting/high priority/mass decks

1 expressive06
2 ogikubo02
3 exia04
4 tabiidol04
5 december2504
6 oden09
7 sheeh06
8 nolonger12
SP ships05
dn ships03, weddings11, shortcuts02
bonus g-8901 (serious character card)
extra choice cards 1 ships06 2

as usual random trades are great!
05 July 2016 @ 03:00 pm
I figured it's worth a try but would anyone have a spare sixsational11? it's the only one i need and i didn't realize i missed it until just now. i'll give you as many cards as you want from my tradepile or something, just let me know!

regular trades would be cool though (i'm in the middle of updating my post rn though!)

21 June 2016 @ 05:30 pm
hi so there's nothing i'm in a huge rush to collect for the june release so i'm giving all my slots for anything i'm collecting/mass decks/high priority

1 mechapaniq19
2 ryusoken19
3 idiom20
4 kakyoin20
5 emonzaemon02
6 denied02
7 maniwa02
8 criticrista19
9 nokogiri19
SP adaptions19
and of course, i'm always open to random trades, link me your tradepiles & feel free to ask for as much as you want!

16 May 2016 @ 09:38 pm
hi there's alot i want this month but for now i'm gonna focus on ichijyokan. so yeah, let's trade slots! i also have a coupon for two extra slots

01 ichijyokan01
02 flameslash20
03 soscary04
04 gecko02
SP pristo03
DN accessories02, summer07

as usual random trades are always great! feel free to ask as much as you want

25 April 2016 @ 10:01 pm
hi i'm here to do last min pog stuff (1 more for the orange task & 2 more questions to ask) so hit me up if you need trades or have any remaining tasks you also need to complete

secondly, i'm really close to completing my mass rozen maiden deck if anyone has any of the following cards that would be great

pizzicato 01/06/17/18
lempicka 05/07/09/13/14/20
berrybell 02/05/06/07/14/18
snowdrop 06/10/12/13/16/17/18
impostor 02/04/08/10/11/12/13/16/17/20

and yeah that's it. i added a bunch of new cards to my tradepile so if you just want to trade for the sake of trading that's fine with me. ask as for as much you want, i really dont mind

17 April 2016 @ 11:20 pm
There's nothing that I'm in a huge rush to collect this month so i'm giving all my slots away for anything in my collecting/mass decks/high priority or wishlist

1 sunfist14
2 hana14
3 icedragon14
4 executed15
5 pluviale15
6 trickyfox14
7 seafaring19
8 gracidea20
9 substitute05
10 logicshow05
SP cooltype14

As always I'm always open to random trades. feel free to ask for as much as you want and link me your tradepiles!!

19 March 2016 @ 05:29 pm
hi! I have a few decks i'm close to mastering and i'm looking for cards from the following

cure beat 04/07/08/10/20
kind 01/16/17/19
information 08/09/11/14/20
curehappy 03/04/05/09/17

i also have 3 release slots left and if anyone would like me to grab anything (in exchange for heritt cards) let me know!
1 heritt01
2 birthday04
3 chatnoir06
4 198803
5 chivalrous03
6 darkblood04
7 dattebasa01
8 duchess19
9 blueoni04
10 ???
SP kamiyan13
bonus freckled01

once again random trades are always great!
10 March 2016 @ 11:00 pm
Hi, I'm Sami, I was a player here and finally returned from hiatus So to start things off I decided to open up to random trades and trade slots
For the March release I want to collect heritt. I'll prefer slot for slot trades for this

1 heritt01
2 birthday04 for heritt03 (lita)
3 chatnoir06 for heritt05 (shannon)
4 ???? for heritt07 (Kiss)
5 198803 for heritt09 (aki)
6 for heritt11
7 for heritt13
8 for heritt15
9 for heritt17
10 for heritt19
SP for heritt20?

As for the Feb release if there's anything you would like to claim last minute there for you let me know. I got two regular slots & my special open. I'll trade them for anything collecting/massdecks, high priority or wishlist. This is what I claimed so far

1 curescarlet15
2 curetwinkle03
3 cureflora03
4 curemermaid18
5 beautious17
6 siblings18
7 gideon10
8 chastiefol19
9 danger01
10 100friends01
SP heirs04
freebie crowds01

and lastly, let's do some random trading. you can ask for as much as you want in my tradepile and link me to yours and i'll pick something from there!

03 June 2014 @ 07:52 pm
Once again I'm here to give all my slots away since there isn't anything I'm in a big rush to collect from this release so I'm taking anything collecting/high priority/mass decks for 'em

1 Obedient20 ([personal profile] emberwishes for byakuei15)
2 Sakuya10 [personal profile] toran for dantalion19
3 Kayo-chin05 [personal profile] laurant for obliged02
4 bodhisattva07 [personal profile] minteaprince for byakuei04
5 prayerbeads20 [personal profile] minteaprince for dantalion11
6 ancestor08 [personal profile] dialny for brainwasher06
7 dolphin12 [personal profile] zettaimuri for 72 pillars01
8 kannagi18 [personal profile] skybuns for g-1215
9 apologetic19 [personal profile] hanakoanime for brainwasher08
SP idolclub03 [personal profile] laurant for pizzicato08

I'm also not doing Pot of Gold this month but I'll still love to trade with all of you. If you still need to do trades or any of the other tasks, I'll be happy to help you in any way I could! Otherwise regular trades would be cool esp since my trade pile is too big and keeps on growing
09 May 2014 @ 04:31 pm
I've been behind on colors stuff lately (laziness, busier than expected) but i'm hoping to get more active again, in an attempt to do i've decided to open up my trade pile for random trading. link me to your trade piles and ask for as much as you want or leave me offers, i don't mind either way! my trade pile is here

23 April 2014 @ 11:15 pm
Whooooops, of course I accidentally fall asleep on the game RIGHT when the Fire Emblem 9/10 decks come out! ><;;; I'm guessing it's a bit too late to do the slot-exchanging-thing for the April releases, so I'm going to do them for May. I have my eyes on the Ryuko (scissor) and Satsuki (bakuzan) (Kill la Kill) decks for May, but! What I'd REALLY REALLY like is anything from the Begnion, Crimea, or Daein decks (Begnion gets highest priority), even though I kind of derped and missed my opportunity. Here goes! (This is my first time actually doing slot exchanges, so if I mess up, I'm sorry.)

Of course, random trades are still open, so if you've got anything that might be of interest, feel free to make an offer.

1. scissor?? (me)
2. bakuzan?? (me)
3. scissor?? for himalayan/wail17 ([personal profile] emberwishes)
4. scissor?? for highland15 ([personal profile] toran)
21 April 2014 @ 05:03 pm
It's that time for slot trades again, isn't it? Once again there isn't anything I'm interested in or in a super rush to collect so I'm trading out all my remaining slots for anything collecting, high priority, or mass decks!

1 Bakuzan01 (for [personal profile] citoyenne)
2 Nagisa Momoe01
3 Himalayan/Wail12 for breast19 [personal profile] emberwishes
4 highland02 for embodiment11 [personal profile] toran
5 violinist07 for sui dream16 [personal profile] utsuwa
6 vivace13 for kind09 [personal profile] hyoga
7 manly16 for obliged20 [profile] evyindur
8 ????? for cure beat06 [personal profile] minteaprince
9 trashy13 for crowds14 [personal profile] sal
10 shouhei narumi 08 for cure melody03 [personal profile] rollinghero
SP. saved for me

12 April 2014 @ 02:36 am
hello i've been slacking off a little on colors stuff, it's been kind of a busy month for me but here we go! let's get some pog trading done if we haven't done so already. i'm a fruits player for pog ref.

I also need to gift five players with cards from this month, so first five to comment can ask for 1 free card from my trade pile

also cards for the blue task would be great seeing as how im canon blind for alot of the cards in my trade pile so i have no idea which ones are experts at things.

and lastly, i'll like to trade the following crayons for red crayons for my red portfolio.

as always regular trades are welcome!
26 March 2014 @ 01:52 pm
hello! This still Sami/ [personal profile] hoppip, I moved personal journals! Today I bring you free slots. Aside from these decks, I'm not really interested in much else for next month nor am I in any rush to collect these right away so I'll like to trade my remaining slots for anything in my collecting/mass decks/high priority or red crayons!

1 fabricated01 (for me)
2 forgotten01
3 embodiment01
4 entei01
5 dantalion01
6 chariot11 (apprivoiser)
7 simple04 (apprivoiser)
8 kazu12 (minteaprince)
9 straydog15
10 muramasa17 (radria)
SP miyuki sawashiro01

regular trades are also great as always!
11 March 2014 @ 07:37 pm
'ey colors! I'm here for pot of gold tasks!

I still need three more cards to spell out S-A-M-I

I also need two more RPG item cards

If I have any in my tradepile that you need, feel free to ask for them as well! I'll prefer to trade them for other pog cards

Gray If you're a primary level player feel free to ask for a free gift from my trade pile!

Otherwise, random/regular trades are always great! Esp if we haven't traded this month yet for pog