24 March 2014 @ 12:19 pm
And thus the free slot posts reign again.

Like last month's release, I'm still accepting blue crayons and anything from the titrel set. HOWEVER, Ib is my jam SOOO I will also accept slot reserve trades for the forgotten, embodiment, or fabricated decks.

Fabricated should be prioritized by everyone because Mary's a delicate little sunflower

That said, seven TWO slots open from April's release!

1: forgotten01
2: embodiment01
3: fabricated01

4: lonely/angels03 for [personal profile] prisma - Blue Crayon
5: muramasa14 (Blues.EXE) for [personal profile] radria - Blue Crayon
6: emptiness02 for [personal profile] byakkun - Blue Crayon
7: demonk12 (kamamoto rikio) for [personal profile] minteaprince - Blue Crayon
8: chariot16 for [personal profile] apprivoiser - fabricated

I also have two slots remaining from March's release. On the 29th, I'll just be grabbing random swag, so last call on that. TOO LATE sorry bros

16 March 2014 @ 04:34 pm
Hi again! I'm late hahaha but everyone knows how these work, so I'll skip the shenanigans. This month I have nine slots open two slots open and I'll be taking payments in Blue Crayons!

or any titrel cards I don't have haha

01: ambitions16 for mineminemine
02: kirara18 for [personal profile] laurant
03: frivolous09 for [personal profile] ixionesis
04: lavaorb19 for [personal profile] count_2_three
05: goodnight10 for [personal profile] citoyenne
06: swindler03 for [community profile] lewin
07: dissonance11 for The Sweetest of Sweeties
08: sororicide15 for [personal profile] minteaprince
09: bravery07 for [personal profile] adurotum
10: kirinfang03 for wow that suit is dumb this is all your fault t'sao t'sao
Special: pc-9807 for mineminemine
Green: tasla07 for mineminemine

Random trades are welcome as always blah blah usual stuff o7

07 February 2014 @ 10:05 pm
Hellooooo everyone! I am (another) Kat, and I am so new here it's gross. Nice to meet you all!

Ngl I joined so I can collect all the Odin Sphere cards like a monster, so I'm offering up all ten slots + the special deck for grabs. I'm prioritizing Belderiver and Purple Crayons at the moment, but I'll also take any cards from the Titrel, Graveryl, Pooka or Tasla sets.

1: crayon for sevendays02 - [personal profile] anruik
2: crayon for specialduty17 - [personal profile] radria
3: crayon for electric01 - [personal profile] secretambition
4: crayon for mercurial15 - [personal profile] apprivoiser
5: crayon for oblique03 - [personal profile] apprivoiser
6: crayon for shamanking15 - [personal profile] utsuwa
7: crayon for bofu15 - [personal profile] hamiltonian
8: crayon for aitakatta18 - [personal profile] preternatural
9: Crayon for disobedient17 - [personal profile] moon_wolf
SP: titrel19 for sekigahara08 - [personal profile] estamir

And I have like no cards at all oops, but have a trade post?

Also btws mods I have no idea what to do in regards to my player name tag so idk make me Lesser Kat or Kat v.2 or something?