10 February 2014 @ 05:48 pm
heyo! i'm a little late to the release, but i'm looking to collect atlas (rani viii from fate/EXTRA) this month! i've got all my slots available, and while my trade pile is still a wee baby, i'm always open to regular trades too!

01. disobedient18 (for atlas02)
02. hide11 (for atlas03)
03. squad14 (for atlas04)
04. asura02 (for atlas05)
05. avalon06 (for atlas06)

05 January 2014 @ 06:00 pm
helloooo colors! i'm gigi, and i dropped back in october due to motivation issues but I'M BACK and i'm offering slots for cards in my collecting/futures, since i'm not interested in anything for this release! my top priorities are kingsaw and warlord, with the decks listed here (aka my future portfolio decks) being a close second!

01. for qu
02. laundry03 (for [personal profile] commandant; for conductor13).
03. opening15 (for [personal profile] sal; for kingsaw13).
04. babyfox19 (for [personal profile] apprivoiser; for sake12).
05. salt20 (for [personal profile] apprivoiser; for planners01).
06. beautymark04 (for [personal profile] ixionesis; for caged14).
07. mustasim10 (for [personal profile] utsuwa; for marble15).
08. leraje14 (for [personal profile] hoppip; for burn07).
09. instinct04 (for [personal profile] acperience; for spicy04).
10. regenerate04 (for [personal profile] acperience; for crane18).
SP. support?? (for [personal profile] ryner; for burn03/11).

07 October 2013 @ 12:12 am
hello, colors! after thinking on it for a while, i've decided to drop the tcg since i'm just not into it anymore :( BUT for all you lovely players, i have a parting gift!

my cards are up for grabs, which means free cards for anyone who wants them!! i've already let some friends have at them, so there aren't very many left, but everything left is for the taking (even the cards in the holding and pending piles)!

the only rules are: no more than seven cards per person (unless you'd like the all the cards of a deck i've got in my current or future collection), and please comment on this post for the cards, not on my card post.

closed! good bye, colors, i'll miss you!
10 August 2013 @ 04:07 pm
HELLO AGAIN, COLORS! all my slots for this release are taken, sadly, but i really really want to collect the guertena special deck! i've got 18, 19 and 20 accounted for, but i obviously want to collect them all, so i'm opening up... pretty much everything in my card post for special slots! (i'm also v eager to collect the caged deck too, though guertena cards take priority for the moment! i've got 01 through 12 accounted for caged.)

the only cards completely off limits are my currently collecting decks; i can be convinced to part with future decks, future future, and keeping cards for guertena (and caged to a lesser degree)! as always, i'm open to regular trade too, so don't be shy ❤

28 July 2013 @ 04:42 pm
hello, everyone! some of you probably know me as [personal profile] tadakatsu but i just switched accounts!

anyway, i'm here looking for blue crayons, or any of the remaining five cards i have left to master the dragon deck (15/16/17/18/20)! i have several crayons i can offer in exchange, and i'm also open to trading cards if it's preferred!

all done! thanks to everyone who traded with me ♥

22 July 2013 @ 12:51 pm
hey, all! i'm looking to collect the caged deck next month, and i've got the special slot available if anyone wants to call dibs on it. (i've also got caged05/06/11 accounted for!)

01. grace02 for caged01 ([personal profile] roserade)
02. volcanic02 for caged02 ([personal profile] prisma)
03. regret06 for caged03 ([personal profile] miha)
04. jps02 for caged04 ([personal profile] bats)
05. merines03 for caged07 ([personal profile] gammacrank)
06. nekopunch07 for caged08 ([personal profile] miyoungie)
07. aimless?? for caged09 ([personal profile] estamir)
08. firebrand10 for caged10 ([personal profile] tempestuously)

i'm also more than willing to trade cards i already have for caged slots! if you see a card you want and they aren't in my currently collecting decks, feel free to ask about them for a slot! of course, i'm also open to regular trades, so don't be shy about those either.

15 June 2013 @ 03:34 pm
hello, everyone! i'm Gigi, a new player, and I've got 3 character deck slot open, and one special deck slot ALL SLOTS ARE FILLED. i'm primarily collecting for the Dragon deck and am starting to collect for the Witchcraft deck, so cards from those in exchange for release cards would be wonderful! if you don't have them/are collecting from them yourself, i'm sure we can work out a different trade!

01. saru11 for myself.
02. hod02 for aristocrat10 ([personal profile] commandant)
03. blacklion02 for orange crayon ([personal profile] commandant)
04. zeus19 for al-thamen19 ([personal profile] rujubee)
05. ulster03 for counselor15 ([personal profile] rujubee)
06. throttle19 for dragon11 ([personal profile] nidoking)
07. regain08 for mentor11 ([personal profile] blood)
08. starter11 for saru18 ([personal profile] miyoungie)

S! usagimimi07 for dragon10 ([personal profile] eclair)