07 June 2015 @ 07:29 pm
Hey Colors! So ages ago for our 6 month anniversary I did a little thing that was a First Masteries List. With our 5th anniversary I decided to resurrect the list in a format that is easier to update regularly. So I happily present the new and improved:

You should be able to reorder and search the list as you like so you can see what you personally have first mastered or what decks still have yet to be mastered. If you ever open the list and it's ordered oddly I'm probably searching something myself.

and with the list I also have an update of the fun mastery stats:

Fun Stats as of 6/7/15
Red character decks mastered=724/1040
Orange character decks mastered=382/487
Yellow character decks mastered=470/631
Green character decks mastered=493/651
Blue character decks mastered=659/981
Purple character decks mastered=550/771
Brown character decks mastered=527/722
Gray character decks mastered=543/787

Character decks mastered=4348/6070
Special decks mastered=243/323

Most Mastered Character Deck= Junes (17 masteries)
Most Mastered Special Deck= Henshin & Nonary (10 masteries)
Most Mastered Anniversary deck = Celebration


I would like to add a little more color to the list but don't want it to be to busy. Possible color ideas:
-deck colors
-different background & text color to indicated what year and month each deck was release

If you have any other suggestions/ideas or if you spot any errors with the list please let me know.


Also for the anniversary month I am gifting crayons. If you want one just let me know what color you'd like.

images don't reflect the number of crayons available so feel free to ask for any color I have more than enough to go around

And regular/random trades are always welcome no matter the size. I do honestly love looking through trading piles so go wild.

15 June 2014 @ 06:38 pm
Hey there! Given how woefully unable I've been at keeping up with First Mastery things and how everyone's also kinda busy, since I know it's frustrating to not receive them until way late into the month, I thought of just releasing the template for everyone to use, so if you want to do your own fist mastery badge, you can!

The template is HERE, while the instructions on how to go about making it are HERE ! If you have questions just let me know.

NOW! If you don't know how to use photoshop / would rather have us do yours anyway, keep submitting your first masteries in the post! If you're going to make your own, on the other hand, please delete your pendings in the post OR add a note in which you say "I'll do these myself" at the end of them! That's going to make things faster for all of us!

I'm really sorry for how slow things have been and how unable to keep things up I've been, I hope this helps a bit!
19 June 2013 @ 12:39 pm
Hello everyone!! Remember those nifty "first mastery badges"? I saw them a few days ago on Aru's card post and thought it was a really cool idea, so after being assured this service has changed hands many times before, I decided I'd love to offer it once more!! This is just a thing to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY.


I'm going to try to make them look as close as possible to [personal profile] nugeyo's style for CONSISTENCY so old and new badges can look sort-of-okay together! If you'd like one of your own, here's instruction and FORM!!

This is part 2 of the Color's First Mastery List. To see part 1 go here

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02 December 2010 @ 07:06 pm

Hey everyone! Colors has now been officially open for a full 6 months! To celebrate this anniversary I come bearing a not so little thing I've been working on for the past few weeks. A full first mastery list for all of those who, like me, likes seeing what's been mastered already and what hasn't. I also included a fun little stats section about the number of decks mastered.

I hope everyone enjoys! I'll try and update the list at least once a week to keep it current.

The list has been split in anticipation of more decks. To see part 2 go here.

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