11 June 2011 @ 05:34 am
so now that i've proven how moronic i can be by posting a crayon-for-crayon trade in the art shop, it's time to try this whole crayon thing again. and do it properly. maybe.

both crayons are gone! ♥ thank you to mongoosehwrs and chuukoku for helping me out.

i'm also open for regular trading shindigs so just hit me up at my card post.
26 May 2011 @ 03:03 am
hello everyone~ ;; i'm new to colors tcg so please be patient with me if i do something stupid or don't understaaand.
this month, i'd like to collect the leeks/hatsune miku deck! all of my slots are open for the june release so please just let me know what you'd like and pick a leek card that you'd like to get for me. i think that's right anyway.
i'm also open for trades if all of your slots are full or something.
thank you~!

01. leeks03 for unpure's child01.
02. leeks18 for celestite's cutegirls02.
03. leeks05 for taminas's barnaby??.
04. leeks09 for tategamiwolf's d-hero18.
05. leeks13 for platinum's hydrangea11.
06. leeks11 for staticphrase's prodigal13.
07. green crayon for perarduaadast's sake19.
08. leeks06 00zags's snowfairy06.
special. reserved for me.