29 October 2014 @ 08:34 pm
Title says all, really.

All I need is a few trades -- three, specifically. If you don't remember if you traded with me before, my list is here! Thanks guys, ilu!

(card post)

08 October 2014 @ 10:26 am
Hey, Colours. Gotta keep my pun game strong.

Anyway, I'm trying to complete PoG (again). I need...

- 23 trades
- 10 giftees (seriously, just ask)
- 4 masteries
- cards with a K, M, Y, V, O, C, or E in them

In general, I'm looking to complete my Tarot Mass Deck, and I've got several decks which I've almost finished. I'm also close to completing cats, deathzone, and sohcahtoa. If you can give me grey or blue crayons, I will accept those as well!

Here's my trade pile.

11 September 2014 @ 08:39 pm
HI EVERYONE. I've got some PoG stuff and some release stuff.

Firstly -- I need to do fifteen trades and four gifts. So if you wanna trade for something, or even just take a freebie (first come, first serve), here is my trade pile.

And now, onto the release. I want a couple of decks from this release -- highest priority is Judgement, second is Hawks, and third is Ahoge. (You can also offer me cards from decks I'm collecting.) Regular trades are, as always, encouraged!

1. judgement08
2. hawks01
3. [personal profile] dancingmuffins -- kamichama17
4. [personal profile] sal -- polkadot15
5. [personal profile] radria  -- resistance15
6. [personal profile] despedia -- sexpistols12
7. [personal profile] stag  -- mikorin04
8. [personal profile] ixionesis  -- ibis19
9. [personal profile] moon_wolf  -- dodge06
10. [personal profile] eclair  -- notes08
SP. ahoge02
Fel. judgement04

Thanks! c:

10 July 2014 @ 06:12 pm

Hey guys, Archer here for the new release. I've got nine open character slots, so get rolling!

1. coilturn01
2. magicguild01 -- [personal profile] gammacrank 
3. anxiety11 -- [personal profile] igiko 
4. battlemem05 -- [personal profile] skybuns 
SP. graffiti01
BONUS. lapistier17

As for returns, I will ADORE YOU FOREVER if you give me your special card slot (or your bonus choice special slot!) for a card from the graffiti deck. I cannot emphasize how much I am begging here. If you don't have an open special slot, I will also accept a card from the coilturn deck or something from here!

EDIT: In addition, I figure I might as well get in a thing for PoG in here. I need to gift five players, and trade with 5x primary, 6x fruits, and 3x higher tier players!

Thank you!

21 June 2014 @ 02:12 pm
Hi everyone!! I am in a huge predicament. This month has been a whirlwind, what with me preparing for the colleges and the exams and the cars and the bluh bluh bluh, but this month also offers a Special Deck donation as part of PoG -- which I am hell-bent on obtaining. But I need your help!!

Since I've been so busy, I've done next to no trading this month, and now I have to change that. I need at least five primaries, four flowers, and five precious tiers, as well as thirteen more regular trades! I also need to trade a highest-priority future card to one more person, so please tell me if you can fulfill that! My card post is below -- thank you so much for your help!

08 May 2014 @ 09:21 pm
These puns are just getting worse and worse. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I've got lots of things, so stay tuned.


First off! Slots. I only want one thing from the release this time, so I have nine character cards and one special card to give out! For these, I would like beats, surgeon, or birthplace cards, OR blue/green/grey crayons I can use to get them.

1. liaison01 -- me
2. vivace06 -- [personal profile] sal 
3. nico-nii04 -- [personal profile] laurant 
4. minalinsky04 -- [personal profile] laurant 
5. violinist13 -- [personal profile] utsuwa 
6. rian08 -- [personal profile] utsuwa 
7. swingrock19 -- [personal profile] preternatural 
8. compy02 -- [personal profile] preternatural 
9. usu16 -- [personal profile] moon_wolf 
10. x-laws18 -- [personal profile] advancing 
SPE. thecrows10 -- [personal profile] moon_wolf 
FREE. soldiers06 -- me


I have some things left to do for PoG.

For orange, I need to trade with seventeen players.

For blue, I need to master three decks. (The ones I'm aiming for are the aforementioned beats, surgeon, and birthplace).

For brown, I need to trade one special card, which can be accomplished above.


I'm always open to other trades! In addition to my trade pile below, all of these cards are also up for trade -- I just haven't gotten around to logging and adding them all. ;-; I'd love the cards/crayons mentioned above, but for regular trades I'll take anything on my wanted list. Feel free to link your trade piles or ask for randoms!

If you don't like Mika song lyrics, sorry to say, but you are wrong.

Anyway, hi Colours! As we all know, Pot of Gold is upon us, and I am laughably unprepared. Here's what I need...
  • 20 trades
  • ...and that's it!
I also need to complete three decks. So if you have...
  • surgeon
  • beats
  • strength
or any grey/blue/purple crayons, I would love those, and I'll accept them for cards!

Check out my post here! Thanks, guys!

16 April 2014 @ 08:32 pm
Hello everyone!!

First of all: I need to trade with three fruity-tier players for Pot of Gold. (I myself am Primary.)

Second of all: If anyone still has open April slots and wants anything from my trade pile, I really want to collect (allmeans)! So even if you're not Fruits, I will love you forever if you help me towards this goal~

And of course, regular trades are open too! I know I have several cards on hold that I need to pay back, so if you don't see anything you have on my wishlist, ask anyway. Just click the three dorky rudies below this text to get to my card page. Thank you! <3

09 April 2014 @ 09:20 pm

Do you want all the things from the new April release decks? Well, as it happens, I want barely any of the things from the new April release decks! MY SLOTS ARE NOW FULL, BUT I AM STILL ACCEPTING TRADES. I would much prefer a card from god or surgeon, if you have it, or (to a lesser degree) one of your own slots for an allmeans or forgotten card. If you have none of those things but still want to trade, my pile is here!

1. (allmeans20) -- me
2. (forgotten10) -- me
3. (dogkeeper3) -- [personal profile] moon_wolf 
4. (copychip15) -- [personal profile] estamir 
5. (windward08) -- [personal profile] laurant 
6. (villagerb18) -- [personal profile] tomato 
7. (boomerang16) -- [personal profile] preternatural 
8. (bluestar16) -- [personal profile] preternatural 
9. (angels16) -- [personal profile] prisma 
10. (beasts4) -- [personal profile] advancing 
SPE. (crimea17) -- [personal profile] estamir