22 February 2014 @ 02:10 am
Hello my friends, I come here with the sad news that I must depart. I have not been particularly active, and I feel that's unfair to you who do actively participate.

BUT. I've had so much fun and loved all of you here that I couldn't leave without a parting gift.

So! I'm offering up all my cards for people to take before I make it completely official. You may take as many as you like HOWEVER. In the interest of fairness, no more than five cards from the same deck. As for the few crayons I have, one per person please. No more crayons, but still LOTS of cards :) Otherwise, first come, first serve. Please comment on this post, as I have disabled commenting there.

Enjoy, my dears!
12 November 2013 @ 11:12 pm
1. four-leaf04
2. reptile09
3. marching03
4. flapping15
5. shopping08
6. resemblance15
7. noda14
8. bye-bye07
9. close07
10. amaterasu20
Special. misguided05

I have two available! Will trade for anything in my collecting or high priority. Please don't offer mid or low priority cards.
Filled up!

Regular trades are also accepted!

27 September 2013 @ 04:24 pm
Okay guys! I'm trying to fill in one last mastery for this month's mini POG and I'm only six cards away from doing so!

I am currently looking for power cards, specifically 11, 13, 14, 16, 18 and 19.

Right now I've got (two) purple crayons I'm willing to exchange for red crayons ALL OUT OF CRAYONS but I am still willing to trade anything in my trades or low priority either for the missing cards or red crayons.

ALSO! I have October slots available! I'm not collecting much of anything from the release, and for these I'll take cards from wisdom, twili, hylia, mononoke, manga, sigmund, after, starfish, empathy, wing zero, patch, daathic, death angel and deathscythe. Please don't offer me anything from my medium or low priority decks! ALL FULL UP! Come back next round :3

1. cards?? (me)
2. thing?? (me)
3. ideya?? (me)
4. organic20 for pomegranate18 ([personal profile] tempestuously)
5. self-help13 for mononoke18 ([personal profile] inarticulate)
6. feisty02 for wingzero15 ([personal profile] estamir)
7. shadowless16 for hylia13 ([personal profile] nyxnoxbox)
8. littlebird20 for memories16 ([personal profile] prisma)
9. dead14 for deathscythe16 ([personal profile] karayan)
10. vjedogonian18 for sigmund12 ([personal profile] harukami)
Sp. musicians?? (me)

And as always, regular trades are also welcome!
08 September 2013 @ 08:53 pm
I am interested in collecting death angel and I have three two one regular slots left to offer for cards from that deck :3

1. cupcake13 for deathangel02
2. shine03 for deathangel03
3. outside16 for deathangel04

Slots are full but I will still accept regular trades! Just click my banner below :3

03 July 2013 @ 01:47 am
Not interested in collecting anything from the upcoming release. I am, however, still after all your Legend of Zelda-themed cards. Namely, Courage, Wisdom, Power and Twili. So some slots in exchange for those? Failing that, I'll take anything else in my collecting/future collecting decks. :3 All full up. But I'll still take regular trades :3

1. - [personal profile] hurl (aug2314 for empathy15)
2. - [personal profile] gammacrank (zexen01 for courage04) - complete
3. - [personal profile] dialny (opposite19 for twili19) - complete
4. - [personal profile] beccastareyes (astronaut04 for wisewolf09)
5. - [personal profile] nidoking (oldlion17 for courage12) - complete
6. - [personal profile] adurotum (gigolo10 for believe13)
7. - [personal profile] tempestuously (ethics15 for playboy09)
8. - [personal profile] anesidorian (redchild09 for cat12) - complete
Special. - Holding for now

Naturally, other trades are also welcome~
24 June 2013 @ 12:28 am
Hey, finally poking around at this section of the game. I'm Oni, one of the many newcomers that recently flooded the game. My collections are still on the side of sparse, but I figure a few trades are good for fixing that problem.

Currently on the lookout for courage, wisdom and power, Triforce FTW but I'll happily accept anything in my "to collect eventually" pile as well if I've got something you want.

Have at!