19 July 2015 @ 07:14 pm
Hello Colors, it's been a while! My leftover july slots are up for grabs so don't be shy and take them!

1) dragonclaw08 (for me)
2) dragoneyes16 (for me)
3) caretaker03 (for me)
4) ideals04 (for Kiri)
5) akitsukami07 (for Kaede)
6) hyouhaku07 (for Kaede)
7) hatsushimo07 (for Kaede)
8) ??? (for Kazu)
9) astronomer16 (for Tokiya)
10) flamenblue08 (for Ari)

Moreover, I still need 5 trades for july's Pot of Gold, so I'd be grateful for any help!
ALL DONE but feel free to hit me up for trades! I'm fine with all kinds of trades, big or small, random or regular! Here's my trade post!

19 June 2015 @ 03:20 pm
Hello Colors! I still need some help with trades for June's Pog of Gold so please take a look at my trade pile c: I'm open to all trades, big or small, regular or random!

Apart from that, I have collected images for two decks for Jae-Ha and Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona and I'd be really grateful if someone would lend me their donation slots for this month because that would mean we'll have all the dragons from this amazing series ;u;

also crying in the corner because seiryuu is taken but Yui from Fushigi Yuugi deserves it hands down it's your fault for taking so long to arrive, Shin-Ah sobsob

26 April 2015 @ 12:53 am
Hello Colors!
The moment I realized that Assassination Classroom's Itona Horibe deck (similar) is happening, my goal for next month became quite clear.

1. similar01 for me
2. similar02 for minazuki02 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon)
3. similar03 for picasso ([personal profile] vethica)
4. similar04 for unkillable10 ([personal profile] needles)
5. similar05 for kapow16 ([personal profile] ixionesis)
6. similar06 for redcastle03 ([personal profile] profamp)
7. similar07 for shock17 ([personal profile] dialny)
8. similar08 for severe20 ([personal profile] shadowblight)
9. similar09 for buddhist02 ([personal profile] ririsnow)
10. similar10
Sp. reserved

Besides, I still need to give out gifts for PoG task, so please take a look at my trade pile and grab a card you'd like ;u;
I need a few more trades too and I'd be grateful for any help! I'm open to all kinds of trades, big or small, and if you're not sure what to offer just give me the link to your trade pile so I could pick something.

21 February 2015 @ 07:42 pm
Hello Colors!

It's kind of late, but I've been hoarding images like crazy and I have a few decks to donate! Seven to be exact. So if you haven't donated anything this month yet, I'd appreciate the help.

I also need more trades for this month's Pot of Gold red task c: Please take a look at my trade pile and offer away. I'm open to all kinds of trades, big or small c:

And the most surprising part...Valentine's Day boxes!

All taken! )

23 January 2015 @ 03:13 pm
Hello Colors! I've been a bit busy lately, but since everything has came back to normal...it's time to get back to hoarding pixels \o/ I know it's kind of late for January slots, but I'll try my luck. I'm interested in orchid cards from January release. As for February, I'm planning to collect alluring.

1. reserved
2. reserved
3. reserved
4. kismet05 for orchid02 ([personal profile] kotetsu)
5. uza-uza08 for orchid03 ([personal profile] ixionesis)
sp. reserved
1. alluring01
2. stickfigures04 for alluring02 ([personal profile] hyoga)
3. raccoons/playing/mixers02 for alluring03 ([personal profile] empanadas)
4. hideandseek01 for alluring04 ([personal profile] toran)
5. gridania05 for alluring05 ([personal profile] tonko)
6. fluffal02 for alluring06 ([personal profile] tentacular)
7. axes03 for alluring07 ([personal profile] canute)
8. baby10 for alluring08 ([personal profile] sinew)
sp. menoris17 for alluring20 ([personal profile] acperience)

Moreover, I still need to complete orange and yellow tasks for this month's Pot of Gold, which means I need at least 8 more trades and I have 5 gifts to give out c:

I'm also open for all trades, regular or random, big or small!

14 November 2014 @ 07:36 pm
Hello Colors! November release is here, so it's time to trade slots! ♥ This month I'm collecting restart featuring Yoshioka Futaba from Ao Haru Ride.

1) restart01 for me
2) restart19 for cas19 ([personal profile] laurant)
3) restart18 for goldenrod20 ([personal profile] vethica)
4) restart17 for ???
5) restart16 for ???
6) restart15 for ???
7) restart14 for ???
8) restart13 for ???
9) restart12 for ???
10) restart11 for ???

(all grabbed)

Moreover, I decided to make an attempt at pog this month and I still have a few incompleted tasks.

Green Task: The first three people to post can grab any card from my trade pile!

Regular and random trades are also welcome! c:

10 October 2014 @ 11:41 am
Hello, everyone! I'm Mad and this is a very late introduction since I've been lurking here for a while already.

This month's release has lots of awesome decks, but I made kissme my priority (it sounds a little wrong is it just me). I hope it's not too late for some slot swapping!

1. kissme01
2. tresbien05 for kissme02 ([personal profile] needles)
3. parenting19 for kissme04 ([personal profile] eyvindur)
4. dwn-02218 for kissme05 ([personal profile] onyxdotexe)
5. newtype11 for kissme06 ([personal profile] suguro)
6. jiangshi18 for kissme07 ([personal profile] admiral)
7. bugs01 for kissme08 ([personal profile] eclair)
8. ??? for kissme09
9. ??? for kissme10
10. ??? for kissme11
sp. shotas01

All taken~

Regular trades are also welcome!