08 May 2011 @ 04:04 am
Hey, everyone! Skie here!

I'm working on the activity lists for the Asobot Initiative as we speak. If anyone has still yet to do so, please make sure to post all your active collecting decks HERE. (15 people is not all of you! ;_;...) (Don't worry about the May release decks. They're not available for Initiative decks).

After that i'll be catching up with First Mastery Banners. Sorry for the super delay on those. In good news, one B so far! Three grades still pending. Hopefully my hard work paid off!

But I'm bringing you the following message:
Trade me your Cain03 cards. Seriously. Even if you pull them from Recycled.
Other cards are fine too.
And does anyone have Kagutsuchi09 or Kagutsuchi14? I've looked through several trade piles to no avail.

OH, and... I need three gray crayons. I always need crayons. :(
I can offer these!:

Crayons DONE. Thank you, Tari! =D

Sorry that this post is such a mess!

10 November 2010 @ 12:12 am
Hey guys... I'm looking for uh...
Cain 03 cards.
Specifically that card, not the whole deck.
Any help is appreciated.

(also, I am currently collecting endless, delinquent, dango, starfish, and deny. and my trading pile is finally updated. so please take a look and maybe we could trade~?)

have a great day everyone!