03 June 2017 @ 03:25 pm
 So, I've been failing magnificently in the past months, but now that life is evening out, I think I can say that I'm back for good. However, to apologize for my overall flakiness, I'm offering up all of my may slots, including my bonus cards, as well as opening my trade pile and low priority cards for free. No cap on how many you can ask for! I hope everyone can forgive how much I've sucked lately.

1. cynophobia09
2. whatkey05
3. aroused13
4. killing14
5. harumaki16
6. critical05
bn 1.
bn 2.

26 February 2017 @ 12:56 pm
 Well, my February was eaten by Final Fantasy XV. Figured I would at least post up my February slots, since I'm not collecting anything. Feel like a massive dork for missing the Valentine's event. All trades welcome.

1. Yuujinchou02 (Rizu for albhed02)
2. exorcism02 (Rizu for foodie15)
bn: plankton01, stonefree01, clow01

It's been a pretty rough month for me, health-wise. That being said, I have December slots and gifts available.

December Slots
1. Shiratorizawa01 (for me :D)
2. ratatouille03 (ana for shiratorizawa03)
3. upper-class04 (chuuya for shiratorizawa04)
sp. rpgmaker04 (erin for shiratorizawa02)
bn1- careless15
bn2- drawing02

Advent Calendar Box Gifts
1. ansuz19 for Ouji
2. fantasia15 for Erin
3. trinisette11 for Ana
4. sexytype16 for Kaede
5. thecrows17 for scblckdrgon
6. upper-class04 for chuuya
7. hades13 for ivoryandhorn
8. chaldea19 for Eon
9. deku05 for netbug
10. copying08 for cami
11. yousoro05 for kunoichigo
12. belarus14 for lex
regular and random trades always accepted!~

23 November 2016 @ 09:30 pm

 I'm not collecting anything from this release so feel free to make me offers! Random trades are also accepted!

1. upper-class08 (Kiri for bestsenpai19) 

2. naps16 (Kiri for stone-face12)

3. jazzdance20 (madoka for steals17)

4. honeybuddha14 (olivia for envoy11)

5. nee-san19 (kureto for thebrain06)

6. tablesalt18 (Shar for aerosmith12)

7. takeout01 (Veth for highpriest20)

8. lolol02 (veth for pillar11)

9. mob17 (kaede for theguard06)


sp. sexytype18 (kaede for theguard15)

13 September 2016 @ 07:35 pm
Hey all! I'm not really interested in any of the cards this month, so I'm giving away my slots for Jojo Bizarre Adventure cards. Any card is fine, as long as I don't already have it! I'll also accept cards from my collecting/mass decks piles.
I'm also accepting trades of any size! Just link me to your trade pile!

1. nyaa-chan14 for ultimate02 (kiri)
2. hedgehog03 for catweed09 (netbug)
3. koopalings01 for catweed12 (netbug)
4. chaldea03 for sexpistols06 (eon)
5. medicinal11 for abu03 (lee)
6. tazmily19 for d4c09 (jessu)
7. absorption04 for aerosmith05 (veth)
8. merge04 for aerosmith10 (veth)
9. seperate04 for atmosphere12 (veth)
10.fc3s06 for catweed01 (ana)
sp. midorikaru06 for sexpistols09 (eon)

31 August 2016 @ 09:27 pm
I sort of disappeared there. I had a lot of real life stress and stuff, but I'm back now. I don't have any free slots this month, but I would love to trade with anyone who needs to trade. I need to get back in the swing of things!

01 June 2016 @ 12:10 pm
Hey everyone! I've had a hectic few months, but I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, Colors-wise! I'm looking to complete POG this month (Since I haven't been able to in.... three months??), so bring my your trades, your gift requests, anything really! I've got all of my May slots to offer, as well! Don't be shy! For gifts, I'm willing to do up to 5 cards!

1. ichijyokan03 for Veth (stone-face04)
2. meek04 for veth (abu19)
3. incapable04 for tanna
4. wotagei04 for tanna
5. totty02 for tanna
6. pointy06 for kaede (abu08)
7. grow07 for kaede (clearing08)
8. roof05 for kaede (headphone11)
Sp. summer02 for kaede (lovehime13)

18 April 2016 @ 08:05 pm
I'm not collecting anything from this release, so offer me cards for slots! If you don't know if you have anything I want, link me to your trade pile and I'll find something!

1. sunfist12 (kaede for cannondale03)
2. hana12 (kaede for cranes13)
3. icedragon12 (kaede for gekokujou02)
4. cataclysm08 (jane for rabbit17)
5. executed12 (eon for deceiving17)
6. pluviale12 (eon for bepsi04)
7. orichalcum01 (eon for sunglasses17)
8. aquaforce20 (kaede for timeskip15)
9. miraculous18 (Shannon for badges03)
10. risappe14 (cami)
sp. cooltype12 (kaede for junkshop11)

And as also, I'm open to any sized trade,regular or random!

13 March 2016 @ 05:24 pm
I'm not collecting anything from this months release, so throw me cards for slots? XD
1. Liz? (darkblood04 for yips08)
2. Liz? (whiteblood05 for rat18)
3. Shannon(catnoir11 for sexpistols02)
4. Kaede ( yamigitsune15 for pillar13)
5. Kaede (marysue15 for thebrain18)
6. Moon- (roller09 for pillar04)
7. Moon- (charger09 for envoy18)
8. Veth- (hyakushiki03 for gross17)
9. Veth- (kuwabara05 for yamakami12)
10.Veth- (medusa02 for dreaming09)
sp. Kaede (kamiyan15 for theguard13)

As always, regular and random trades are more than welcome!
18 February 2016 @ 04:46 pm
 I'm collecting speedosound and tornado from this release, so hit me up if you have free slots!

1. speedosound01
2. tornado01
3. shogiclub04 (Eon)
4. reticent02 (Eon)
5. kanazuchi02 (kari)
6. artskill13 (kureto)
7. chastiefol15 (Nikita)
8. nanashi03 (Erin)
sp. sakuras01

16 February 2016 @ 06:34 pm
I got my boxes, and am ready to hand out candy! I'll try to get around to as many people as I can, but if you have a card you really, really want, comment here!


List of recipients here ) Also, I Need to give gifts for POG! So if you're in the Primary or Fruit Tiers, please take a look at my trade pile and ask for some cards! As always, trades are always welcome. Big trades, little trades, random trades!

26 January 2016 @ 07:07 pm
 Hey, all! I added a bunch of cards, and I know some people still need to finish POG. Feel free to browse through my tradepile and see if you need anything! You can link me to your tradepile and I'll either find cards I want, or I'll ask for randoms! Hope I can help people finish POG for this month!

16 January 2016 @ 04:58 pm
 I'm trading out all my January regular slots! Right now, I really want to finish up POG, so feel free to trade me anything for a slot. Of course, I would love cards from my Mass Decks or High Priority, but if you don't have anything, feel free to link your trade pile and I'll pick something out!

1. levelheaded09
2. itchy03
3. equal04
4. sunfighter04
5. entercards05
6.  magnagate05
7. hounan06
8. RESERVED -January
9. RESERVED- January
10. RESERVED- Erin
sp. visualnovel05- (Me)

28 December 2015 @ 08:43 am
So, I'm down to needing one more trade! So far, I have traded with:

Reneetwist, Ten, Styx, Netbug, Kaede, Hijiri, Veth, Scblakdrgon, Raie, Liz, Dina, Jun, Nova, Anna, Jane, Al, Lex, Erin, Chi.

If we've traded this month and your name isn't up there, it means I lost track of the trade link and would appreciate it if you commented with it, so I can add it!

Otherwise, I still need one more trade to finish POG this month. I will take anything at this point, and might be willing to part from cards in my low priority or specials (just depends what I'm offered and which card you want, really.) So, if you're not listed up there, please trade with me!

Done! I'm still accepting trades for those of you who need to finish POG!

23 December 2015 @ 09:57 pm
 I want to give some gifts, so every and anyone can come and ask for 3 cards or 1 crayon~ Of course, you can ask for less cards if you want, but no more than three, please! Crayons will go to the first 10 people who ask for them!

Also, does anyone have a card starting in "o" they would be willing to let go of? I'm willing to compensate with cards or a crayon!  Done! Thanks

Banner goes to my trade pile. Those that I have outstanding trades with, please feel free to add your choice of gift when you answer my trade request XD

Happy Holidays Everyone!

06 December 2015 @ 09:26 pm
 I have all 12 advent calendar spots open for gifts, as well as all 10 regular slots open for December's release. I'm always open for trades, as well!

1. scblakdrgon- namimori04
2. vethica- allies19
3. reneetwist- toyboat12
4. eon- surprises08
5. sammich- ivalice19
6. hijiri- samezuka14
7. ten- trattoria03
8. hodex- strike02
9. kaede- telekinetic10
10. lindsay-haughty11
11. netbug- contests14
12. Kira- lenshunter17

December Release Slots
1. lukeim16- for ignore11 (Ten)
2. kurokami14- for hairloss19 (kaede)
3. nagumo14-for speedstar05 (kaede)
4. myu19-for wry08 (kaede)
5. dixneuf01- for libero17 (Veth)
6. mahapadma07 for nekoma04 (advancing)
7. nonoriri04 for vampirecat09 (advancing)
8. mental06  for redflash08 (ixionesis)
9. dancefusion17 for bepsi16 (scblakdrgon)
10. angelysugar17 for windom12 (scblakdrgon)
sp. jinchuuriki?? for bakuzan01 (lady_paine)

28 November 2015 @ 06:27 pm
 I need to finish POG, so the first 5 people can ask for up to three cards as gifts!

1. Vethica

09 November 2015 @ 06:26 am
 I don't think there is anything I want to collect for this month's release, so I am opening up my slots! I really would like to master some decks this time around, so I would appreciate trades for my collecting and high priority decks. Random trades for all priorities are welcome!

1. trattoria19 for synthesizer07 (adurotum)
2. candlestick18 for setter15 (eon)
3. kurika18 for benefits14 (eon)
4. surprises18 for benishigure02 (eon)
5. chronojet19 for bloodshot06 (zeittari)
6. defected19 for kokeshi03 (zeittari)
7. venomous18 for reluctant10 (zeittari)
8. electabuzz06 for benishigure04 (Vethica)
9. paintbrush20 for bushido04 (estamir)
10. splendid04 for kokeshi04 (estammir)

19 October 2015 @ 06:51 am
 I'm only interested in one deck (Sadhiporoja) this release, so I would love to trade slots for it!

1. Sadhiporoja01 (Me)
2. sakurairo04 (honeybrushedheart)
11 October 2015 @ 09:54 am
 Hey all, I'm really slacking on POG this month XD I need to gift 5 people a card or crayon that they want and I need 9 trades! Any trades are welcome. I also need to max out donations but have no time, so if you have some things you're itching to donate, hit me up!