20 October 2017 @ 09:52 am
I'm finally done (for the most part) moving over to a new site! Yaaaayyy!!!! So now it's time for trading again, with no limitations! Big or small, random or not, I'll accept it all!!

I haven't received my candy yet but it looks like it'll probably be Orange. I'm not done setting up but feel free to hit up my Halloween post for a candy as well :'>

Also, I still have two slots and a special slot for September's release left! I'll accept slot trades or trades for high priority for them!

1. kattelox01
2. elysium01
3. terra01
4. dismay06
5. hesitant04
6. tantrum06
7. grandchild05
8. turfwar07

25 September 2017 @ 08:40 am
Hi hi everyone!! I've been putting off completing POG because I'm moving sites, but it's the last week of September and I'm still waiting on my host to finish setting things up, so I've decided I'm going to try to finish POG anyway. Since the circumstances are a little different this time, I have a few rules for trades.

1. Up to 5 cards per trade
2. No random trades
3. For slots, just one slot please
4. Feel free to ask for gifts as always!

Edit: To check what I've already received and what's newest in my trade pile, click here!

1. kattelox01
2. elysium01
3. terra01
4. dismay06
5. hesitant04
6. tantrum06
7. grandchild05

21 August 2017 @ 12:08 pm
Hi hi, I have a special slot left over from the August release, so I'll trade it to anyone for my high priorities/collecting!

Also, please trade me or you can ask for a gift from my trade pile!! Please trade sigs with me if you haven't already, look at that pile I have. It's too much. I'm going to drown in them.

13 July 2017 @ 01:17 pm
You didn't think you'd be safe from Megaman forever did you?

I hope you didn't, because I'm about to go on a wave of donations and I need your donation slots!! I have about... assuming everything goes to plan, 20 or so Megamans to donate!! If you have slots you want to give me, just let me know how many you have and I'll drop you a textbox :3

Also, as usual, I'm up for POG trading, big or small, random or not, so COME AT MEEEE

25 June 2017 @ 12:34 pm
Hey all, I've got a couple of June slots open for trading! I'll trade it for anything in my high priorities!

1. rook01
2. thepawn01
3. bishop01
4. elucidator06
5. epichero01
6. erudite05
7. greatspirit18
8. unnoticed01
9. valm01
10. warmonk01
sp. palicoes01

Also, I'm up for rando trades so come at me!!! :3

07 June 2017 @ 10:32 pm
HELLO COLORS. I am back?? Maybe?? Well I'll try to be back. DID YOU MISS ME???? My post is going through a bit of an update right now so it's a little messy, but the trade piles are both updated with all the mass decks I decided to throw out, so there's lots of shiny new stuff in there!!

I'm gonna need y'alls help completing whatever tasks need trading/gifting/human interaction for POG, and anniversary stuff if there's anything necessary for that... For now, I'd prefer non-open trades. If you wanna throw a ginormous open trade at me feel free but it might take me a while to get back to you.

I also have some May slots open! I'll trade for anything high priority and above~

1. catbus01
2. itomori07 [Veth]
3. tokyo20 [Veth]
4. cynophobia14 [Kelliedie]
5. cellist14 [Kureto]
6. aroused06 [Kureto]
7. kacchon06 [Kureto]

Wheezes is that it am I forgetting anything???

27 September 2016 @ 09:27 pm
Hi guys... I had a sudden hiatus during the summer, but I think I can come back now... help me blitz through Sept POG by trading with me ;___; Any type of trade is good by me JUST TRADE WITH MEEEEE

I also have my September slots open! As usual, I will trade slots for Megaman cards or something in my High Priorities. Since I wanna get in those ten trades, I'm gonna limit each person to 2 slots max for now.


ALSO I NEED TO GIFT PEOPLE so if you want a gift just let me know, there are no limits~

21 June 2016 @ 05:16 pm
Hey alll! I was sucked into the bottomless vortex that is Overwatch but I crawled out for a bit so I could make this post... I need trades and to gift people for June's POG! As usual, I'll accept any kind of trade, random or not!

I also have June slots open! I'll trade slots for Megaman cards!

1. mechapaniq20
2. ryusoken20
3. denied20
4. criticrista20
5. nokogiri20
6. misnamed04
7. grudges02
8. filmmaker02
9. emonzaemon06
10. maniwa02
sp. adaptations20

1. chosenhero02
2. tsurugi01
3. namakura04

So yeah if you want a gift just let me know, there are no limits~

17 May 2016 @ 03:03 pm
Ey yo buds, I'm here for the usual. I'm TECHNICALLY not gunning for anything this month (Ha, yeah right /looks at the Megamans) so I'm opening my slots for either Megaman cards or a slot to slot trade.

1. ichijyokan17 (madoka)
2. badge17 (Eon)
3. gecko18 (dialny)
4. chick17 (dialny)
5. axolotl18 (dialny)
6. chase18 (dialny)
sp. summer16 (adelicya)


Also! As usual, I would love random or regular trades of any size! I need them for the green and blue tasks ;v; I also have 6 sigs so sig trades would be great! <3

Now that I've received my POG rewards, let's do some slots and trading! I'm not particularly collecting anything as usual, so I'll trade my slots for Megaman cards or do slot for slot trading!

1. miraculous11 [unlocks]
2. executed17 [eon]
3. pluviale17 [eon]
4. hana15 [kaede]
5. sunfist15 [kaede]
6. icedragon15 [kaede]
7. cataclysm04 [eclair]
8. luckycharm02 [eclair]
9. trickyfox03 [dialny]
10. gracidea17 [dialny]
sp. kanahana18 [adelicya]

And as usual, I'll take random trades of any size or regular trades, anything goes!!! \o/



16 March 2016 @ 01:52 pm
Hello hello all, my March Slots are all free for the taking, 'cause I'm in no rush to collecting things~ As usual, I'll trade slots for Megaman cards or do slot for slot!

1. catnoir18 [unlocks]
2. annoying06 [veth]
3. bishounen03 [veth]
4. hyakushiki06 [veth]
5. kuwabara08 [veth]
6. physique20 [eon]
7. rap20 [eon]
8. sharp20 [eon]
9. marysue13 [kaede]
10. yamigitsune13 [kaede]
sp. kamiyan06 [kaede]

Since it seems I'm never going to use this otherwise...

11. medusa13 [kaede]
12. blueoni12 [bobanaicha]

Also, of course, I want trades for Pot of Gold, so hit me up!!

19 February 2016 @ 03:36 pm
I finally got my boxes!!! I have 40 chocolates to hand out so COME GET THEM!!!

x0 | x0 | x0 | x0 | x0 | x0 | x0 | x0

Small Box 1. Jane 2. Dina 3. Kari 4. Jiyu 5. Ana
Big Box 1. Veth 2. Dialny 3. Eon 4. Kiss 5. Trap
6. Jailynn 7. Kaede 8. Liz 9. Netbug 10. ReneeTwist
Mega Box 1. Erin 2. Jasper 3. Mech 4. Michelle 5. Chels
6. Lulu 7. Olivia 8. Adelicya 9. Aki 10. Raie
11. Chuu 12. Daichi 13. Kaia 14. Aletha 15. Aru
16. Rae 17. Samichan 18. Chrissy 19. Hijiri 20. Jan
21. Lita 22. Nami 23. C 24. Moe 25. Lex

Also, of course, I want trades trades trades! Hit me up!!

26 January 2016 @ 04:41 pm
After an impromptu hiatus I'm gonna be trying to get back into the swing of things. WHICH MEANS.... ATTEMPTING TO COMPLETE POG IN LIKE 5 DAYS WHO WANTS TO HELP ME

Luckily there's an easy way to go about this. I have my January and February slots open. I'm not collecting anything so as usual, I'll trade you a slot for a Megaman or Log Horizon card. I'm gonna limit slot claims to 2 per person so I can complete POG much more easily. Please, claim a gift from my trade pile as well!

Read more... )

Thanks y'all!

22 December 2015 @ 03:47 pm
Heyo heyo. I have 9 slots open for basically anything, so I'll give slots for Megaman cards or anything in my high priorities. As usual, trades are open!

1. chindonya15
2. shepherd15
3. dixneuf05
4. spiritual10
5. stupiddog09
6. need18
7. nagumo11
8. kurokami11
9. myu11
10. dancefusion11
sp. yard11

14 November 2015 @ 09:21 pm
Heyo heyo! Today I bring with me my November slots and offers to trade!! Or something. Yes, I'm not collecting anything for November so the usual goes. Trade me a Megaman card or do slot-for-slot for one of dem goodies.


Also, I need to trade with people for Pot of Gold! As usual, randoms, big or small or normal trading is a-ok. I'd like to trade for black haired or long haired girls for the Purple task, so that would be great too c:

Thanks everyone!

Ey yo ey yoooo it's time for Pot of Gold trading??? I need to trade with 10 people, and gift 5 people, so come around guys! As usual, I'm open to random trades, big trades, small trades, anything really.

As for slots, I have no plans as usual, so I'll trade slots for Megaman cards or slot for slot.


Lastly.... I don't... actually have anything ready for donation BUT. If you are worried about the blue task I can put something together for you to donate! So lemme know if you need stuff.....

Thanks everyone!

14 September 2015 @ 12:44 pm
Helloooo all! There's.... a lot I want from the September release but none I am urgently collecting, so I've decided to open up my slots for you guys. I'll take Megaman cards for slots or do slot to slot trading, as usual.

1. niflheim11 [sujini, flankshot15]
2. ultimate09 [stag, dwn-02205]
3. ankh/firestarter09 [stag, giroexpress08]
4. silverchariot09 [stag, murian02]
5. boxer06 [adelicya, dln-06715]
6. cedef06 [adelicya, netbomb03]
7. approval06 [adelicya, vulcangun19]
8. hazakura19 [dialny, dcn-02510]
9. hugging20 [dialny, dcn-02718]
10. blanket09 [veth, antiqueshop12]
sp. glabados02 [sammich, modelx17]

Also, I need trades for POG! Big, small, random, regular, GIMME DA TRADES

Finally, I need animal/mascots and powerful warriors for the Brown and Gray Tasks! Below is a list of animal/mascot cards and powerful warrior cards that are in my trade pile :>!

Thanks everyone!

24 August 2015 @ 01:03 am
HELLO EVERYONE. I've decided I don't give a damn about first mastering all Log Horizon decks anymore so that means the floodgates are opening. I have at least 30 Log Horizon characters to donate, and I need your donation slots to do this! If you have free slots pls to give to me? ;v;

Thank y'all. Also, random trading is still totally on and stuff, come at me bros.

12 August 2015 @ 01:01 pm
HELLO it's been some time since my last post, and since then I've earned a ton of new cards thanks to my chain mastery and July's POG. So this is a call for trades, as well as for gifting since I need to gift people for this month's POG...

I've pretty much run out of Megamans to donate (for now /ominous noises), but if you have some empty donation slots I'll find some way to make use of them, probably....

Also, August slots! As usual, I'll do slot for slot, or trade a Megaman card for a slot.

1. animes02 [veth, metalgear09]
2. daoshi10 [veth, netfrica05]
3. ??? [sammich, tvshopping15]
4. ??? [sammich, scales12]
5. ??? [sammich, totem-sama09]
6. daruma09 [kaede, dwn-02109]
7. thorough/stickler09 [kaede, dwn-02316]
8. respects/teach09 [kaede, dwn-02404]
9. dandy06 [tonko, ???]
10. hierophant12 [ari, dln-00b02]
sp. augbirthday04 [veth, pyu09]

Super thanks, everyone!

HELLO EVERYONE! It's POG time, so I'd love to trade with you all! Random trades, big trades, little trades, just throw them at me!! I also need to gift 5 players, so please, go ahead and ask for a gift!!

As usual, the Megaman train never stops, so I still need... pretty much as many donation slots as I can get. The MM4 Robot Masters are probably doable, so I'm donating them along with the rest of my Battle Networks!

Also, July slots! Not collecting anything urgently, so I'll do the usual. I'll trade slots for Megaman cards or any of the below cards, or do slot for slot.


Super thanks, everyone!