17 April 2016 @ 04:22 pm
hi everyone! this month i'll be collecting miraculous. all slots are available, so go for it!

edit: since i mastered miraculous, the last two slots are up for grabs for anything in collecting/high priority! ♥

1. miraculous20
2. yakumo06 for miraculous02 (aru)
3. tezcatlipoca06 for miraculous06 (liz)
4. risappe04 for miraculos07 (jen)
5. yewbow04 for miraculous08 (reneetwist)
6. executed06 for miraculous10 (eon)
7. cataclysm05 for miraculous01 (jane)
8. unmask18 for miraculous12 (chrissy)
9. vasavi04 for adventurer06
10. chaldeas02 for arrogant07
sp. chuunibyou11 for miraculous05 (adelicya)
dn. suits05 (keeping)
dn. chuunibyou17 to dina (miraculous14)

pending: miraculous03 (kiss)
miraculous04 (aki)
miraculous09 (veth)
miraculous11 (sky)
miraculous13 (lulu)
miraculous15 (moe, hakunon)
miraculous16 (miro)
miraculous17 (rune)
miraculous18 (jailynn)
miraculous19 (al)

i've also finished doing a huge trade pile update, so come trade with me! i'm only trading slots for miraculous cards and i'd prefer trading a card per slot too if you have one available, but if not then anything i'm collecting works. just linking me to your pile is also a-okay!